Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Monday!

Have I ever told you that my Dad emails all his girls every Monday morning to wish us a wonderful week? Well he does. The last two have come through my Mum, but I can hardly wait to get his again next week.

So a happy Monday from me to you all too. I hope you have a fantastic and creative week.

Here a some of the things that are making me smile this chilly Monday morning:

What an awesome transformation our caravan took when the outside stripes were painted blue.

Farmer Bren's homeopathics kit. He did a first aid course recently, so now if you are overemotional, if you can't sleep, fall off the trapeze, or have a nasty cold; has he got the remedy for you.

I adore these three morning scribbles. Miss Indi's version of a Foxs Lane logo. Did you notice how similar it is to the Daylesford Organics one? I like it. Miss Pepper's portrait of me. Eeeeeeep, I am ridiculously excited to have these big headed people drawings in our house again, I can feel a screen printing session coming on. And Miss Jazzy's butterfly catcher. I love how dreamy that kid still is.

I have been smiling while reading through all the Genki T'shirt entries. I love all the crafty plans being cooked up.

The winner of the T'shirt is Fiona from Inner Pickle. Hooray!!!!!

You should totally check out Fiona's gorgeous blog and her knitted and crocheted cowls.

I am smiling about pretty little packages in the mail. Thanks Kate. x

And I'm a loving putting together piles of fabric suitable for boy pillowcases. Farmer Bren and Farmdoc, looks like it's your turn.

So that's me.

What's making you smile? I'd love to know.

Have a funday and keep warm xx


  1. cool homeopathic kit! would love to put together one..i am loving this cooler weather. such a refresh for us in the kimberley.x

  2. You sure sound like youve had good news about your Dad with this happy post.
    How nice is he that he does that for all of you and what a perfect way to start a week getting in touch with your loved ones to know you are thinking of them.
    Love the blue on the caravan!
    Im having a much happier day now that I can actually perform a post and Blogger has stopped stuffing around, oh and of course im sewing, x

  3. Awww, your Dad is a sweetie & so is your mum for keeping up his tradition.
    So Happy Monday to you!
    I love your girls drawings, I think they are excellent so I showed Bubba Joe and he thought so too in fact he said "Ga" which translated means excellent!

  4. Your Dad sounds like such a cool bloke! I hope he'll be back to emailing you guys next week!x

    Loving the blue stripe - so exciting!XX

  5. Some lovely things going on. My heart did a little skipity-jump when I saw the photo with the granny bits and doilies. So glad to hear your day is pulling along. Cherrie

  6. So glad your dad is feeling better Kate and such a lovely group of happy things at yours today :) I'm sorry I haven't appeared to be here lately (actually I'm crossing my fingers this comment will get published)... I haven't been able to comment on your posts. Whatever is going down in blogland has landed me in a spot of being able to comment on some blogs but not others. Anyway, hopefully this one will work (crossing fingers again). Wishing you a most wonderful week ahead. Kx

  7. Tell Farmer Bren that I will send Lightning Tim his way and see if his homeopathics can help:)
    How is your Dad going. Hope that all is going well and that he will be sending emails to the girls very soon. Love the drawings - I have one here that I am meant to send off to Tim's parents - but love it to much - I should blog it.

  8. Smiling about? New dishes!! Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

    Have a great week!

  9. the kit looks great - I felt healed just looking at it. big head drawings are ace aren't they!

  10. Those drawings are so cute. I love the big head and stick arm and legs (off the head) phase.

    Hope your dad is doing well.

  11. I love that tradition of your dads. That's lovely...

    Big brown eyes and little outstretched arms asking for a cuddle is making me smile today.

  12. I am smiling as I sort out the hedgehog icecream cake and sushi required for one little girl's 4th birthday dinner tomorrow night...
    Hope your dad is doing well.

  13. Yay Bren! My bag makes a little rattle sound as I permanently have some for the overemotional - at times.

    So glad you are having a Monday fun day.

    Whats making me happy; that lovely sound of a power saw removing our rotting deck. WOOT WOOT!!!

  14. Such a delightful post post :) Your caravan looks great with it's blue stripe...can't wait to see the inside! Love your daughters little logo with the knitting. It's adorable. Lucky you to have a homeopathic kit in the house. I used some during labour and they really do work.

  15. I would love to put drawings on tshirts that my Lill does. That one of you is so cool! Can't wait to see what you have done inside that van, it is going to be unreal.

  16. How sweet that your dad emails the girls! I'd fall of my chair if my dad emailed me...hee hee.

    What made me smile today was finishing work early and heading over to meet the lovely ladies behind Open Drawer and chatting to them about the Hottie Challenge.

  17. That is so lovely! I speak to my Dad every Sunday and I so look forward to it. Happy Monday, Ames xo

  18. good stuff! getting another iPhone today is making me smile plus our wee man in the cutest pair of overalls.

  19. without wanting to sound like a terrible suck, I'm happy because you're happy and that your dad is feeling better.
    So gorgeous he emails your girls at the end of the week.
    what a super kit Farmer Bren has, is there anything he can't do. Perhaps he needs to visit me, as I often suffer
    from the first two.
    loving the morning doodles too, hope it's a happy week for you xo

  20. I thought Mum's New Week emails were so good I suggested she start a rival email campaign: on a Wednesday she could send out a Happy Mid Week email. Maybe try to pick up some extra subscribers. He he. xx

  21. What a lovely dad to do that every week! A great family weekly ritual.
    Love the little box of lotions and potions - hope he has plenty of hormonal remidies for that house full of girls ;)
    Have a great week!

  22. so happy that things are on the up and up for you kate.. the van is looking schmick, glad your dad is on the mend. winter cooking and crotchet hooking are making me happy. not to mention the caravan adventure, got our cb radio today breaker breaker(had to switch it off on the way home from ARB those truckies sure do have potty mouths!!!)

  23. it was me, oops, trigger finger

  24. Good to see some gorgeous happenings in your world Kate. I hope your dear dad is recovering nicely - I'm sure a pillowcase made by you would help him along too :) And I love love love your girls' drawings.

  25. I am sitting here gawking at your gorgeous caravan and making little "someday wishes" of my own. As I sit and wish, I am also thinking good, safe, happy, healthy thoughts for you and your beautiful family and thinking how clear it is that you all love one another fiercely! And that thought is making smile one of my lopsided smiles.
    I am also quite impressed with homeopathy kit, the drawings, and your bits from the mail.
    Have a stellar day my dear!

  26. How gorgeous are those drawings? Definitely print worthy :)
    Loving the look of your caravan and can't wait to see more of the inside.
    I hope your dad is recovery well.

  27. That is just delightful about your Dad sending his girls an email every Monday, what a sweet man. I do hope he is going well.
    Those morning scribbles are simply lovely!
    Today, a park play date with a friend and her kiddies, then a visit to my parent's place made me smile + the sun shone brightly all day. I love days like today :o)

  28. Your farmer Bren is just so clever.
    ... and those girls of yours - sure they fight a bit - but what talented artists they are! Full of passion for life... that's what. Marvellous!

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