Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Eight things.

This morning I have baked chocolate chip cookies, gotten the girls dresses and ready for school, done and hung out two loads of washing, played Hama beads and drawing hands, been to the post office and to the organic shop, taken ten minutes to walk from the car to each of the shops because Pepper was wearing high heel plastic shoes that kept on falling off, stopped along the way to talk to everyone who wanted to tell her how glamorous she looked, made her lunch and put her to bed.

As a reward to myself I thought I'd sit down and tell you eight things about myself because Wendy tagged me to. I haven't actually ever played any of these games before, but Wendy asked me to and so I kinda want to do it. Its also meant to be seven but I prefer even numbers and multiples of four. I'm sitting here I have no idea what to tell you.

What do you want to know?

Why don't you ask me a question and I'll answer.
Please don't make them too hard, my brain might not cope.
But I guess it could be anything really; My middle name? The brand of sewing machine I use?What type of tea I drink? My favourite size crochet hook? What do you think? What do you want to know?

(The eight of my favourite things in the pic above are; my favourite thrifted ribbon, my pin tin, a necklace Jazzy made me, clever Jess's Cumkwat, Indi's mushroom knitting Nancy, the crochet rose thingy that keeps my cardi closed, a Daylesford Organics onion and some Scarlet runner beans about to be threaded.)


  1. Alright, here is an easy one...maybe:
    Of all the edibles you grow, which do you anticipate the most to eat? Excluding the afore mentioned onion.

    What is your favorite time of day and why?

    Pony girl's "glass slippers" recently went missing, shame that...I shall miss their clippity cloppity ankle breaking, ever lost in the street so life will end qualities.

  2. I would love know your middle name (mine's Kate!).

    What do you like watching on TV if you get time?

    And, what's your favourite worky job to do on the farm?

    Hannah xx

  3. are there any vegetables you grow that you never cook because none of you like them?

  4. Well you already told us one thing in that you prefer even numbers and so are going for either instead of 7.

  5. that obviously should say eight not either. And random BTW I went to the PO and organic shop today too!

  6. I'd like to know your favourite place to go, your favourite dinner to eat and what you feel most comfy wearing!

  7. Hey Kate, ooh you are leaving yourself wide open letting us ask the questions!!
    Okay, my question is do you have any quirky eccentricities, (apart from the odd/even number thing)that you haven't already shared with us?
    Beautiful day here in the North East of the state for the second day of Winter!

  8. Hmmm...what's your favorite book? (You know, the one that you read over and over again?)

  9. fun! Where is the number one place in the world you want to go on vacation? (and feel free to divulge why)

  10. I was going to ask the vacation one but instead I will ask

    Do you do the bookwork for the farm?

    What is a special baby memory you have for each girl and do they have special baby names?

  11. What makes you laugh? What makes your cry? What are you passionate about? What really pisses you OFF? How did you met bren? (gee I would love to see a pick of those dred's he he) What song do you sing loudest in the car? Tim Tam or Mint slice? Hot chocolate,Coffee or Chai? Thongs or birkenstocks? Ever been arrested? What characteristics do you most admire in your friends? That should get you started!!! xx

  12. i love it!!
    how funny is Mrs Leonie she trying to stalk you..hehee
    I would love to know your favourite vegetarian meal, my all time never fail favourite that Sam made when I first started seeing him was lentil daal & it is the bestest ever.

  13. What did you do before you and Bren moved to the farm?

    Why did you move to a farm? It seems so idelic (but I'm sure it's not).

    When are you coming to Tassie next? Maybe we could catch up - my family are in Devonport so not tto far from your Dad!!

  14. Ooh yes I would love to know what you did before the farm and how you and Bren met, not that Im stalking you though, hehehe! Lots of questions there Kate so I am sure you will find 8 easily enough!

  15. I would love to know you how you and Bren met? I'm a sucker for those sorts of stories, but I understand if it's too personal or you don't want to share.
    Thank you for including Cumkwat is eight of your favourite things, I so honoured and touched and it really means so very much xo

  16. umm, I think Leonie covered it all!
    Would love to know how you fell in love with hubby.
    xx Amy

  17. Hi :-)
    this will be fun to see your answers.....i have no idea what to ask you. .hmm.. who were you before you met bren and had kids? did you like to party? did you go to uni? did you always like to make things? did you grow up in the country or city?
    does the farm ever drive you crazy? do you love chocolate?
    you can ask me questions too if you like :-)
    x manda

  18. Okay Kate keeping with the even numbers thing...out of all the people in the whole of time which 8 would you invite for a dinner party at your house?

  19. yep, the bren/kate meet story would be my pick cos i love what you guys achieve, that takes something special i think. and what's your favourite word (made-up ones definately allowed)!

  20. Tomorrow's post should be a goodie!! I like the questions up there. Here's an easy one: What's is your favourite meal? The one you'd pick for your birthday dinner.

  21. I won't ask a question, just wait to read your answers, it should be fun :)

  22. My question has an a), a b) and a c). Suffer, your didn't give me conditions!

    a). I need to know where the rose thingy that holds your cardy closed comes from.

    b). I need to know where the cardys come from that the rose thingy holds together;


    c). What would you 'last meal' request be if you ever happen to be on death row?

    Yep, I'm a knob :o)

  23. if you could meet one woman (dead/alive/imaginary) who would she be and what would you ask her? xo m.

  24. As already asked, I'd also like to know how you came to be on the farm (what made you head in that direction)??

  25. Hmmm...
    Best holiday break you've ever had, another for the how you and Bren met story, most embarassing moment, what vegetable do you really not like to eat, any phobias (other than having to answer heaps of silly questions posed by other bloggers!) and throw in your middle name just for fun!
    Looking forward to getting to know you ore through your answers Kate.

  26. I'm so impressed with your crocheting and I believe you said you've only just started crocheting yet you're this prolific? I absolutely adore the things you make for the girls, so I guess my question is: what inspires you? And do you carry a wad of yarn and a crochet hook in your pocket so you can be ever ready for a spare moment?

  27. If you have free moment what is your favourite thing to fill it with?
    What do you hope the girls remember most when they look back?
    What is your first thought in the morning (keeping it above board please)

  28. Hah! Im ashamed that I thought I was overwhelmed when I received my award!
    P.S. Leonie is a crack-up, isnt she?

  29. My question is .... are you sorry you invited these questions!!!!!

  30. Where did you get that pin tin?

    I think I have its big sister! You can see a pic of it here.

  31. Oooh lots of great questions, I'm wondering who you were before you became a wife / mummy / farmer.

    Also if you could be someone else or go somewhere else in the world for 24 hours who/where would it be?


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