Tuesday, May 3, 2011


These are the tiny details that are getting me through the fights at breakfast, the can't find any socks, the constant hum of the washing machine, the after school pick ups and drop offs, the lunch boxes and the every day routine.

These are the tiny details of our bigger picture, our great caravan adventure.

The caravan itself is in Ballarat getting sealed and upholstered and fixed up. There has been a hold up with the car we have chosen and we might need a back up plan, but the details are still going on around us.

A new to us granny rug for our bed.

A stack of old china crockery for the kitchen.

A meeting with the school principal who has given us his blessing and is excited for us.

Computer searches of how to make elasticised sheets and curtains and stenciled names.

A pair of new bathers. Ahhhhhhhhhh beach and warmth and sand and bathers.

Discussions about a DVD player, yes or no? How many computers to take? How we will access to the internet? Will I blog? Phones? A GPS? How many pairs of shoes can I take? eeeeeeeeep!!!!!

The start of a collection of sewn pot holders.

A definite yes and a date for the family staying here to move in.

Cleaning and decluttering for that family.

Lots of tests of colours for the inside and for the stripe on the outside.

The studying of a map and planning our route. My goodness it's a long way.

And bedtime reading material.

Right now a couple of months seems like an eternity. But with all these little details going on around us, its starting to feel real. Hooray!!

I'm excited. What are you excited about and looking forward to?

Bye. x


  1. No way!!!!!! I want those bathers. They have been on my secret wish list for ever.

  2. I am excited to see your adventures! Really I am!
    I can answer only one question for you - yes you will blog; well, you better! ;)

  3. Half the fun of an adventure is in the planning and dreaming of what might be! I can't wait to see the completed caravan and look forward to hearing of your journey (and I do hope you might up date us from time to time!).

  4. iPhone and iPad is all you should need and you stop at wireless cafe's to blog LOL

  5. YOU CAN'T NOT BLOG!!!! well you can have a break when you swing past Bello and I can do a guest post. x

  6. Wow Kate a few months will just fly right on by. I cant believe we are already in May. Dont forget to take your knitting since it is portable! Love the blue your using and cant wait to see how the caravan looks when it is all spruced up. Enjoy your planning for the wonderful adventure!

  7. Is Sydney on your route? Come and stay at our house! x

  8. Oh, it is exciting! We have some plans too. A "fly home and visit the rellies" trip has turned into a "drive over, catch up with friends, go on the ferry and explore some of Tassie before visiting the rellies" trip. Plus the in-laws have offered to babysit our kids for a whole week sometime. So we need to work out where we want to go (within budget)

  9. Oh my, I wish I was about to embark on such an adventure :)
    You most definitely have to blog to keep us all up to date with your travels, and at least crocheting and knitting is a portable craft so you still get to indulge in that creative urge.
    Ahh, exciting times ahead.

  10. I'm with the girls, How are you going to keep a fun record without blogging? You have to blog so that the rest of us can be green with envy.

    Maybe you could create a new blog, just about your journey...that would be cool.


  11. How exciting Kate! I love all that mismatched china and your gorgeous granny rug. I've seen a few lovely caravan posts in blogland lately, and I find myself longing for a little old camper trailer for our own little adventures.

    Oh and please DO take us with you (ie please say YES to blogging!)

  12. That is all just so exciting, I hope you show us pictures of it all when it comes together & ready to go! And you sound so on top of things, with so much to organise that couple of months will be here before you know it..exciting!!

  13. Such excitement.
    My main request ... please keep blogging. If not about your crafting, then about your traveling adventures.
    Budge's family are on the road at the moment and their blog always keeps me smiling.
    Andi xx

  14. I think you are going to have the coolest caravan around decked out in all those wonderful vintage and handmade items. How exciting! My hubby keeps saying we should take off for a year with the camper trailer and travel Australia. Looking forward to see how it all goes for you. Please do keep blogging! xo

  15. HOW exciting Kate! reading this I feel excited too.
    Loving your rug and all your caravan bits and pieces.
    I hope you do blog, because i will miss you too much, but i actually totally get it if you don't want to and just be in the moment.

  16. oh wow, I am super excited for you guys, Kate. And, of course, a wee bit jealous :)

  17. oh wow, I am super excited for you guys, Kate. And, of course, a wee bit jealous :)

  18. Yes please blog, we would miss you too much without. And we would love to read about all your adventures!

  19. Wow...so much to think on...but the experience will be so worth it...I do hope you blog your way along the trip so we can live vicariously through you.

  20. I'm excited to hear of your great caravan adventures and excited to know that if you can go an a great adventure, and leave your farm in capable hands, then I too can get excited and start to plan an adventure in the (hopefully not to distant) future.

  21. HI KAte, have you seen this
    made me think of you...cute!
    I love a sewn pot holder...are you taking a collection in the caravan- or is that just a new thing to collect?

  22. Geez Kate, I'm excited just reading about it! Oh how I wish we had the courage to do the same. I've always wanted to travel around this great country.
    That is why, you MUST blog on your travels... even if only weekly. You will be missed far too much if you don't + it would be wonderful for us all to get a little taste of what it's like to live on the road :o)

  23. where are you starting out kate? and where are you going? we live in derby, just north of broome. just spent a week camping on the beach of cape leveque and one arm point. beautiful up here in the kimnberley. will post pics on my blog. love , angelina x

  24. and i will also say....i know blogging is fun and all, but when you hit the road, you will see the bigger picture i think. that technology is a heavy weight..and sunsets wipe them from the memory quite fast. x

  25. McCafes are good spots to stop for a coffee and a stretch of the legs and the use of there free wifi:) DVD's are good when you want to pull big km's in a day. Sounds like so much fun. Email me through your trip itinerary. I might be able to help with spots to stay and free or low cost campsites. You are going to have so much fun. We are heading up to the Cape at the end of August. Wonder if we will be on the road at the same time.

  26. Hello! Have been popping in and out of your blog for a little while now and have really enjoyed all of the posts I have read...and your photos too. What an amazing experience the caravaning adventure will be, for you and your family! Hope all the preparations fall into place easily. I am looking forward to reading more!

  27. oh the sweet anticipation and delicious details. you will have the time of your lives.

    we spent 14 months driving around australia pre kidlets. can't wait to do it again with them. xo

  28. WOW after reading that I am excited about your adventure :)
    But then there is the kasey chambers concert we are heading to next a first for all of my cuties...thats pretty exciting :)

  29. Your kids will have the best time - less is more when it comes to stuff. My folks took 4 kids right around the coast for a year in 1976.(8,6,4 + 1 yr). I was 8 and remember so much. Stock up at SPC with tins but write on the tins with marker. We went through deep river + all labels came off. Surprise! dinners for a while haha...Will miss my daily fix of ur blog, but you WILL enjoy all that time with family. Journal more instead - girls too. HAVE FUN! YOU ALL WORKED SO HARD FOR IT!!

  30. Can we come too? Would love to share in your adventures so hope you will keep blogging! What a amazing adventure...I travelled round Aus in a VW camper van in 1999. Gosh that seems so long ago now.

  31. So excited for you, Kate! A real adventure, and one that will stay with you always...

  32. A big Yes to the DVD player...I saves your sanity...
    Unless they all want to watch something different...
    I am so thrilled for you and your family Kate....It will be loads of fun!!!

  33. I'm so excited and happy (and jealous) for you.

    Yes keep blogging
    Think about an Ipad (which also has GPS and from my experience pretty good battery life)
    A DVD player means discs = PITB
    Are you putting a dual battery in the car? (or the van depending on your setup)

  34. Ipad is good :) Love mine, not that I've tried blogging from it, will have to give that a go.
    You'll have a fabulous time :D and the kids will learn more from the travel than they would of in school even if you never open those books. Very envious of your adventures (in a good way ) Have fun take lots of photos and I really hope you blog it all as a blog becomes such a fabulous record.

  35. May I recommend; 'Budget Camps Australia: free and low-cost stops along Australia's highways' by Paul Smedley. About $30 from Dymocks. My parents swear by it. There are suggestions for long-wheel based vehicles etc. Enjoy! Katie x

  36. WoW That's exciting! And bold and brave! And busy!! I hope that you'll always blog though - you're one my most faves!!

  37. I'm excited for you Lovely.
    I must get those stitch markers of for you before you leave so you can take your knitting.

  38. You will be beyond excited when the day comes to leave. You are going to have so much fun, I really wish we could do something like that. I am especially looking forward to the weekend, when my youngest has her first holy communion. Her dress is ready and she is looking forward to celebrating with her friends and family. x

  39. I'm getting excited for you too! Are you bringing a sewing machine along? oh, and please keep blogging in some way...

  40. just like you kate i am looking forward to a caravan adventure. your plans look like they are coming together. i think it will be a wonderfully homely home a way from home. exciting. we invested in a gps/reversing camera/dvd/hands free phone connect/cd/radio for the prado. mainly because friends who have done the trip advised us that gps was a must (mostly in cities) we are also considering EPERB for outback and we also bought a cb radio (breaker breaker) there is a wealth of info on caravanning blogs.

  41. Oh you must must must promise me that we'll meet up!!!
    (and to entice you I have something I've been meaning to send to you for over a year but I'm going to hang on to it until we meet in person!!!)

  42. ... but not to give you the wrong impression... it is only small... but I thought of you as soon as I found it!


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