Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One year minus one day.

Tomorrow is my blog's first birthday and yesterday I made the decision to shut it down.

Yesterday as I sat in my car with my nine year old screaming and yelling and shouting at me, I decided that maybe I am doing something wrong. Maybe it is time to simplify my life further, cut out all distractions and focus completely on my family.

Yesterday when my nine year old was shouting at me, a mother, father and a one and a half year old boy walked past my car. The father was pushing the pram and laughing, and the mother and son were pretending to be trains chugging down the hill. I sat in the car crying for my fighting nine year old and that time when she was chugging down the hill with me. It seems like forever ago and at the same time like five minutes ago.

Yesterday when my six year old was being the loveliest, happiest most divine thing ever. Does the fact that she thrives on being the good girl when her sister is being awful mean that she isn't getting enough from me the rest of the time?

And my two and a half year old. A few days ago she told me to get off my blog and come and play blocks with her. Really!

But then.

Yesterday I got a few amazing, amazing comments on my blog. I got an email thanking me for my blog and listing all the reasons why she loves it. I got a parcel in the mail from Anna with the ball of wool that I needed to complete my wrap. And then I realised that I have worn that wrap for days and days now and I never would have made it if I hadn't been part of the blogging community in the first place. And it made me think of the friendships, some of them online and some of them now in real life, I am thrilled with these new and very special connections. And the suggestions, recipes, inspiration, swaps, ideas, tutorials, discussions, encouragement...where would I be without them?

Content is never a problem. My blog is like a journal of the things I am making and there is never a shortage of projects around here. The post itself is quick and often writes itself once I have uploaded the photos. I have just been finding that I often don't have the time to respond to all the comments or to visit all the spaces of those that visit me. I read and love getting every single comment but I feel guilty.

Does this happen to you? Do you respond/visit everyone who visits you? Do you comment on every blog you read? Do you feel rude if you don't? Some days do you feel like you don't feel like switching the computer on at all?

Today I have decided that I am a much better person for keeping my blog. I am going to keep writing my blog.

Without the guilt, I love it. And I have to believe that I will be a better Mother/Wife/Person if I have a place to express myself and interact with others with similar interests. I think I just have to balance my time and to not feel guilty when I can't always reply/comment back.

I LOVE birthdays and parties and if my blog is going to continue, then it is going to have one but it has to be the right time, which means not right now.

So if its OK with you, I am going to celebrate my one year, one month and one day of blogging next month instead. Stay tuned for some giveaways, some more questions, some cupcakes and some fun and games. In the meantime I'm off to punch down my bread, play dolls houses with Pepper and make a start on a range of dresses for a new shop opening soon in Kynton. Oh and then I will make some muffins to take to the skate park this afternoon for scooternoon.

Have fun out there and thanks.


  1. yup-life comes in and take up blogging time but that is perfectly OK. Mine has gone for almost two weeks un-posted on. I read others when i can and I take care of my family when I need to.

    Just so you know-kids are sometimes difficult and they grow and change and become OK again with or without you. Don't hold all of the guilt all of the time :)

    See you soon


  2. Hello Kate! Happy one year! :D
    I really enjoy reading your blog. I (like you)love comments on my blog, they make my day.. and I read and appreciate all of them. I visit all my reader's blog.. and occasional make comments. But even if i don't comment it doesn't mean i don't read :D

  3. beautifully written. i think you live in all of us. we all feel this way about blogging from time to time. i read your blog because i like too, not because you leave me sweet comments. go be with you family and post when you feel like it. we will all still be here reading. xo.

  4. I've been feeling guilty about not visiting other bloggers too and I'm only new to all this. I'm so glad you've decided to keep your blog Kate. I love it, you are such an inspiration. I don't mind if you never respond to my comments. Just knowing you read them and that they (hopefully) brighten up your day is enough for me. xx

  5. Ughh, do you mind not giving me a heart attack..... Do not give up your blog - it's too brilliant a read.... just do less posts! It's a great visual diary for all of your projects.

    And don't feel you have to respond to other blogs all the time, just the posts that make you go WOW.

    Chill out, enjoy blogland. I've had to cut back on blogging cos I'm pregnant with my first child and don't have the energy - I sometimes miss it but then I realise that blogland still goes on without me & I can always catch up on my fav blogs when I want.



  6. Kate congratulations on your first year of blogging. I have enjoyed every moment of it immensely reading your down to earth true honest posts. I know exactly what you mean about the fighting, perhaps it was the day yesterday as Isabelle was a screaming banshee last night and didnt want to listen to anyone at all and made us feel terrible. I always feel as though I dont do enough for my kids sometimes and then other times I feel as though I do heaps and they dont appreciate any of it. Blogging keeps me sane, I have to be honest. I think I would go totally nuts if I didnt have good internet friends to keep in touch with and I think sometimes it helps me be a better parent too with peoples' thoughts and ideas. Keep blogging and just remember that we are all here for you too, if you have a bad day you can always talk!

  7. There are going to be so many of us who feel exactly the same I think. Its a hard one, pushing the guilt away. There is always going to be something else that we should be doing or someone we probably should have responded to.

    But with everyone having lives that carry on in the background of our blogs, I think we can understand each others limitations and expectations. If you know what I mean!


  8. Phew ... I'm so gald you're staying. You would be so missed - your blog is one of the best around. I totally understand about the issue of time and commenting - just do what works for you. There are no real rules in blogland - just lots of nice people who get it, so don't stress! Sounds like you have a lovely day ahead of you .... enjoy! Nic x

  9. It's a hard realisation that spending time in the virtual world is a much needed respite from the real one.

    I absolutely get what you said about the guilts ... both in relation to the neglect of the "real" world little people and the virtual commenters who wait for that response that never comes.

    Lately, I haven't been responding to any comments at all.
    I just can't. The backlog is too huge and the real world calls me too much.
    Let's face it, although the virtual world helps me cope with the real one, the real one has to take top priority ... every time.

  10. This is one of those days that I can't possibly keep up with all the comments, or leave a comment on every blog I read and I do feel a little guilty. Still, had to leave a comment here. While I would understand if you shut it down (I tell my myself I'm going to do that every couple of months) I am quite glad you have decided to stick around. I so enjoy visiting your lovely place, I really do.
    Happy Birthday!

  11. i think guilt/female/mother are all intertwined!
    you know when you feel it's just got too much, then it's time maybe to just not turn on the computer for a while, just until you feel like it.
    I totally understand about the comments & visits & I read through google reader & try my very best to comment but sometimes as Pepper said...it's just time to play and we need to step away & refocus.
    I hope today is a better day, kids are going to always be testing us.
    I was at the supermarket & they were both screaming over the trolley while I was at the checkout, I tried to focus on sorting out the checkout & trying to get them to stop when I turn around to the people behind me and I got the worst looks, like I was the worst mother ever...ohhh well, that sure made me feel like it. but you pick yourself up and get on with it because in a few minutes time they will f course remind me of how much i love them.

    hugs to you gorgeous girl...♥

  12. I am sooooo glad you are staying Kate we all need something for ourselves and it doesn't mean we are less of a mother but yes I agree with what you are saying I even mentioned it recently about finding a balance is hard. I started replying to comments cos everyone else was I felt it rude if I didn't but now I just can't so I reply if I have something to say in reply otherwise I don't. I try to visit those who visit but it can be hard I even felt I needed to start visiting all those who follow but realised that was just impossible, the guilt was there for a long time but now I am a bit easier on myself. It is THE main reason I don't often participate in my creative space anymore, it has just got too big and was taking up waaaaaay to much time. Please don't leave blogland, often I find just a few weeks break from blogging can really help and then the blog is always there to go back too, many hugs xxx please don't reply to this comment!!!!!

  13. first time commenter here. :)

    im so glad you decided not to leave the bloggy world. i love seeing everything you make and create and i just love your blogging "voice."

    i too feel bad when i cant get back to everyone that comments in my little corner of the internet. but i try. and ive made some awesome, wonderful friendships because of my blog. my internet friends "get me" sometimes better than my real life friends. (why is that?)

    anyway, glad you changed your mind.


  14. ps
    Kate I just had to add you shouldn't feel like you HAVE to have a giveaway cos it's you blog's birthday that's just another pressure that we feel cos so many do it. It's my blog's 4 year birthday this month and I thought I must have a giveaway, then I thought no I mustn't and I am glad, don't get me wrong I love to have them and share stuff, but I just don't feel up to doing it right now. It has to be something you don't feel obliged to do xx

  15. I am so glad you decided to keep it up. My children are grown and have kids of their own. My daughter struggles the same over her sewing and scrapbooking. It pains me to see you good, thoughtful, young mothers going through this...It is very important to keep part of you, for you. You are so right about being better mother, wife,etc...if you respect yourself enough to do that then others will also, except the kids, they will always try to guilt trip you into things, that will never change. Please try to see the things you do everyday for your family, I haven't been following you very long but long enough to be amazed at the wonderful things you do with what you have on hand.....And on and on I go..I will stop with the lecture now. Have a great day.

  16. I don't comment to everyone who comments to me, but then, not many people comment on my blog. Mine is more of a "write it for release and if you read it, great!" kind of thing. I know you pass though, as you've commented before, and a few of your readers have as well. I enjoy reading your blog even though I just found it. Your blog should be for you it's a release and a place for to express yourself. Keep that place. Keep that part of you.

  17. Wow.........Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! ............... Pheeew!!! .....talk about an emotional rollercoaster...... Please stay....... : D

  18. I really enjoy stalking your blog, but no I dont comment every time that I read someones posts, mainly as I read them in my reader. But yes sometimes I do feel guilty, sometimes I just dont know how to respond- so saying nothing is often the easier option.

    A blog post might take me 4 hours to post, I say this as my 2.5yo climbs up onto my knee and is banging my keyboard...

    ok now she is doing my hair...

    Please dont fall to the pressure of having to blog all the time, take care of yourself, and your family, and like others have said you dont have to fall to the pressure of being the everyday/ every week blogger.

  19. Oh no! You scared me! Phew! I love reading your blog. I like your projects and you express interesting perspective on things. I wish I had time to write on every post but I don't. So I understand what you mean about the guilt thing! I feel guilty if I don't comment on my readers blog! Silliness. Go be a momma, we are all doing that too, the ones of us that are mom's that is, we will still be here when you get back!

  20. You have hit the nail on the head and summed up exactly how I feel. My three year old is always saying "go back to your pooter" which can only mean she sees me sat there way too much.

    I read quite a few blogs and absolutely no way can I comment on them all - I made a decision early on to only comment on something that really grabs me, it doesnt mean I dont read and enjoy all the other posts - but time is precious and limited.

    Glad that you have decided to keep at it.

  21. I had so many rules about return comments & all the rest of it my head just about exploded.

    I took a step back & decided that if I wanted to be proud of my blog then I needed to be actually making more & not "talking" so much.

    I do feel sorry if I've lost a few/annoyed a few with my relaxation of the rules but like you it was that or be gone.

    Do what's right for you. xxx

  22. Thank you for keeping your blog, it is always hard to find the balance and if it wasn't your blog making you feel guilty it would probably be something else stealing your time. I love reading your posts. Happy Bloggy Birthday xx

  23. Aaah, the fine line of balance that we all have to wrangle with.
    Reading your words was as if they were my own (just 2 less children).
    I'm glad you're going to continue your blog. I take so much from it, for your life & thoughts inspire me to live life more fully.
    I've never heard your voice, but in my head it has a warm & happy tone. This is the voice I hear when I read your posts.
    Don't feel pressured to keep up with the joneses & comment on other blogs so much. We know you're there & appreciate how busy you are being a wonderful mama, wife, crafter & farmer.
    Keep up the beautiful work!

  24. Oh Kate - I'm glad i read to the end of your post, otherwise i would have been devistated not to have your writings, photography and craftiness to inspire me. I love it when I see a new post from you pop up in my reader!

    I'm a bit like you - I love reading other people's blog but often don't have time to leave a comment. If people comment on my blog I try and reply but if they haven't left an email then I don't have the time to leap around the internet to find them. And as a commenter I have no expectation of a personal reply.

    Keep at it (the mothering, the farming, the crafting and the blogging)! You are good at it (the mothering, the farming, the crafting and the blogging).

    And don't worry about the 9 year old - she's 9!

  25. Love you and your blog Kate glad you decided to stay and totally relate to all you say. I often read and don't comment. Take Care my online friend. T. x

  26. I'm sure this is something that we all ponder very regularly. I know that I do! I have come to the conclusion every time that we need some 'me' time to be better mum's and this is something that can easily be worked around our daily lives if necessary, you can post or not post, comment or not comment, depending on the weather.
    p.s. loving the cupcakes and particularly the last photos. love it when kids are allowed to get in there and make their own creative mess!

  27. Geez Kate! You took me on a bit of a journey there. I don't comment on blogs in the hope that the person upon whom' blog I have commented will come on over to mine & 'follow' or comment on my stuff....I comment b/c I am moved in some way to do so.... This is YOUR blog. Play on it as you feel so inclined, record your creations, life stories etc as you see fit. When you started it..who was looking? I bet that didn't detract from the joy you got from posting. Peta

  28. Do not feel guilty for the times you don't reply to each and every comment, you have already given your time in creating and blog content.

    The rest is just a bonus if it happens.

    And crikey! Don't scare me like that! For a second I thought I would have no more blog to read here :(

  29. Yay! Just wanted to let you know I love your blog too! So glad you're hanging around! :)

  30. THanx for hanging in there Kate. Reading your blog reminds me that fulfilling my creative urges is possible even when life with 3 kids gets a bit full on.
    Thank you for your blog presence :)

  31. OK, so everybody has said all the lovely things and I heartily agree with all of the above..! Go here
    and grab a 'Blogging Without Obligation' button, it's just a visible statement to remind you that there is no obligation!! In the words of the above:

    * Because you shouldn’t have to look at your blog like it is a treadmill.

    * Because its okay to just say what you have to say. If that makes for a long post, fine. Short post, fine. Frequent post, fine. Infrequent post, fine.

    * Because its okay to not always be enthralled with the sound of your own typing.

    * Because sometimes less is more.

    * Because only blogging when you feel truly inspired keeps up the integrity of your blog.

    * Because they are probably not going to inscribe your stat, link and comment numbers on your tombstone.

    * Because for most of us blogging is just a hobby. A way to express yourself and connect with others. You should not have to apologize for lapses in posts. Just take a step back and enjoy life, not everything you do has to be “bloggable”.

    * Because if you blog without obligation you will naturally keep your blog around longer, because it won’t be a chore. Plus, just think you will be doing your part to eradicate post pollution. One post at a time. . .

    I'm so glad that I found your blog, but it's just that, your blog! Enjoy it....

    ps. who the heck can reply to 30 odd comments anyway......

  32. I'm hearin' ya !

    My two become the polar opposite of the one having the melt down. Mummy, can I clean my room for you? What the? I'm trying to deal with your sister! Oh, hang on, I get it ...

    I'm really happy I read your post for so many reasons, but most of all, because I feel like we are all being tossed and thrown on the ocean like 16 year old girl solo round the world adventurers with our masts broken! If you get my drift ...

    I'm just not sure that anyone is coming to save us though. We have to get out of this one on our own.

    I think you are amazing and inspiring and wonderful. Just keep doing what you are doing and sometimes, just remember to stop. And breathe. XX

  33. Hi Kate, Although I don't have a blog I do spend time reading them when perhaps I should be cleaning, washing, playing with the kids (8 & 6)or even crafting. I am the only mum that I know of in our town that makes clothes and knits for her children. So reading about the things others are making is truly inspiring for me and makes me realise that I am not the only mum sewing and knitting in a time when it would be easier just to buy them.
    Congrats on 1 year of blogging
    Kylie C

  34. You scared me there Kate!
    Glad that you have decided to keep on blogging - it's always lovely to visit your place.
    I know what you mean though about the guilt thing - I feel bad when I don't reply to comments and keep them thinking I will - then it ends up so far after the fact I feel silly doing it.
    It's also the rason I have over 400 emails in my in-box...
    Like you I need to purge the guilt and do what I can while also doing what is right for my family, and for me.

  35. Oh I am so relieved you've decided to stay, thankyou!! I totally understand what you mean though, sometimes I get so involved trying to respond to all my lovely followers & visit those lovely ladies I follow & it's then I realise I need to reassess my blog time for when kids are in bed, perhaps. I like to think of blogging as a way of keeping a type of journal, recording small insignificant daily events & tasks that would otherwise be forgotten. There are some truely amazing & wonderful people I have met through my blog & I so love to catch up on what goes on in their world & share a little of mine..it's my happy place..it's just a matter of keeping a healthy balance I guess. I bet your kids get all the attention & love that they need & more, we can all just be a little hard on ourselves at times, it's a Mum thing. Happy blog anniversary...x

  36. Well that is good to hear...and you have heard that kids do that thing without a blogging parent too haven't you? Ha ha! So glad you are staying, besides on a selfish level I need your crochet tips! Yay the hat is WORKING and on my head now!!!!!!

    PLease stay, you are important to our community! *hugs*

  37. Phew so glad your not stopping blogging! Nine year olds can be quite horred at times I have one too, but dont let that get you down, you need you time too, and thats what your blog is! I dont comment every post or reply to every comment. I have days..weeks where I dont turn on the computer and thats okay. Dont beat your self up and PLEAse dont stop blogging cause I need to know Im sane too! and becasue your blog makes me happy ! Hugs to you.
    Leah x

  38. I love your blog, take a break and re-evaluate.
    I visit many blogs and don't comment on half of them.

  39. No I do not reply to every comment, no I do not visit every commenter...I just do what I can without going totally bonkers.

    To be honest I was bonkers before I started writing blogs...once a nutter always a nutter!!!

  40. My heart sank as I read...but then, thank goodness you are keeping on!

    It's so hard to 'juggle' everything and not feel guilty that some things slip, I know what you mean!

    I dont think you should feel worried about reply/commenting back, I was the same when I first started blogging but worked out this just can not be kept up, now I am just select and hope people understand....I'm sure they do.

    Eleesa x

  41. Kate, there is a constant battle within myself about this very same thing.

    To blog or not to blog.

    As you say it is not so much the writing of the posts as much as everything else involved with being a part of blogland (setting up "photo shoots", taking photo's, editing said photo's, uploading photo's, reading other blogs, commenting, answering comments etc. etc......). It can become all consuming and overwhelming and I found I was really unhappy and so was the rest of my beautiful little family.
    I have very deliberately allowed my blog to take a back seat in my life, but at the same time I am not willing to give it up completely as it is the ONE THING I do that is completely for me alone!

    Although I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that feels this way sometimes, I do hope you can find the right balance to keep you, your family and your readers happy!!
    Congrats on one very full and successful year of blogging, can't wait to see what your one year, one month and one day celebration brings :)

  42. I think the previous 41comments might say it all! Although I've only started a blog this year, my children love it, the youngest is now 12 though, they remind me to blog if I haven't done so for a day or so, so hopefully, eventually they will grow to love it.

  43. I love your blog too! If I got 42 comments on a blog post, I don't think that I would respond to/visit everyone either. It would be a full time occupation! Please don't feel guilty, just blog because you love it! I hope your 9 year old is in a better mood this afternoon too!

  44. Kate- case in point- I can't write much or I will be late picking my kids up from the bus! Thank you for your blog. Thank you for your honesty. Please go gently on yourself. YOu are a woman of integrity, I reckon we can tell. People do what they can. And that capacity varies at diff times. I comment a reasonable amount- if I have something to say, more so since having my own blog because I now know that it's nice to know people are reading! But it shouldn't be expected (same as a personal reply back)- nice when it happens but not expected. I am glad you aren't closing down! My blog is soul food that helps me continue to grow into the best me and that see saw of balance does a mightly lot of up and down in finding that.
    much love xx Tan

  45. Sure know how to scare the pants of a girl!!!
    Don't give up girlfriend !! You are a shining light in craft mumma blogland .. We all need you & the kids will be happy if you are happy & fulfilled.

  46. Hi KAte,
    Glad your hear, I don't have a blog but I have been thinking of starting one, the one thing stopping me is what you have desribed. I think I will start but make people aware I don't want it to be a burden, but a joy and I am sure people will understand when life takes over and there just isn't enough time.
    Enjoy your family and blog when you can.

  47. Sounds like you are in the same place I was in a few months ago. I have stopped responding to every comment, stopped reading so many blogs and stopped commenting even if I do read the blog unless I really feel like i have somehting intersting to add... I think you have to do this- when your blog get to a certain point you need to stop responding and commenting to every comment on every blog, plus it halves the time I spend on the net I reckon... good luck. xxx I am so glad you are hangin around!! Happy bloggy birthday. xxx

  48. Happy first anniversary! I'm so pleased you have decided not to close down your blog. I'm sure I am right in saying that all of your readers have their day brightened by reading about your daily life. It doesn't matter if comments aren't left all the time. I suppose the main thing is to reach a balance with blogging and the rest of our lives.

  49. I am just little old me in my corner writing my blog for me not to see who does/doesn't comment etc...I do not have lots of followers so it is easier to manage. I love popping onto our blog & being inspired by what you do so look forward to seeing what you do when you can....take the pressure off & enjoy sewing those dresses for the new shop!!!

  50. I haven't been blogging for very long yet, but what i gather is, we're all in the same boat! Most of us have families, other commitments, lives outside blogland, and every day is different! None of us have time to comment on every blog we want to. We all have down time, off days etc. I am so happy you haven't given up! I love reading your blog! Congrats on the one year blogiversary! Look forward to many more!
    Sal. X

  51. happy bloggiversary kate! I'm thrilled I will still get to learn from and be inspired by you. I absolutely understand that you can't possibly respond to or comment on everything you come across... I'm learning that the "blog / life balance" can be hard sometimes!

  52. I do not know how you get enough time to even read your comments Kate! Just responding or visiting any other blogs, let alone to blog yourself must be so time consuming!
    With a busy, young, playful demanding, family, a business to run, time to make for your sewing/crochet etc, house keeping, cooking, shopping, and the list goes on…you sure have plenty on your plate! BUT
    Please keep blogging just, don’t feel obligated or tied down to your blog or fans!

  53. I don't blog as much as you do but I know what you mean! Sometimes I feel that I just shouldn't switch the computer on! But you're so right. There's is so much that I too have gained from the blogosphere and I was so shocked when I first read that line about you deciding to shut yours down! I feel so inspired when I visit your blog so I'm SO glad you're not!

  54. Oh Thank goodness you are staying, I only found you recently and would be a bit upset if you left in the middle of me getting to know you!

  55. MMmm those cupcakes looks delicious. You are amazing Mama and blogger. I definitely hear where you're coming from- some days I just don't want to get on the computer at all... but all the amazing people I've met through this experience keep me coming back. Happy Blogging Birthday can't wait wait for the festivities. xo m.

  56. I try and pop in and visit those that comment on my blog and I love to catch up with all my favourite blogs (like yours) but is isn't always possible.
    But I think about it too, and it was the documenting and the community of like minded people which attracted me to blogging in the first place, so I know they will understand.
    I try to post each day when I get a chance and have that sense of guilt if I don't. But I know the older Cohen gets the harder it may be to keep up.
    All the best Kate. Good luck with the balance.

  57. I envy the sheer number of visitors to your blog (sad but true), but then again I have trouble replying to four of five comments I get and YES I feel shocking for not replying!! Having said that I seriously don't EVER expect a reply to a comment - I mean it's called a "comment" for a reason right? It doesn't say "start a conversation" at the top of that little box does it? No!

    So in short I am SO GLAD you are keeping this blog of yours. Sure balance it out a bit but you NEED it and we NEED you!

    Do NOT reply to this comment!!! xxxx

  58. Ride the wave! Sometimes I don't comment for weeks, sometimes I am stalking people on every post! I don't really try to reply to comments unless there is something that really warrants one, or if I have the time and am feeling conversational! (I don't want to see a reply to this one, BTW).

    PS I'm going to stalk you in person in a few weeks - visiting Daylesford for some R&R with a friend so I hope to introduce myself if you're doing markets. It's July 3-4. But don't freak out. I'm kind of normal. I'll just say hi :)

  59. oh Kate, you gave me a scare. So glad you are staying on ~ happy blogaversay ~ but hey, do it at your own pace.
    At the start I replied to lots of comments, the only ones I feel really obliged to do something is creative space, that's the community.
    Otherwise, like Mel said, it's a comment, not a conversation. Comment where you can and feel the need too. That's great advice, and obviously with so many people feeling that way, seems like the right way to go!

  60. For a very very scary moment I though we were going to loose you. Right now that feels a little unbearable so I'm so relieved you're staying.
    But I totally understand, lines do need to be drawn sometimes. I try to comment on as many posts as I can and ditto reply emails, but we are not perfect superhumans.
    Your poor poor thing, I just want to give you a hug.
    Go easy on yourself re comments etc, and be kind on yourself Kate.
    PS sorry this comment

  61. I reckon I went through a similar experience to yours. I reckon lots of bloggers do. It killed me that I felt so appallingly rude not to return every comment or visit. But to do precisely that was a huge price. The turned away back of the sleeping Mr as I crawled into bed beyond the Cinderella hour, the kids missing out on a 'present', mindful Mum. I'm very glad you're not throwing in the blog towel and even gladder still that there's a clear big picture.

  62. Congrats on your blog birthday!I can feel what you are saying...Of course I think everyone (every mummy) is different but most of all I read a really great quote on another lovely lady 's blog the other day which said..."we can do anything but not everything". That got printed in my mind and that goes for not being able to reply all post or things like that... :)xx

  63. i reckon the most important thing is to keep whatever you do fun and enjoy it, so do whatever you have to do to achieve that. and the guilt issue is a woman thing! we can't help but feel guilty about things so just pass that one over to the worry dolls and try to forget it. p.s. i DO NOT want a reply to this:))) have fun playing with the family x

  64. My heart jumped into my mouth when I read that first sentance. It yelled NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Please don't go!!!
    Oh Kate I can only imagine what you are going through and I don't want to put any more pressure on you when you are feeling vulnerable and stretched but your wonderful, honest outlook on life is just so heartwarming to read about that I would be awfully sad and empty without it. just saying.
    Don't feel guilty about not responding to all your comments individually, how could anyone manage to do that, it would be a full time job! I think we're all just grateful to have you here telling us your thoughts and sharing your amazing creations with us. That's enough for me! (although your comments are always so lovely and well thought out and insightful and meaningful. perhaps that's why it takes so long - you're tooooo amazing?!)
    Happy anniversary to Foxs Lane I do hope to read many, many more posts from you!

  65. I agree with Mel!

    Glad to see you are sticking around. :D

  66. Kate, you are a rock star! Your blog is honest and real and inspirational. I read every post. I'm so glad you are hanging around. Daylesford is too far to pop in for a cuppa ;)

    You need to do what's best for you and your babies. All of us, out here 'get' that. So if you don't reply to comments or visit every blogger that viisits you, so be it! Playing, caring and loving your babies is more important. You do whatever you need to and we will all be here cheering you on :) xox

  67. Pfff! Forgot

    HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY!!! Woohoo!!!
    (I ignored mine....too busy teehee) xox

  68. First, I am very happy to know your'e staying around =) I love and enjoy reading your blog!
    And as you wrote so well, life has its plans apart from ours, just do what fells right for you and your loved ones =)
    congrats on 1 year as well=D

  69. you had me freaking out there for a minute. like i was going to need to mourn the loss of this blog for the rest of the week.

    so glad you are sticking around. you know i'm a big fan! :)

    i do not comment or respond to every post. there's just no way i can give my family all they need & keep up with all that's happening online. I think everybody understands that too...no hard feelings in blogland...at least i think.

  70. Oh, my goodness, no, I don't leave a comment on every blog I read nor do I respond when someone leaves a comment on mine each time...I didn't think I was SUPPOSED to! I love that I get comments and compliments so I don't feel like I'm out here alone. I did this blog thing to connect with people and I am finding myself referring to some as "my friend in...." and I comment on YOU a LOT. No one said life is easy, fair or calm. When you get to my age and the kids are gone you'll look back on these days and wonder how in the world you did it. But you ARE going it. One day, one hour at a time. Please don't stop blogging. Just do what you can when you can. A sentence here or there is enough. We all DO count you as a friend.

  71. I'm glad you are going to continue, having only recently discovered you!! It can be hard when your child is yelling at you, but one of the hard lessons that children have to learn is that the world does not revolve around them, and sometimes Mum has something else to do ...... it doesn't mean you love them any less!!

  72. My heart sank when I read those words 'shut it down'.

    I'm fairly new to blogland but have found it inspiring, warm, funny, real and another chore. I haven't been to many blogs in the last week as there has been so much going on in the real world, at first I missed it, then today when I sat down to read some I did it with trepidation, why am I doing this, is life not full enough already?
    Then I read a few blogs and I felt like me again, not Mum/Wife/Cleaner/headless chicken.
    It keeps me sane and I love to read about peoples lives all over the world who are doing the same things as me and struggling with the same issues, so I sat relieved and happy after a good read and reminding myself that it's ok to do something just for me.

    I'm glad you're staying, happy birthday foxs lane, and thank you for a good read.

    Love those cakes - just how many people were you feeding? x

  73. I was thinking I was definitely going to have to start emailing you, or start making trips to daylesford!! I wonder when I read other blogs how do people have the time to comment on so many blogs...I barely have enough time to read my favourite ones...so i mostly just stick to a few...and comment out loud here and there...alot of commenting happens in my head hehee...
    and the mother guilt thing..im finding it doesnt end.. theres always something for them to flip out about hehee...im finding myself swearing under my breathe a lot these days..and i dont swear often!..i think we all need some school holidays-like a year of them :-)
    so happy you are sticking around
    love manda x

  74. I think all the comments say it all - do what you can, when you - and that means for everything

  75. I'm glad your staying around, I only found your blog recently! Balancing life is tough sometimes, but time out for yourself is really important.

  76. Doesn't is just make you dread the teenage years! I am glad you decided to keep your blog going. I love reading about the gongs on at your place and looking at your wonderful creations. Just blog on the terms that suit you - if you are enjoying what you are doing, people will enjoy reading it.

  77. Bah ha ha! Once apon a time we joked about being the kind of blooger who didnt have time to read and reply to comments... "Oh, Im so busy I can't repond to your gazillion comments but I read and appreciate everyone of them!" I would practice saying! Tee hee... you have become that blogger dude!

    Chillax sista, tell thet 9yr old to stop being a grump, play some blocks, finish that wrap and think up some great Pepper stories to tell me then, come hangout at Cake with me and Jodie on Sat at 2. You can also visit me and my new ugliest house in the world next week... whoopie for wendouree!!
    Oh, and a trip to the Rat means only one thing... craft supplies!

    Now doesn't that make you feel better? ..ahhhh, craft supplies! mmmmm....

    oh, and I dont care if you dont leave anymore comments on anyones blog, so long as you do on mine coz I never get any except yours n lovely Becks! :)

  78. Uh huh, we are a mostly one computer, no TV, house so I have a battle on my hands to even get to the computer most days. I could choose to feel mass guilt about not replying to every single message and not having time to look at other blogs, or just quit entirely. Then I remember the reason I started the blog in the first place, which was to document this part of our lives and keep in touch with my family (who never comment!). Purely selfish blogging behaviour, but hey, people understand, I figure. I'm so glad you are sticking around. I've loved getting to know you a little and having a peek into your world. Happy Birthday Kate! xxxx

    PS. 9yr olds (or almost 7yr olds for that matter!!) will always get the grumps and little sisters will always make the most of it, blog or no ;)

  79. Hey honey, just popped in (almost wrote pooped..) to say Happy 1st Bloggie Birthday to you beautiful girl! It's funny to think your blog is only one year old, alot of water under the bridge. There sure is a lot to celebrate in blogland and keeping the balance in and out of it is the constant challenge of family life. I think you are an excellent and wonderful mum, partner and friend and that is what really matters. Hope we are going to be jumble sale buddies on Friday morning. As always, much love to you xo

  80. As the 80th comment you have to read (or not!)I want you to know that I never expect that you have to respond to any of the comments I make. I really don't know how you do it because I have enough trouble answering the few comments I get let alone writing a post! I just appreciate that you are there and that you give me the priviledge of allowing me a little window into your amazing life, home and family. Your celebrations, your struggles and your creations all make me smile and realise that there is a beautiful person behind every word and that is entitled to a break whenever she needs it. I don't visit every blog I'd like to and I don't always comment. Sometimes I see 80 comments and think 'nahhh,next time'.

    I'm really glad you're not leaving us but if it's something you really wanted to do then I'd happily support that too. I think you're ace Kate xoxo

  81. dropped in to properly wish you a happy bloggy birthday!
    you are amazing!!!
    much love to you ♥

  82. I have been following blogs for years now but only recently took the plunge to start my own. I don't know if many people read it and I have only gotten one comment (from my best friend). But the crafty/creative blog community is very important to me. Apart from work I'm really quite lonely so I like to see what other creative souls are doing. Also I have a neurological illness that prevents me from doing most of the sewing I want to do, so I live vicariously through the blogs. I really like your blog and am glad you're going to keep posting :)
    p.s. another article in the Weekly Times yay! Looking forward to the special story coming up.

  83. Ah Kate, judging by all the lovely comments you have received over this post I hope you can see how much you would be missed, but in saying that we all have our own agendas and none of are getting any less busy. Stay on the path that is true to yourself and your family and know that you are only being the best that you can be at the time. Give yourself permission to not be perfect. You are such a great mum and set a great example for your girls and as you said before Brendan is very proud of you too.

    It is almost the end of term and if it is any consolation my boys are at each others throats all the time and I feel like I hardly get a moment when they are not being ratty or hyperactive!

    Roll on the holidays and the sunshine :-)

    Happy Blogiversary to you and I have to say those cupcakes look delicious! xx

  84. Oh WOW!!! Kate, what a relief to know that I am not the only one who feels this way! A mother's guilt is an awful thing, and blogging is such a wonderful remedy. I love your blog so much! I almost had a tear thinking you were giving it up. As for your vest, I loved that too and am making my own.

  85. So glad I read further than the first line! I was reading in the RSS feed in outlook and I only get a small portion at a time!

    No pressure to read all this - I've just seen how much I wrote!!

    Blogging is time consuming I agree. I am a single mother with 9yo and 13yo. I set my blog up to try and diary the stuff that happens else I'll forget. I started 18 months ago and gave up after a few posts as I didn't know how to get myself heard. Then last September I decided sod it, I wanted to start to find my voice... if others could do it, perhaps I could, and if no-one listened it wouldn't matter. It would be a way of making me be creative, 'cause otherwise I'd just watch tv! I only had a handful of followers for months and months... and by doing a giveaway I started to learn how to shout!

    I only blog when I feel I want to share something with my online friends and fellow bloggers and readers anon.. I may do that twice a day, I may do it twice a week. I am not going to set a schedule because it will become a drag. I comment on other blogs because I feel I have something to say, never just for the sake of saying 'great post' or anything. That's the great thing about an RSS feed, I have to go onto the internet to comment! That restrains one somewhat. On my own blog I only reply to comments that ask a question or want to make me share more thoughts... but I love getting every single comment - it gives me such a buzz!

    Do keep going when ever you feel you want to... no pressure what so ever!! Ask the 9yo if she'd like to contribute, or set up her own blog. My 9yo has one for pictures she draws although she doesn't do many - I thought it might encourage her creatively.. hum?! ;)

    Sending you a hug and thanks - for making me think about why I blog :)

    Emma x

  86. I had to think about this for a day or two, and recover from the thought of you not blogging any more :(

    First congratulations! I love your blog, it's a must-read for me. You are so inspiring to so many and yet so down-to-earth.

    I don't know what to do about the comment thing either, I love to reply, and do to most, but it is a big job!! It's just so cool to have people take the time to comment that I want to respect that, but I hope they realise that because I don't reply doesn't mean I don't appreciate it.

    It's a tricky one I agree.

    I think we have to remember why we are doing this and hold that in front of us, and let the guilt go!!

    I do love you Kate, You Are Awesome!!

    deb xx

  87. Bummed I wasn't hanging out at the skate park when those cupcakes arrived!
    Don't be too hard on you my friend. Take it as it comes...
    Abs x

  88. Just look at all of this love.


    Take the breaks you need to. I am. Winter Solstice has been a rough one.

    Big hugs.
    xx Amy

  89. I so totally understand how you feel at the moment. It is so hard to keep up with blogging and I get no where near as many visitors as you! Nearly 90 comments on this post alone - wow! And reading some of those comments it looks like we all have the same sorts of frustrations which is really nice to know! Congratulations on one year blogging! I'm so glad you're staying because you write so well and I love seeing your beautiful creations. Thanks!

  90. Never give up. I've only just found your blog, its great. Its fantastic to hear someone putting into words so eloquently, what so many of us feel every day. The balance between working and children is so fine and delicate its very easy for it to go wrong and then the world feels like its falling in on you. But its good to doubt your self, because life will always prove you wrong. And the good days do out number the bad days, its just some times the bad days are so monumental they eclipse every thing else!

  91. I am so hearing you sweet girl! Congrats on your milestone and double congrats for being so very honest and inspiring! You often take the words right out of my mouth and put them out there where I can read them and accept how I feel. You are a wonderful, generous soul and the world is a better place for having you in it! :)

  92. It is hard to find the "right" place for everything in our lives. As far as blogging goes, do what feels right. I haven't blogged for over a week. I am reading blogs tonight for the first time in 3 days. And that's OK. Because life is still going on and the blogs are waiting when I feel like it. Do what you feel like doing, whether it is blogging, cleaning the bathroom or making playdoh with the kids. Cos whichever one you chose, the others ones will be still be there. So glad that you aren't going anyway. :)

  93. phew i'm so glad i kept reading, i nearly had a little conniption when i read you were closing down your blog.
    keep doing all the things that make you happy, they make the balancing act worth it in the end :D

  94. oh gosh, big moment of sadness before I finished reading your post :) glad you're still here, because I love stopping by during the week. you help me feel inspired as a crafter and as a parent.

    but take a break if you need it. breaks are refreshing, like naps for little ones.

    oh, and Happy Blog Birthday!

  95. I don't know how I missed this...?!

    And now I don't know if YOU'LL see THIS! ;)

    But will that stop me from commenting...? Nup!

    I don't know, really, what more there could be to say than what the many, MANY peeps have already said before me, but I want you to know that I get it, absoloutely, all of it, and love that you are so honest, always, and most of all, still here. :)


  96. Happy Blog birthday! I'm glad you've decided to continue to blog. A big decision, and totally understandable. Just want to let you know I do read you (even if I don't comment often) and your comments mean much to me on my own blog (especially on that recent post). Love the little thrifted dresses... may you enjoy much guilt-free blog time and find a new level of enjoyment in just doing what you do.

  97. I am so glad Kate that you will continue your blogging and no matter how often that will be. Time is precious and the time you have with your family is so important that if a rest is what you need to recharge you and your life than never feel guilty for that. I'm loving all those creative cupcakes, looks like lots of fun. Take care xo.

  98. Hopefully you'll get to see this Kate, but after so many comments you may be over it!! lol.
    Just wanted to pop by and thank you for this very timely post. I had fully intended posting about the same subject, as I have been feeling much the same lately. When I saw by the thread of all these comments that there are many of us out there in the same boat so to speak, I definitely felt much better. So I've been able to go ahead and publish a much more positive(I hope) post now. So thank you again.
    I wish you so much luck with your little venture with your so sweet dresses too. :)) x

  99. I actually came over from Pam's blog (comment above) although I am a regular visitor here. I love your blog! I can absolutely understand where you are coming from. I regularly have the 'give it all up' decision. It will be better for my family, my house will be cleaner, etc. etc. etc. but really, what about me! I really enjoy blogging and everything associated with it as you have said. You have just explained my dilemma in much better words than me. Thanks! This is why I like blogging and blogs! You are very inspiring.
    I look forward to seeing you around for a bit longer. Lou

    PS - I don't comment on anywhere near as many blogs as I visit or get back to the ones that commented on mine. I still love them too.

  100. Well knock me down with a feather Kate ... as I said, I spluttered the Uncle Toby's, the tears welled and welled when I read your dilemma.
    Being the oldest blogger in the universe I don't get the guilt despite reading every comment and how other girls get it - beats me! So I took myself to ponder while I walked, on this sunny day, to get the hair and nails done!!
    I don't ever remember being guilty doing something that was part of my daily routine when mothering. Yep that was long ago, times have changed. I constantly hear and watch how my G-daughter get's the guilts with her mothering Belle.
    I want to know why and how this has happened, who's instilled this guilt trip into you beautiful girls, doing such stupendous mothering?
    It irks me big time!
    Blogging is part of daily life now, much the same as when we gossipped over the back fence, all pushed our prams to the park or shops or when we sat and wrote letters! It's part of daily life. It beats me how you girls with families, home businesses, hubby's, etc get the time. I admire your replying to all and as much as I adore it, no way do I expect a reply - so count me out for the time being. I know you're there and reading ;-)
    I could rattle on here about then and now but I'm convinced you've got it all sorted!
    You've got such immense support in blogland that once the icing sugar settles all will be clear.
    Be kind to yourself Darling Kate you're so very precious to many. XOXO

  101. scared the pants off me for a minute there kate. i thought that you were shutting it down. we all get the guilts about not blogging enough, blogging to much, not visiting or commenting, spending half the night sitting up and visiting our favourite haunts.
    at the end of it for me the very best thing about my blog (apart from the amazing, wonderful, generous, funny, knowledgeable, talented, clever, gorgeous people that i have "met") is that it is like a pictorial diary of the life that i am living. i sometimes look back over my posts and it is a snapshot of time spent with family and friends and a record of all that is near and dear to me.
    kate, your blog is ace. it is all that and much much more

  102. Adults need friendships and interaction with others that have the same interests as they do, even if that interest is kids.

    I haven't "known" you long, but you seem to be a very genuine, honest and giving person, who enjoys sharing your life with people around you, who seem to really enjoy that you are sharing.

    I know I, personally, enjoy this space very much. You shouldn't feel guilty about doing something for yourself, and kids will always push and make you feel guilty. You are showing them that you are a person separate from them and it is a very good thing for them to learn.

    (BTW, I just realized that the picture at the bottom of your comment page is root vegetables, NOT thread bobbins! I thought bifocals were supposed to fix that!)

    Enjoy your new focus!

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