Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pin cushion stuff.

So there's three days to go til the end of the mega pin cushion swaperama.

120 pin cushions are wizzing their way across the globe.

Have you sent yours off yet?
Have you put some photos on the flickr page?
Have you received yours in the mail?
Have you posted it on your blog?
Are you using it?
Do you love it?
Please tell me I'm dying to know.

How divine is this pin cushion that Sarah made for me?!!
She made it out of the goodness of her heart, I'm not even in the swap.
How ace is she!
Thanks so much Sarah, you have made my day.
I love, love, love love it.

I hope you love the pin cushion you receive as much as I love Sarah's.

Happy swapping. XX


  1. Eeek, don't remind me! You would not believe what has happened to me since I signed up to this.... we had a car accident (car's written off), really bad flu and then something else (which is bad luck to mention this early) PLUS I have been desperately trying to finish off a baby blanket for a friend, but ahh, tonight is the night of the pin cushion... that is of course if I don't get abducted by aliens on the way home from work (considering my last few weeks this is highly possible)!!!

  2. My pincushion is in the mail off to my partner and I am currently loading pics on to Flickr (only sneak peak, don't want to spoil it for her). Still waiting for mine to arrive.
    Thank you so much too Kate for organising this swap and all the time and hard work you have put into it!

  3. What a gorgeous pin cushion! Mine is on it's way, so I haven't posted anything yet. I hope my recipient gets it soon! Why weren't YOU in the swap Kate? I'd just assumed you were. Thanks for all the work you put in to setting it up!

  4. I am so glad that you got a pincushion Kate - I cant believe with all your work you werent involved!

  5. Received, blogged and posted mine off today. Not on flickr though, so if someone wanted to steal my pic from my blog and put it on flickr, I'm fine with that! Love my pincushion too!

  6. What a great pincushion, fabulous idea and I'm sure you deserve one!!

  7. Mine came today! It is beautiful. Now if only I could finish that pin cushion off and get it out in the mail.

    What a fantastic idea for a pincushion. I like.

  8. What a nice pincushion!!
    Love the idea~^^

    I've never entered a swap:) I probably should next time!

  9. I have sent mine.
    I loaded some pics on Flickr today.
    Blog post in a few days scheduled.
    You recieved a great pin cushion Kate, can't wait to see mine when it arrives.

  10. Oh that cushion is gorgeous! You lucky thing ... but actually you deserve it!

    Hoping to see my partner in the flesh .... will keep you posted!

  11. That pin cushion is amazing, how kind and generous!

  12. oo ooo oo I'm nearly there, just a couple more details and it's finished voila. can't wait to send it and photograph it and take photos and blog and flickr...

  13. Mine has been sent and my partner got my parcel and loved it.

    Waiting on a package...eagerly!

  14. I'm so glad you like your pincushion Kate. I just couldn't let you go to all this trouble and not receive one yourself. It's just not right! And it was an absolute pleasure to make one just for you. Have a lovely restful/creative evening.

  15. oh your pincushion is super cute! I will be posting my pincushion to my partner tomorrow. I have not received one yet but I am waiting in anticipation :) This was a great swap! Thanks so much for organising it.

  16. Your pincushion is beautiful. What a lovely bit of bloggy love. I will definately join in if you do another swap. Hope all is well :)

  17. *squeals with delight upon seeing that amazing pin cushion!* oh man, if I wasn't already feeling below par regarding my pin cushion attempts, i am now. What an amazing pin cushion! Sarah you are one talented, lovely lady!

  18. I love your pincushion Kate! I cant believe that you werent in the swap either after all your hard work. I havent received mine as yet but hope it will arrive soon in the post, but mine was received and liked so I am happy!

  19. Mine is just finished, but not yet posted. I hope to get it in the mail as soon as possible as it has a looooong way to go. I had a freak out at about midnight Sunday thinking the posting deadline was the 10th! I’m so excited to see where mine will come from and what it will be like. I have checked out the collection on flikr and am astounded by the skill and creativity of the swappers who are already finished (and they are already finished – what high achievers!).

  20. got mine, love it.
    sent mine, Sarah likes it.
    see yours, lovely.
    flickr? no idea about that.
    great swap xxx

  21. Awww, swapping is so much fun. That pin cushion is so so cute. Such a lovely idea too!

    Have a happy day, Kate. xo

  22. I posted mine today, I put photos on flickr and my blog and I am waiting eagerly for mine.
    AND I have finally started Leonies for our private swap- that you inspired dear ms kate. thanks for organising this.... I hope the person who gets mine will like it.

  23. pin cushion made and sent - tick!

    blogged - tick! http://budsandbells.blogspot.com/2010/04/swap-pin-cushion.html

    flickr - tick!

    gushing over your amazing pin cushion - tick!

    waiting to recieve mine - v. excited!

    xo Great Swap! Thanks

  24. I have posted about the one I made, Denise sent me a message saying she loved it and I am getting on the postie's nerves asking him if he has any parcels in his office! Can't wait. Well done for organising such a lovely swap

  25. kate it is beautiful and so very clever. well deserved i say. thanks for all of your hard work. it has been fun

  26. Oh, how well deserved that you received one yourself after all your hard work. It's so clever and I think it lovely!

    I blogged today about the one I made actually and hope my recipient doesn't look too closely at the bad sewing and instead sees the care and love that went in to it. I've loved doing it too!

  27. The personalised envelope is a great and quirky idea for a pin cushion! Hoped to catch the next swap.

  28. I posted mine off last week, posted a really blurry photo over at flicker and as of yesterdays mail delivery are still waiting for mine to arrive :)
    This was fun and will sign up again if a swap is organised.

  29. Mine is in the mail... it left yesterday, so it will get to its lovely new owner in a week or so... :)
    What an awesome experience, making a little gift for a complete stranger. I hope she likes it, and the special little extra that went with it!
    Eager little beaver still waiting for mine... will blog and try to post on flickr soon!

  30. Have just finished wrapping mine. Off to to post office I go this afternoon. I'll be stalking the postie for the next few days waiting for mine to arrive :)
    Your pincushion is fabbo Kate. Can't believe you didn't pair up with someone. Really glad you didn't miss out - thanks for organising this one. Anita. xxx

  31. Posted mine today! I love your's, how kind of Sarah to make you one. Thanks for organising it all.

  32. This was such a fun swap! I posted mine tonight :) Received mine last week and am going to post some pics on flickr

  33. I sent mine yesterday!I haven't received mine yet but hey there is still time! :) thank you for organising the awap I have loved making mine and talking to people about it...and after showing a few people they have requested one of their own! :) which i was rather chuffed about! x


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