Saturday, June 5, 2010

Eight answers.

So this is me on the other side of the camera.

Let me tell you out of the thousands of photos on my computer, there were only about six of me to choose from. This was taken on a Thursday a couple of weeks back when we were picking for the Melbourne restaurant deliveries.

So here are my first eight answers to your questions;
  1. Favourite meal to eat? I definitely fall into the eat to live rather than live to eat category. I prefer savoury to sweet. I have been a vegetarian for a LONG time. My favourite meal is one where most of the ingredients were grown on our farm. Either roast vegies or haloumi, feta and rocket salad. I could eat either of these meals for every meal and not get sick of it.
  2. Do you have a quirky eccentricity? I'm sure I have many but the one that springs to mind is my dislike of the colour orange. I do not eat orange foods, wear orange clothing or have anything orange in my home. The weird exception to this rule is some vintage sheets I have recently brought home. I have no idea why they are ok.
  3. My middle name is Simone. My Dad's Dad was named Simon and he died before I was born, and I was named after him. My kids have my surname as their middle names and also something we grow on our farm; Apple, Olive and Berry.
  4. I am passionate about food. Good, clean, in season food. Food that was grown and cooked with integrity. Food that isn't full of numbers and zillions of unidentifiable ingredients. Food that is in season here and preferably doesn't come from too far away. Food that comes from animals that were treated well. Trying to get my kids to eat something that is not pasta. Trying to buy from the producers directly when possible. trying to cook from scratch as much as possible. Old seeds and rare breeds.
  5. Thongs or Birkenstocks? Both. But its cold and muddy here right now so its my Camper boots and my Converse runners.
  6. Who was I before I had kids? I can't remember. I studied Fine Art with a Bachelor of Education at uni for four years and worked in an ice cream shop, a fashion buying department, a visual merchandising department, as a wwoofer, in a super market deli and a fashion accessory company. I travelled overseas and up and down the East coast of Australia, I fell in like lots and in love once.
  7. Have I ever been arrested? Yes. A few times as part of the Save Albert Park from the Grand Prix protest and then Bren and I lived and blockaded at the Jabiluka blockade in Kakadu where we protested against uranium mining for three months.
  8. This weekend I will sell our gorgeous eggs and vegies to people who visit the Daylesford Farmers' Market and our farm gate stall. I will lice comb my girls' hair, I will crochet some beanies, work on my jumper dress, start sewing a bag, watch a family dvd, do some housework and some farm chores, and hopefully spend some happy time and play with my girls.
I just found the above photo on my phone. It is of me on the side of the camera where I feel most comfortable. In it I am taking a photo of the vegies we sent to Sydney a few months back for our entry in the 2010 Delicious Produce Awards.

There are lots more, interesting and thought provoking questions on that post that I plan to answer over the next week or so, including the how I met my farmer boy question. Right now I've got to rush to the Daylesford Farmers' Market to help Bren.

You know what?

I would LOVE to read your answers to today's questions too. This was meant to be a pass it on to seven bloggers after all.

Why don't you play along on your blog, just put your details in the thingy below and off you go. You know you want to. Consider yourself tagged.


  1. oh Kate, that was a nice read on a sunny Saturday morning. Hppe the farmers market went well. We are madly digging trees here, first market next weekend.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. hey, I forgot to say- fellow deli chick here!

  3. I do love these informative questionaires. Thanks for a further insight into your life. I love the protesting bits, funny to look back on I'm sure. Well I've signed up, I think it worked, and will blog next week.

  4. I was hoping this post would pop up soon. Its good to see you on the other side of the camera!!! Great answers love...fantastic post!!!!

  5. Love your answers Kate, and love this post. Like Leonie I've been looking forward to this post. Thanks for sharing, lovely to know more about you xo

  6. I love your answers. I've tried to enter my link, but Mr McLinky swallowed it whole!

  7. Awesome post lady. Could have kept reading forever! x

  8. I too am a birkenstocks thongs and campers boots advocate, and being a fellow farm dweller- gumboots, but proper black ones with a good tread and no pattern.. ( not that theres anything wrong with those ones but they are not practical in the rain we get here)

  9. nice Ms Kate!! love the pics & the answers. great to get to know you a bit better.
    think I will play next week or so if it's still going.
    hope you had a good day at the market.

  10. That's such a lovely photo of you Kate. You look so happy! Lovely to read the answers to the questions too.

  11. Hi Kate,
    It's the first day of the week for me. So you know that "Monday morning feeling"? That's me today! This was a lovely post to brighten up my morning!

  12. Lovely, so lovely.....

    Why do you bring out the bad in me???

  13. Good to know you Kate! OH!! And that pix of you on the ladder is awesome truly awesome!

  14. Good job!
    I felt like joining in because you are so infectious with your approach to everything, but that would be so lame as I gave you the darn thing in the first place. You took it to new heights of course, x

  15. i love love love that your girls have fruit in their names.

  16. Love your answers. I actually love the fact that you have been arrested too. For things that you are truly passionate about. That's what makes it cool. I just added my 8 answers to list too. I hope I'm not too boring!

  17. Loved that post Kate. Nice to get to know you a bit more.

  18. Great to get to know you a little better. Love your girls middle names... my children have Boab and Aurora!
    I thought I'd play along too... although my answers aren't as exciting or interesting as yours. Sorry.

  19. Wonderful to know you even more Kate. You flummox me that you have so much time to do so much. Thanks Heaps for this little diversion, hope you and your Beloveds have another great week. xo

  20. I really do so love to find out more details about the people behind the blog. How great. Thanks - the fact is that you are already quite forthcoming about who you are and it makes this a very warm and genuine space to visit. I think I'll join in if I get the courage!

  21. i loved reading this post kate and seeing the pretty photo of you. it is such a treat to get a glimpse of the blogger behind the blog. you inspired me to join in.

  22. wonderful, honest, intimate post. Kate you are amazing, and I am so glad to 'know' you xxx
    looks like you passed it on to a few more than 7!

  23. that does look like a lot of fun, thank you for sharing.
    Have you ever eaten at Diggers? Their food is everything that you love (except that you didnt grow it)
    Hope too see you again irl soon :)

  24. I love this article. There aren’t many posts that explain the subject matter.


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