Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Maisie Cardigan.

How great is the internet?!

Before I start this ramble, I should tell you that I am pretty useless at it. My sister set up my blog for me and told me how to work it, I have a flickr account but I'm not sure what to do with it, I can't play with my photos or the layout of my blog and I have never bought anything on line.


I can email.

The other day after crocheting the top of the Maisie cardigan out of vintage crochet by Susan Cropper, I got stuck on the exact placing of the stitches needed to make the dress bit. I had a few tries but I didn't feel confident.

So I put it aside for a few days and started something new, but then I remembered the baby due any minute and decided I had no choice but to finish it.

So I went back and had a look at the pattern and saw that the designer of the pattern was Alicia Paulson. I then checked the designer biographies at the back of the book and there I found her blog address. Once I found her blog Posie Gets Cozy, it was easy to find her email address.

So I emailed Alicia, she emailed me back and I finished the cardigan.

What would have happened in the days before email?
Would I have sent her a letter all the way to America and waited for her reply to get back to Australia?
Would I have given up or made it up?
Who knows. But its pretty cool that in 24 hours I can have personal advice from the designer herself don't you think?

This Maisie cardigan was crocheted from eight ply cotton found in the bargain room at Bendigo Woollen Mills. It was crocheted for a baby due last Friday, a baby that will make Indi's best friend a big sister.

Wrist warmers for Indi from this wool from Purl's Palace are my next crochet project.
Does anybody have a good pattern?

Have fun out there. XX


  1. You have to get onto Ravelry...it is a crochet and knitters delight!

    Cute cardi xx

  2. that is very cool! and I agree with the comment above you should definately join Ravelry. There are so many patterns on it and heaps of free ones too.

  3. Gorgeous little jacket, I know the baby will love it. I also turned to e.mail for help with some knitting. Quick note off to Lucy Locket and I had the answer very quickly.

  4. Lovely - that instant business with the internet is very good I agree! Thankyou for your kind words about my slow series - I loved it and it is so lovely to get feedback about the trickle on...

  5. Great story Kate. I have been eying off that pattern for a while too. It's such a sweet jacket. How many balls did you need? I have one 200g ball of Bendigo cotton in a dirty pink. Would it be enough?

  6. Hi Kate, it occurs to me that perhaps we are hooking for the same baby, and that perhaps you are the Kate that I have met a couple of times in person

    Perhaps I should change the baby shoes from red to pink so they match.
    The cardi is gorgeous and I know the recipient will love it.

    - I'm reasonably new to blogland, but will probably see you around the traps from her on in.

    love and smiles to you

  7. It might have taken a while the other way since I'm pretty sure she's in the US ;-)
    Love her blog Posie gets cozy and I love your little cardie!

  8. Oh that is so cute! how cool that you actually got to 'talk' to the designer!!

  9. The cardigan is gorgeous and such a pretty shade of pink. Yes it is a mystery what we actually did before all of this technology. Infact I woke up this morning (actually about an hour ago) for some reason I had my old pentax camera in my head and remembered there was actually a time when I would take photos that would require film, that would then require days maybe a week of waiting to see the photos. How different it all is in the digital age. By the way thanks again for organising the swap. I had great fun! x

  10. I just posted some birthday bunting I made from an idea out of one of her books.

  11. Hi Kate, I've just had the opposite happen....I've just had my pincushion parcel returned to me, address unknown! Have sent you an email about this but thought I'd better just let you know here in case my email goes astray too!!! How mysterious!

  12. Oh that little jacket is the sweetest thing, you've done a beautiful job!

  13. That is one fantastic cardi KAte. I love the bargain room at Bendigo!!

  14. Love that cardi. Scrumptious!

  15. Well, I can only say what everyone else has said....join ravelry!! Great patterns, great designers and those that aren't free are a really reasonable download cost. have fun

  16. Very spunky little cardi Miss Kate.
    You are my crochet idol.

  17. Very Nice cardigan!! yet another reason why girl babies are great! :)

  18. yay for happy endings, and beginnings too! I'm sure this bub will look super cute and cozy in this cardi. There's not many things cuter than kids in handmade cardis in my opinion!
    Also, thank you for your kind words. My patience has improved this week, thank goodness!! xx

  19. It's beautiful Kate, you've done a great job. Good on you for seeking advice rather than giving up. Yay for the internet!!!
    Ab x

  20. It looks gorgeous Kate! I would have just winged it, your way is much better.

  21. Lovely cardigan!!
    Check out Erica Laurell on the internet, i like her crochet work !

  22. It turned out just beautifully, Kate -- thank you!!! xo, alicia

  23. Lovely cardi Kate, especially like the shade of pink you found. Lucy at Attic 24 has some great wrist warmers...
    Louise xx

  24. What a beautiful job on the cardi, love the color!

    Alicia Paulson lives in my town, I have found her to be quite nice in answering emails. Isn't it amazing how quickly we can reach out to someone across the globe?

    Such a wonderful community.

  25. Gorgeous cardi - perfect for this time of year. A job very well done

  26. I am constantly overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the internet! Your little cardi is divine Kate. Hope the baby comes safely :)

  27. First of all cute cardy and secondly i totally agree about email/ the net. And well if it's any help to you, I'm pretty bad at it at that.
    But Kate you MUST do with with your flickr, I ADORE flickr, I get alot of inspiration from it, and well people are so supportive and nice and friendly too.xo

  28. Love the colour of that yarn Kate. And I'm not generally a pink lover but that I'd have! Given the volcano issue if you had to send Alicia a letter she'd probably get it in a few months!

  29. Ah wrist warmers- I was supposed to be working on a pair for myself but seem to have become distracted. Your cardi looks adorable! xo m.

  30. I love this cardigan. I haven't crocheted any clothing (apart from hats and scarves) yet and got a book from the library thinking I might give something a try for my baby... you have definitely inspired me!

    I made wrist warmers last year from a pattern from The bird bath blog which were very easy.


  31. You are so good at crocheting kate~ i'm so jealous :P hehe.. I really need to practice more!

    I recently join ravelry and they have heaps of free patterns!!

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