Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our family gang

I didn't sleep very well last night. For some reason I felt completely overwhelmed and grateful and full to the brim with love for my family.

Before we went to bed last night we went walking and played that who stole the cookie from the cookie jar game over and over and over. We played it as ourselves, then we played it in funny voices, then we played as other people in our lives and we played and we played and we played. And we laughed so much and we all felt happy.

Its funny that family thing. Its like me and Bren have created our own little gang. We have little bits of language that only we understand (frima - a frozen Prima, shmutter - a washer, bagers - bathers, bizzy - fizzy drink...), we have our own laws (no socks with sandals allowed), we have foods we love (lentil bolognese) and eat lots of and foods that are never to enter our house (pumpkin soup and fruit and nut chocolate), we love blue and green and hate orange, we make Dad think that he rules but we know that Mum really does, we love to make, to dance, to bake, to sing, to wear jeans with dresses over the top (well maybe not Bren). We are so proud of our farm and of each other and we are all obsessed with our six month adventure next year.

As well as living our own lives, we also have important roles to play in our family gang too. Bren runs our farm, makes the best pancakes, builds the best block towers and adores us. Indi tries her hardest to be the peacemaker, teaches us how to be parents and writes the songs for our occasions. Jazzy makes sure that everything is always fair, maintains the girly element and is the best dancer. Pepper makes us all laugh, loves to help everyone with anything and can easily be persuaded to take a side. And Indi described me just now as the encourager and the maker.

We have moments when we drive each other insane. When we wish that we could leave this gang and go and live an isolated existence in a cave far, far away. But the truth is we would miss each other far too much and could never cope.

At the end of the day we are fiercely loyal and are happy to put up with Bren's loud phone voice, Indi's constant singing, Jazzy's love of all things make-up, Pepper's repeating the same thing over and over and I guess my asking them to hold that thought so I can finish counting stitches.

Where would I be with out my gang?
I love your guts you guys! You rock my socks!

How about you? Does your gang have funny idiosyncrasies? Your own language? A dress code?

Have a happy Tuesday. X


  1. There's only two of us in our gang, but we do have our own language and nicknames for things and each other. They fact that we act like eight year olds most of the time makes up for the fact we don't have kids!

  2. What alovely post Kate - you have a very special gang with lots of great talents :)
    Our dress code is "not all clothes need to ironed", clothes in our house means to me - when people get dressed! One springs out of bed, dressed in 2 seconds flat, one wont get dressed until he has had brekkie, one puts off getting dressed until the very last minute, or until he has totally wound up mum (he actually prefers to wear no clothes at all)
    You have a great Tuesday too.

  3. beautiful post kate. we to have our funny quirky ways. my two youngest got into bed with me this morning and insisted on having an arm each so that they could giggle at the loose wrinkly skin on my elbow (gross)
    they call it a weenis (bit rude really)

  4. Gorgeous post Kate- and timely. This morning was definately the opposite for us. Short tempers; each and every one of the five of us displaying our short comings in full flight. Not a morning to be remembered. But now I will think of your post and try to remember the overall picture. But I will go and have a really big coffee and a lie down first...

  5. A simply - and profoundly - wondrous post, Kate.
    But if I owned the tenth foot (i.e. the one missing from the upper photograph), I wouldn't be too happy - seeing as everyone else got two feet shown.
    Having read and savoured this post, how could I not have a great Tuesday.

  6. I love this post Kate, it made me cry, it's so beautiful. xoxo

  7. I'm sniffling along with Jess, Kate. What a gorgeous post. (And what lovely taste in footwear you all have...)

  8. yes i agree with PP, its a lovely post. We do have nicknames, numerous ones actually. And if anyone heard us they would be thinking 'what the'. eg Tyler is Tyler wiler. No reason other than it rhymes. I am sure we have unwritten rules too, just cant think of any atm.

  9. Excellent! Our gang has our own words, dances, silly voices, favourite weird stuff and secrets we giggle about to ourselves. Thanks for reminding me - gangs are fun!
    P.S. My Bren makes the best pancakes too - every Sunday morning!

  10. It is such a full on love that love for our "gang " . I do understand wanting to run away but we all know just how quickly we would want to run back too .
    Have a great day Kate .

  11. You've got me humming this today ....
    My gang is a little neurotic, quirky, very creative and I wouldn't trade 'em for the world.
    Andi x

  12. beautiful post lovely Kate!
    I started a comment just before after your dad's but lost it!! I loved your dad's comment too.
    I love my gang aswell, I love that I helped create them, I love that they are my bestest friends in the whole wide world. I love hanging out with them, walking to kinder through the park & then coming home to have some tea with Aidan. I love those little moments, the cuddles, the giggles, the funny silly things they say. I love that Amelie loves Bear Grylls and Aidan loves big diggers.
    I love my chef boy for being our tower of strength and making our house a home because he is just soo good at things.
    I love this post & maybe you should do a linky because alot of people would love to talk about their "gang"
    hugs to you lovely ♥

  13. what a gorgeous, gorgeous post!

    Thanks for reminding me to look at my sweet family as an all-in gang, that's a perfect perspective!

  14. Beautiful post!

    Here's one of our gang's quirky traditions; One Sunday morning a month we have "Freak Pancakes". So yes, it's pancakes for breakfast, the record player good and loud with some nice dancey music, and everyone must wear a hat. We all make the pancakes, dance while they're cooking and sing along to the music. Once a giant pile of "freak pancakes" have been amassed, all the jams, syrups, yogurt, fruit we can find goes in the middle of the table and we each create our pancake masterpiece. You can use what you like as long as you eat it! Then there is more dancing and singing and hat wearing while we clean up. After all that, it's a good time for a walk!
    I love us!

  15. My Chef has the same shoes as Bren. that post is all so nice.

    We have lots of secret words and silly things known only to us and I love it.

    I asked Busy what does mummy do and she said " goes to work and makes things for me and little babies"
    quite true really. xx

  16. What a lovely post (and I love your sandles!).

    And I'm intrigued about your 6 month adventure next year - did I miss something?

  17. our latest is when we drive past glowing fields of yellow canola we sing "im walking on sunshine oh oh....and dont it feel good" but only for the length of the paddock.
    and i love your dad. he makes me miss mine more. xo

  18. What a beautiful post - thankyou!

  19. Most important gang rule (consisting of 2 people) - when there is a packet of tim tams in the house, we get 4 1/2 each. yes we share that 9th tim tam. if it doesn't happen, there is upset.

  20. Hey we have a kid that has poor language skills....you wanna here US!!!! Great post love....LOVING the GANG!!!

  21. Loved reading this post Kate, reminds me how much I love my gang.

    We have the same socks and sandals rule, although Ella has a dress code of her very own which I can't blame her for because apparently I did as well when I was her age.

  22. Love love this post Kate.
    Just beautiful.
    You've made me think about our 'gang' and how special it is to belong to them.xx

  23. Great post Kate... and I have been reflecting on our little gang since reading it... but to comment - I just can't get over how clean and well manicured your man's feet are. I'd have imagined something a bit rougher for a farmer. Funny. For the life of me I have no idea why I'm even thinking about it?!?!

  24. Super cute post. With teenager and soon to be teenagers in the house on top of little ones it's been a rough go with the "happy" part of things lately but I know it's all transistional.And I do pinch myself from time to time when I stop and think about how lucky I am to have a healthy happy family.

    Cute photos :)

  25. All I can say is what a beautiful, heartfelt blog.....inspiring me to take stock and look at my own 'gang'! Thank You for sharing x

  26. what a gorgeous post! you have it 'down', Kate, the whole family thing, you always remind me to enjoy my gang..thankyou!

  27. ha- that's fun and lovely Kate. And hard for me because for the first time in 10 years I am choosing to leave my gang for 3 weeks and travel accross to the other side of the world to visit my very dear friend and God daughter- it was because I have such a great gang that made this adventure such a hard decision. I loved reading about your gang x

  28. What a great post.

    Here are some of our gang's private habits:

    When someone farts they say: my bum agrees.

    When we're on the toilet doing a number two, and you don't want anyone to see your poo face, you sing 'I'm a private poo-er' to the tune of Tina Turner's 'I'm a Private Dancer'.

    Whoever brushes their teeth first puts toothpaste on the other toothbrushes, and leaves them on the outstretched arms of a doll we have in the bathroom called The Brush Bitch.

    The Brush Bitch isn't in our gang, but she doesn't mind so long as we visit her twice a day.

  29. Beautiful words. I needed reminding today that my gang are the best, thank you.

  30. Laney tols me she likes me in Black. She actually said I don't like it when I wear colours. Nice kid.

    Oh and ALL the girls in the family snore thanks to Kims addition to the gene pool. Just ace for a lite sleeper like me. Just ace.

  31. You're very lucky Kate. I too am grateful for all my family's love. It's the best and most fulfilling feeling in the world!!


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