Friday, June 25, 2010

Everything but the thread.

This is the first photo of the first piece in my new range called everything but the thread.

Everything but the thread will be a small range of clothing that will be hung and hopefully sold in a new shop opening in Piper Street Kyneton in the next week or so.

Like the name says, everything it takes to make this new range is repurposed, op shopped, gifted, or from my stash. I will buy nothing new to make the clothes except for the cotton to sew them together and some of the cotton for the crocheted motifs and trims.

This dress was made using a tea towel for the front, some thrifted denim and a part of an old sheet for the back, some op shopped binding and lace and zipper, some crocheted ric rac and a motif. The red love heart was bought in Thailand years and years ago to embellish costumes we were making and wearing to dance parties at the time.

Originally I had many more trims and motifs pinned onto this dress but I started to think about pricing and took them off. I want the dresses to be almost like treasure hunts with bits and pieces all over the place.

But the price thing does concern me.

So all you Mama's, Grandmother's, Aunties, friends, shoppers, makers and sellers, do you have any thought about pricing a dress like this? What would you pay? Think is reasonable? Think is too much? Any help would be gratefully accepted.

Before I go I'd like to say a HUGE thank you for all your emails and comments on my last post. Things have calmed down here and we've had a great few days but its still wonderful to know that I am not alone. That we all struggle at times and change the rules as we go along.

I'm really happy to be into my second year of blogging now, blogging without guilt and just for fun.

I hope you all have a wonderful and fun weekend out there. XX

...oops the lovely farm boy has just pointed out that I have written nothing but the thread. Looks like its back to the sewing room for me.


  1. what a fantastic idea ... and it looks amazing. re price ... what a hard question for you and us ... maybe anything up to $45? i really don't know.

  2. I am terrible with prices but I would look at what others in the shop are selling for, and think about how much commission you will pay. All the best with it!

  3. What a great new outlet for you Kate. I used to love to go for drives up to Kyneton to visit the woollen mill and the bakery (which sadly isnt there anymore). It was always full of wonderful shops but I havent been there for quite a while now. I have no idea about pricing these sorts of things but just make sure you take all things into consideration for yourself!

  4. Well done Kate! Your dresses are so gorgeous I bet they'll be a great little seller. I love the concept of them being made from totally recylced & repurposed fabrics, fabulous idea! Have a lovely weekend, rug up it's going to get mighty cold...

  5. What a great concept and lovely dress! I'm not good at prices but I'm sure these pieces will do great!

  6. A fantastic concept.
    I have NO IDEA about the pricing.
    How to put a price tag on our time?
    So hard. Especially when you consider all the time taken just to source the elements used in making this gorgeous dress.
    Good luck with it Kate.
    Andi x

  7. If I could still do a backflip, I would - HURRAH for you and your new range! I really love the name, and I love the concept even more. Pricing is a hard one - make sure you know what your cost price is, then work backwards from a chosen retail price to make sure you end up with at least 100% profit after commission etc. I reckon about $35-40 depending on the fabric used. Good luck! Nic x

  8. oh my it's gorgeous.

    there really is no way to put a price tag on something so obviously made with thought and care. my only suggestion would maybe be not charging anymore than you'd be willing to pay yourself.

  9. What a beautiful dress and concept!!
    Prices are hard but I think up to $50 would be ok! :)

  10. Miss 9 was just stood here oggling your dress - she loooves it! I'd say around $35, but i've been told to put my prices up. So maybe don't listen to me!
    Really loving the name of the range too!xx

  11. I have problems pricing my own items, but I'v leaned from experience that people will pay more than you think! Especially when it comes t their children. If I were purchasing a a shop...a nice boutique then $70-90. At a market I'd probably be happy to pay around $ much hard work and detail. Absolutely gorgeous!

  12. Kate it's so gorgeous and the concept is fantastic (I love the labels - where'd you get them done?).

    I'm with everyone ... so hard to put a price on your time and all that hard work but I reckon $40 -$45 ...

    Yay for guilt free blogging!

  13. Very Sweet, can't wait to see more. I would price at around $40. Depending on how quick they are to make.

  14. Hi Kate, pricing is so hard. Most of my simple dresses I charge about $20-$25 for and the fancier ones about $35. I'm not in a high profile market or location so thats the price they seem to sell at although I've been told I could charge double at a trendy Melbourne or Sydney market. Price a few and see how they go, if they don't sell drop the price or if you are up sewing till4am every morning, jack the price up!

  15. no idea about pricing, but love the concept behind, and name of, your range - best wishes!

  16. Can you PLEASE leave 'nothing but the thread' on that one, PUH-LEASE?!

    It's too funny & will be a collector's item when you're a rich & famous kiddie couture designer... ;)

  17. Everything, and yet nothing - both work for me, I totally love this concect, well done Kate! (and so super glad that you really are back, happy and guilt free). I would also have a chat to the shop about pricing - how much do they think is reasonable to sell your dresses for (i.e. what will their mark up be on your cost price - 30% or 40% or higher?) and then work backwards to decide if your cost price is an acceptable profit for you as well. Just some thoughts anyway... Have a great weekend!

  18. It fabulous Kate!
    My advice is to work out what it costs in materials and your labour (at a fair hourly rate) and then double it.
    Plain pinnies (without your beautiful handcrafted details) usually sell for around $45.
    Good luck with the fabulous new venture.

  19. Hi Kate. The dress looks great and I love the name. I agree with the others. I generally price my stuff according to what I would pay for them. I think $35/40 is probably a good mid range price though.

  20. Beautiful dress kate. I would pay up to $50 for a dress like that. One of kind is worth way more than factory made to me. Glad you've had a nice few days. xx

  21. Beautiful dress. I think around the $40-45 mark.

  22. yeah i'd say $35-$40. seems a fair price and should be a big enough mark-up once you factor in time, effort and materials. i find in my area people don't appreciate or understand the effort that goes into handmade items which makes pricing difficult, so try find a happy medium! i'd price them middle of the road and see if they sell or don't then adjust accordingly :o)

  23. Hooray for you Kate!

    I'm with Vic, I think you should leave 'nothing but the thread' on this one - when you're a rich and famous designer it will be a collector's item. Do you remember the Abba album cover they printed with both 'B's facing the same way? Collector's item.
    No idea about pricing, sorry! Maybe $40?

  24. Love the concept, the name and that dress. I think that our products are well undervalued by the public who are used to mass produced items from overseas. But I think, depending on the shop's clients, that you should at least ask $40-50. One designed brand who I wont name was selling basic Made in China tracky daks for $40 (an absolute bargain said the salesgirl) So why wont those people pay that money for something so obviously well made, original and ecofriendly? Rest assured those of us who wont pay $40 for those tracky daks will line up to buy a dress ike you are offering with our money. (Sorry, Got a bit soapbox-ish there didn't I?) Glad that you are feeling better. :)

  25. This is really cute, and I love the name.
    Cost - I would think that you caould get away with $50-70. I think that people appreciate that fact that time is taken to source good quality second hand items that can then be crafted to make a beautiful new product. I also think that there is so many out there who are not crafty at all (I know a lot of them and opened my online business because of all out there who are not so crafty) These people are happy to pay a little extra for handmade items, as it is not something they can make themselves.
    Good luck, and I hope the range is hugley sucessful for you.

  26. Congrats Kate, I am sure new range will do very well. Its such a great concept. I think $40 is reasonable given the time and love that goes into each piece

  27. I love this dress so much I wish it could fit me!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that everything is repurposed and I am no help at all as to price...sorry

  28. Congrats Kate! Love the name. Glad you are taking this step : ) Good luck. All the above advice on pricing sounds good you are in a good creative area so I think Nic ( Yardage girl ) and Curly Pops have good advice.

  29. Hmmmm Pricing is one of the hardest dam things with home business. If you have a good stash at home and you feel you can get going with what you have without to much effort then cost it for your time and travel. Once you start to spend more and more time sourcing things then you may what to up the price to cover your adventures. My recommendations would be not to go to cheap. it is in a STORE after all. GOOD LUCK!

  30. Good for you are a great inspiration for all us crafty people. I agree with everyone else in price range.

  31. Pricing here need lots of thoughts since each one is unique and with a lot of detailed handmade work - so when someone buys it, one needs to knpw and appreciate all the work and heart invested in each piece and this only you can tell =) so think about it real good. I am sure they will fly crazy because they are soooooooooo lovely!!!!
    Congrats and best of luck

  32. No idea about pricing but your concept is awesome!
    I think at least $40rrp if not $55 Wishing you luck and success,
    Ab x

  33. $40 if I was selling and making them at least, we know the work and thought and time that goes in and people that buy this stuff usually don't sew. But as soon as it becomes famous which I suspect you already are down there, you can charge $100 easy!!! And I am sure they will walk out the door. I like everything but the thread instead of nothing but the thread. You are clever indeed.

  34. yay Kate!!! well done, looks fantastic and something with a story behind it.
    LOVE that everything is repurposed, LOVE that you have a new journey, LOVE that you are smiling!!!
    hope your weekend is a happy one sweet friend.
    hugs to you ♥

  35. That sounds really exciting Kate starting up a new business, and repurposing is something you are passionate about. I really love the concept of your name too. Enjoy your new journey of creating beautiful, orginal pieces of clothing. xo

  36. I wouldn't think twice about paying $35, would hesitate at $40, but probably still buy. Anything above that I would have to seriously consider. Not because it's not worth more but because I'd have to justify spending more on a child's dress as it won't fit for long - even if I love it! Good luck.

  37. Same Anonymous here as before. Sorry. Had another look at the dress. It's so beautiful I would actually pay $50-$55. x

  38. Lovely dress, so glad you are feeling calmer. I know how much I would pay for a dress like this but as I'm in the UK it is probably of not much help. However I have a formula for working out my prices. That is I time my self very carefully for the first two or three things in a range I make. I don't include the development time, just the purely physical making time. Then I decide how much an hour I want to earn, being realistic it has to be a minimum of £10 per hour. I then know how much it has cost to manufacture, add on the cost of the materials and an amount to cover the development of the idea and bingo! If I then think this will make it too expensive to sell so be it. But we all have to make a reasonable living at this and if people want a one off original piece then it will cost more. Doesn't make it any easier though and I still often get it wrong, but not as often as I used to. Good luck.

  39. $45

    I thought you were making a little gimmick out of the business name being everything but the thread, yet the labels saying nothing but the thread.

    I said to myself oh how clever she is! And funny!


  40. That is just gorgeous.

    I use only repurposed fabrics and bits and bobs in my clothing line too and it really is hard to know what is reasonable to charge. What I keep telling myself is that people are buying a one-off handmade irreplaceable piece. Then I tell myself that I am not my target market. I'm glad lots of people said over $50 because "designer" mass-produced stuff sells for that, and this dress is "worth" WAY more.

  41. Oh wow those dresses are beautiful and as they're all one offs I would expect to pay at the very least £35 each in a small shop/boutique which converts into $60.
    Don't sell yourself short, you're a lady of great talent!
    Em xx

  42. So glad you sorted everything out and are feeling better Kate :-)

    Is the shop buying them off you and then selling them or is it going on a commission on sales type arrangement?

    If they are buying off you then decide what you need to replace your stash and then add $30 on top of that to cover the labour??

    I tend to do that with my wool? Don't know if that is the same thing :-)

    I never even noticed the discrepancy with the label and the name of your dresses until you pointed it out LOL

  43. I agree with most of the comments too except that you can't really put your price up later... set the standard from the beginning. It's a beautiful and unique product so not only factor in your materials but "pay" yourself the sewing labour you would have to pay if you later need help because they will be so popular!

  44. Ok, so first up ...I'm so glad you're ok, I have been so worried b/c when you didn't reply to me about my comment on your last post...just kidding! Im glad you're still here and seeing blogging for what it is - FUN not obligation.
    Next.. What a great thing! I like "nothing but the thread" too - implying nothing 'new' but the thread...Both work well.
    As for price - I always struggle with this. I hand make all my toys and couldn't charge for the time it takes as no one would pay.... I guess factor in your time, materials and then how you feel. What would you pay? Start there?? I reckon 45-85 schmackers & see how they go. P

  45. target or cotton on sell thier dresses for $35 so they would easily sell at that but it depends on how the other things in the shop are priced and how quickly you can churn them out. A friend of mine had some baby booties in a shop for at least $45 i think. so you may get $60 or $70. thing is that if you ask $35 the shop owner will prob charge $70. what is the mark up? its a hard one, fantastic dress though, i would put them on my girls.

  46. I'm exhausted trawling through all your comments, phew! Sweet dress honey, can't wait to see more. And I had to laugh at your back to front label. Did you hand sew it?Lovely seeing you today although it feels like a million years ago after a busy, crazy day. Hope you have a happy weekend, much love xo

  47. well done Kate ~ about time!
    that's great news, good luck

  48. ooh, my sister has just moved to kyneton, I might send her down to this new little shop when my daughters next have birthdays......

  49. Oh, so lovely!
    Best of luck with your new venture!
    I am no good at help with pricing...$40ish?

  50. SO exciting Kate!! WOohoo! Love the name and it has meaning behind it , as well as sounding great.
    The dress is gorgeous and I'm very excited about you having an outlet.
    As for pricing, I'm the last person you should ask and I hate doing the pricing bit so I'm thinking of you.
    The dress is fabulous by the way. xoxo

  51. Oh Kate so gorgeous!
    Have you set yourself an hourly rate? How long does it take you to make one, what does the fabric cost, the embellishment cost, the cost for power running the machine and the iron, the time and petrol to get them to the store?
    I know it sounds such crap right now but if you grow, which you no doubt will, then all this has to be taken into account!
    Work all that out then add 100% and you've got your price!
    Beware of the price the store owner puts on top, that could be the heartbreaker ... like overpricing them so they sit forever on the rack!
    My experience when I was making bags for a beautiful store for $60 ... she was flogging them at $200. They took too long to move at that greedy price, plus it broke my heart, be prepared for similar realisations in the retail world!
    I'd pay up to $60 for one of your treaures for my G-Baby Belle!
    But I'd love to know the money was going firectly to the hardworking creative Darling you are than to the store owner - especially when there's so many online and market options for selling your gorgeousness!
    I'm still flummoxed over your previous post as I wipe the splattered Uncle Toby's off my screen ... yikes that was a scare!!!
    BigHUGS, xoxo

  52. You're a talneted cookie Kate! can I have a big girls one! :) x

  53. This is brilliant! Your wonderful dresses in a shop!!! Well done!!!

  54. You have a lot to offer, and the creations you make are one of a kind. My mom used to sew everything she wore but wouldn't make anything for other people because she said they "thought they could get it cheap. They don't want to pay for time." and that's entirely true. You have to find your market, first. If you resell to a shop they will double what they paid you. But that doesn't mean you should give it away. Can you market them online yourself? That eliminates the middle man. The modeling your daughter does sells them each time, in my opinion. She's precious and the clothes are so unique.You have to find your customer then the price will come naturally. Keep it up! You are so creative!!

  55. Kate, how exciting - the start of your label!!
    Sending you lots of luck :-)
    And so glad you are going to keep blogging. I caught my breath when I read you were giving it up. I would miss my visits here!

  56. All the best for your label launch.. Very sweet dress!
    Check out my post "chasing butterflies" you'll see that we are crafty teatowel sisters... Nice to cop a look at it in blue.

  57. Wow, I love your dress and the idea of just reusing or recycling everything to make it. Each item you make will really be unique and special.

  58. It's lovely, Kate! I'm no help with pricing, I'm afraid, but I really hope that you find the balance between charging enough to make it worthwhile but little enough so they sell! I suspect the selling bit is partly to do with the retailer you use. I really love the concept!

  59. All the best with your new adventure! I love the name you picked and that you gave a little word about "why":)Pricing must be the hardest thing ever for me...however there is some kind of formulas with material price, labour price etc...also i think there is a difference if you want to wholesale and if you like to do it yourself...if you wholesale the shop will put generally 110% on it so if you still want to sell some yourself they will have to be at similar price??Business or hobby is another you target I imagine is another one...Good luck with working it out!x

  60. wow kate i love this little flowery number so so much. i love the name that you have chosen for your new range and i hope it goes well for you. i am so sure that it will. as far as pricing goes it is the cause of frequent conflict for me. i tend to now settle on a price that i believe the item is worth. I make lots of kids clothes using recycled vintage linen and i find that when the person who loves it and appreciates the love and work that goes into it comes along they will pay what it is worth. there are always those that expect you to sell for half of what it cost you to make but over time i have learned to ignore that because they are the people who will never be satisfied. your work is beautiful and worth every cent that you want for it

  61. Kate, what a great idea! I wish you every luck in your venture; I never had the guts to do it.

    Name is great, be sure you tag every garment with your business "mission"; that is a point for a higher price. So is the fact that they are each one-of's and truly handmade.

    Your price should be at the top of the range for pricing specifically for these reasons. I agree with the others that you need to have a say in what price the shop imposes. You need your wholesale/retail prices set prior to taking them in to the shop.

    I would seriously think about selling them yourself, as well. Etsy would be a good market to try. Can you hang them at your farm market? It fits right in with an organic farm.

    Best of luck to you. Don't give up. It might take a while, or you might get overwhelmed. By the way, if you do get overwhelmed, its a sign that your price is way too low. Too high, nothing sells; too low, everything sells out; just right is somewhere in the middle, some buy, so don't- all because of the price. If you feel you are a slave, making nothing, the price is too low.

    Good luck!

  62. Congratulations on your clothing line, they are all so beautiful and fun, any little girls would love to be wearing them! Pricing is so hard!! Maybe up to $45? Possibly? it really all depends on your customer base and what they are prepared to spend.

  63. Loving the name "everything but the thread" - wonderful. Did it take you long to come up with? ... or are you one of these gifted people who can pop awesome ideas like that?
    Great dress too. Your garments will be so popular.

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