Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just like that.

Sometimes it happens so quickly, things change, move on.

One minute the leaves are luscious and green on the trees, the next minute they are turning red and falling to the ground.

One minute I'm rushing to the sewing machine every spare second I get.
I'm dreaming up fabric and crochet combinations and planning a Julie and Julia type exploration of the Sewing Clothes Kids Love book. I had plans of going through the book from front to back and sewing each pattern three times, once for each of my girls.

I've made three garments from this book so far and I love the results.

I'm confident I can follow the patterns...perhaps too confident.

This Imke shirt was meant to be for Indi.
She chose all the fabrics from my stash and told me which bit was meant to go where.
I quickly cut out all the pieces and started sewing.
I stitched together the front and back, the hood and one arm before I realised I was heading for a Silly Billy Dress type disaster.

The shirt doesn't fit over Indi's head, or Jazzy's head and after watching all the goings on, Pepper ran the other way when I looked towards her.

It seems I was in such a rush to get started that I didn't see that the fabric requirements are for knit fabrics or those with a stretchy aspect.


So now the book is back on the shelf and I have started a new crochet project, a newborn cardigan.

Just like that.

Out with the sewing, in with the crochet.

Crochet is so wonderful and portable and perfect for afternoons spent at the farm stall. Just like my new BYO coffee cup that I won over at What's For Tea. Thanks Anthea, I LOVE it.

I hope you are working on a project you love at the moment.
I wonder if you stick to it even when it doesn't work the first time.

Have fun out there. XX


  1. I like being able to bounce between quilting, sewing and knitting. Always in the mood for one of them:)

  2. It'll be just fine if you make a centre front opening in the top. Really you can do it. Just cut it down as far as you want it to go and bind the cut edges. A contrast fabric will look amazing and you will have added a great detail to her top.

    Love your new woolly work! Such a pretty colour.

  3. On the machine this morning and now about to get the hook out. I am SO taken with the hook at the moment.

    A question for you...why is there a real gap in contemporary crochet patterns for adults??

    So many STUNNING knit projects on rav but not so for the ol' hook :(

  4. It looks great though. I guess you could cut it down the middle and turn it into a jacket instead?? Add a funky bright zip, it would look cute!

  5. I suspect we all have projects in our cupboards never finished due to their disastrous 'how-can-I-ever-fix-this' nature.
    Glad to see I'm not the only one.

    Who's the cardy for?
    Baby number 4 maybe?

  6. love the fabrics, too bad it isn't working. Love Selina's suggestion.

    And yes love the crochet. So wonderful to just pick up and go wherever.

  7. Wow Kate - you've been doing amazing things. I love the shirt and your crochet looks fabulous. Autumn is my favourite season... wish we saw more of it in Brisbane ;) Have fun making! Kx

  8. ah yes, I have quite a few won't fit over my head or won't fit over my arse attempts from years back for me! Sad but true!

  9. Yay the froggy fabric!!! But is a fat quarter enuf for both arms?

    Totally agree with you about crochet, although i just started crocheting the first time on Sunday, I am already enjoying a nice arvo crocheting in the park yesterday!^0^

  10. Just when I was thinking how cool it was looking ....

    Love the coffee cup. Can you buy them? Had a look at the blog and couldn't find anything.

  11. Oh I so miss the Autumn colours down south, our place is green most of the year. Either wet green or dry green and then a bit yellow by the end on winter. I'm not complaining I live in horse riders paradise but I do miss the Autumn leaves and then the spring bulbs. Just raided my stash for some lovely thick single ply wool for a winter scarf. Love the baby jacket :-)

  12. Absolutely with you. Try as I might I can't make myself go near that sewing machine at the mo (so yarny besotted am I). Gorgeous top in the making though. Don't you know someone with a very small head?

  13. The shirt still looks good hanging there, hope you can make it fit somehow it seems a shame to waste...I'm LOVING my latest project, fixing up old bits of furniture & giving them a new life - loving it! I'll let you know what I think of it all when something goes wrong...gorgeous pink crochet you've got going on there.

  14. Just like that ... you're fabulous ;))

  15. The shirt looks wonderful, love the mix of fabrics.I am bouncing between
    crochet and sewing myself.

  16. OK This has to make you feel better...I made the Imke in a knit and it still didn't fit over my boy's head lol (apparently the book version is a slimmer fit than the paper pattern and I think this contributed to my problems) Send your crochet mojo my way. I need to finish this jacket for my daughter before I lose all motivation. I have dragged it out for over 4 months so far and really just want to get it finished. Yesterday.

  17. It's too fab to give up on. I agree with the 'cut a v' or make it a jacket ideas. Love the pink for the itty bitty baby.
    Ab x

  18. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing! I find that happens to me too, I get over excited and make mistakes, come back to it in a week or something with fresh eyes, it'll make all the difference. You are SO lucky you can knit! I would love to learn one day.

  19. Been there lots of times. I love being able to switch from one creative thing to another.

    I don't know how you find the time and energy for all that you do!

  20. the Julie Julia thing is a great idea though. Love the stuff you do!

  21. I really should stay away from blogland until the unpacking is done...I want to pull out the crochet sooooo bad!!!!!

    That jacket was looking so cute, hope you give it another go soon...

  22. It's nice being able to switch from one thing to another. Especially at those hair pulling want to scream frustration bits. I always love your crochet.
    You and me are Iittle in sync right now. xo

  23. The Julie and Julia commitment sounds great but HUGE... are you sure about this??

  24. I'm sure you can fix that top - when the motivation is there!! Sarah's idea of a split down the front with some binding sounds good.
    We need different projects on the go - one to do while chatting in the lounge, one to do on your own (at the machine) while everyone else is busy, one to do when you're out babysitting. I'm all for variety!!!

  25. Bummer! Beautiful fabric choices though... maybe a chunky zip down the front would fix it up.

    Good idea to switch though - give you time to get your sewing mojo back

  26. i wish i knew how to crochet! i missed emily's set at boogie festival, unfortunately. i love her voice. it was a great weekend, and i hope she had fun too.

  27. Chrissy thinks the jacket looks awesome. I was going to say, (but everyone else has) to split it down the front. I think it's redeemable!! Hugs
    deb xx

  28. I spent the summer sewing and then we had one cooler day and i'm off on a knitting adventure! I'm currently knitting fingerless gloves for my mother for mother's day and i'm immersing myself in knitting books and the likes to find my next projects :)
    enjoy your endeavours and the week ahead

  29. lovely! I made up a bebop cardie after seeing your sweet number, thanks for the pattern link

  30. Oh no!!! The fabrics that have been choosen are great - what a pity they don't stretch. Is there a possible save???
    I haven't had much luck finding exciting stretch material at a decent price... always on the hunt - so if you find something awesome do let me know :)


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