Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Name tag swap!

Made by me and sent to Sophie of Her Heart My Hands.

Made by Ms Tinnie Girl, Cathy for me. Yay! How amazing is it!
I'm not sure I can wait til the Sew It Together dinner to wear it though.
Thanks Cathy!

Thanks so much Gypsy for organising the whole swaperama thang. I'm so looking forward to having a drink with you and the other name tag wearers on the night.

Blog land seems full of swaps at the moment.
I think my favourite part of a good swap is how it opens up the blogging community. How it encourages you to get to know the blogger you are creating for and then there is also the relationship formed with another blogger who made you your special gift.

Of course you can't forget the lovely package in the mail either.

I hope you are having a lovely sunny day. XX


  1. How clever of your swappee? to make you a 'fox', gorgeous. No mistaking you then?

  2. Wow I dont think I could wait to wear that fox either Kate! It looks terrific and your one does too. It is nice to get to know some bloggy friends in a different way and to see what gets created!

  3. Oooh lovely - both of them
    Very clever fox - what a great idea.

  4. I'm so jealous of your fox. Cathy did a great job.
    It will be great on the day to see everyone wearing their name tags.
    Speaking of swaps, you did a fantastic job organising the pincushion swap. I can't believe you didn't join in too.
    Have a lovely week.
    Kitty x

  5. You're right, the best bit about swaps is definitely getting to know new people and their styles, and stretching yourself to try something new.

    Love the name tag you made. It's very cute.

  6. They are both lovely! Can't wait to be part of a little swap :)

  7. Lovely tags and the sew it together dinner sounds like fun. x

  8. Isn't it just perfect! I loved watching Cathy's idea materialise into that gorgeous nametag.

  9. First visit to your blog and (wow!) you are busy. Love it!

  10. Hello,
    I've lurked around your blog for a while now but never said Hi until today!
    Your name tag is great and the one you made is brilliant too!
    I've just joined my first couple of blog swaps so whilst I'm a little nervous I'm also massively excited too.
    Em xx

  11. Both name tags are fabulous, the fox is perfect for you.

  12. How gorgeous is your one for Sophie and how good is the fox for you! A special thing for a special person xo

  13. Those tags are a great idea and a dinner as well, sounds fun! Love that great is that! It is so you :-)

  14. Lovely name tags! I just love the whole making new friends round the world through blogging thing!! Last year when we were in Sydney on holiday (we live in Scotland) I met up with a blog friend ...... and I'm planning to go to Italy to meet an American blog friend who has just moved there (then there's one in France and one in Norway, not forgetting South Africa .....)

  15. Am with you on it opens up the blogging community. The encouragement and loves were shared had pushed and formed a closer relationship amongst each other!

    Love the sure it looks great on you!

  16. that is the bestest nametag for you!! love it.
    wear it with pride foxy lady!

  17. Fantastic Mr. Fox. And made especially for Kate 'Fox'. Isn't fox a funny word when you type it a few times. And Sophie has got herself a pretty cool nametag too.


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