Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Catch up.

Hooking: An enormous flower. Two strands of eight ply held together, a six mm hook and a very sore elbow. Loving the chunky factor though.

Eating: Coriander on everything. Fresh out of the kitchen garden.

All my life I hated the stuff. Except for the nine months of each pregnancy when I loved it. For some reason after Miss Pepper was born I was surprised to find that I still love it. LOVE it!

So at the moment I'm making up for lost time and eating it on everything. Oh my that smell, that taste. YUM!

Sewing: I'm starting to cut big squares out of old sheets to sew together and make new sheets for the caravan. It's going to be one mixy-matchy patchy van, that's for sure.

Singing and dancing and walking and playing: We are loving our bush kinder morning so much. We had a ball this morning in the Autumn sunshine but we loved it last week in the rain too.

Squealing with delight: I was going to say squealing at the best present ever from Bren's Mum, but of course she already gave me that about 15 years ago.

I have been researching which interchangeable knitting needles to buy for months now but have been overwhelmed and unable to decide. Can you imagine how thrilled I was the other day when she sent these home for me.

Thanks so much Rene!

Knitting: Another Farmer Boy beanie.

Cooking: Apple leather, tofu schnitzels and pear crumble.

Also knitting: A sleeve. Three plains, two purls, three plains, two purls, three plains....

Reading: This book. Holey Moley.

Loving: Miss Jazzy's huge smile while singing at assembly this morning, positive reports from my Dad's heart surgeon, Pepper's caravan obsession, coffee, my Farmer Boy, the thought that there is only just over a month left of this routine, the new Indi, sunny days, neat stacks of split fire wood...

So that's me. Well the part of it I feel like talking about here anyway.

What are you up to?

Ciao. x


  1. Oh Kate, what a lovely post.

    Love the photo of those little gumnut babies in their beanies at bush kinder, too cute.

    I'm with you on the Coriander, love the stuff, must plant some, nice to have it growing in the garden

    Glad to hear all's good with your dad and enjoy the countdown to your big adventure.

    Wonderful gift from Rene too, how thoughtful, there'll be no stopping you now. You'll be click clacking you way around the country.

    Beautiful day for the last day of Autumn, hope you enjoy it ,

    Claire :}

  2. Perhaps I need to wait until the delivery of baby number 3 but I'm not a fan of coriander - to me it just tastes like washing up liquid!!

    And I'm intrigued by your sleeve knitting - are you just using a super small circular needle or are you magic looping? My tiny tea leaves sleeves are really slow going on dp needles and I wasn't a fan of the magic loop and so progress has pretty much stopped!

    Good luck with the sewing and planning for your big adventure to warmer climes!

  3. Love coriander...
    I have some planted out at the moment but the rain and cold mornings seem to be taking it's toll on it...

    I had heaps last year but this year if it's not the weather it's the animals sneaking in every night munching on it...

    I wish they would leave some for us...

    This week I'm excited about a new crocheting group...and spending time with my eldest boy...
    I still can't believe that I managed to teach him how to crochet...
    I hope you week is peachy...

  4. Oh my Kate! Sooo much going on over there indeed! That caravan is going to look amazing with it's retro look. :) Should be a very happy trip with all of that to look at along the way.

    You have impeccable taste in herbs I have to say. Coriander would have to be my fav herb.

    So much wonderfulness happening. Lucky you. mmmm.... 'cept maybe for that bit about surviving adolescent girls!! I remember when I was one, and I don't envy you at all. :))))) x

  5. Can't wait to hear the rest...tomorrow x

  6. Not pressure but isn't it time to start knitting sun hats for the Farmer Boy??? :o)

  7. My Bren would keel over if I ever knitted him something like a beanie, being a machine girl and all. He does have a favourite red one that is so similar to your Bren's its crazy so maybe I DO need to extend myself (if only to shock him) and pick up a needle or two,

    ps If you knit things on vintage needles do they end up looking vintage *jokes*?

  8. OH Kate, what a gorgeous post.
    Your happiness is contagious, and get to the end of it, and my face has a huge smile on it.
    So happy to hear also that there's positive news on your dad's front, I'd been wondering.
    and bush kinder gets sound like soo much fun.
    Me? I'm making a polar bear for cathie's raffle, thinking about doing a course on becoming a teachers aide and being kept warm with a dark grey furry puddle on my lap ( turts)

  9. I've read that book kate...it's an interesting time !

  10. Wow lots happening!
    I've been avoiding joining all my squares for my skirt - so housework has been done and I even made some yummy marmalade.
    Love coriander too.

  11. that book is a good one, I saw him do a seminar - it was just fabulous. xoxo

  12. I generally think Michael Carr Gregg knows what he is talking about. I generally agree with most of what he says in terms of advice to parents etc. he lost a lot of credibility ( in my eyes) when he said that the Narcissitic "documentery" that ben Counsins made about himself, you know where he basically told stories about how great he was and how out of it he could get and then with all that money you can just run off to rehab and that will ' fix' you rather than actually see a REAL drug and alcohol counsellor and really explore and strategise whu and how it is that you take drugs and how you could actually stop..Ahem... sorry had a mini rant... but I would be intersted to hear your critique of this book.

    You must be a great daughter in law to get such great gifts. I reckon you would be. xx

  13. am currently sitting here FREAKING OUT as I try and get my head around this uni gig I signed up for!!!! (what WAS I thinking....), husband VERY IMPRESSED with the roast pork that has just come out of the oven (he does night shift so leaves in about 1/2 hour), about to get my M and see what kind of day he has had, looking forward to my belly dancing class tonight, wondering if I dare try and right the mis-shpanen attempt at orange muffins last week....adoring your coriander and the bush kinder, totally sweet piccies, that book is one major eye opener...read it in regard to my step daughter...made lots of sense!! Boy, when I was this age I was at boarding school and we just had to get on with it!!! Kind of wish I was going a' caravanning with you too!!! Thats NEARLY all I am doing today! Sending sunshine your way, TK xx

  14. "princess bitchface syndrome" - whoa...look out muma! I think your mixy-matchy pathy van will be worthy of a magazine shoot...sounds divine. Happy day to you x

  15. Thanks for the update - it made me smile, which is good cos I feel like I've been a queen bitchface all day!! Nic xx

  16. great book title, looks very interesting. Let us know what you learn.

  17. I love the photo of the bush kinder kids. They look absolutely gorgeous in their hats and boots. Too cute for words.
    Anne xx

  18. If I read that book is it going to help or is it only going to SCARE THE FREAKIN' HELL OUT OF ME? Think I’ll just go and bury my head in the nearest coriander patch.

  19. Happy news is good news Kate - glad your dad is doing well. How exciting that your trip isnt far away, and what a wonderful MIL you have gifting you such lovely needles. You will be able to knit whilst caravaning! Nice to hear you have a new Indi, wish I could get a new Lachie at the moment, teehee! Bush kinder looks extremely fun, do they ever do nighttime ones looking for bush animals with their torches?

  20. I love reading happy smiley posts, especially yours! Glad your dad is doing well! That's the best news ever!

    What am I doing? Well, today I managed to shower without supervision, took a longer suffley walk than usual, and entertained TWO visitors, all without a nap! Yeeha!

  21. Lovely post. Me..Hate coriander, Love your patchy sheet idea..wicked!, Love your picture of the little ones. xx

  22. I love coriander too, but it has to be mixed in with other food. I made a thai type soup last week with dumplings in it, and grated ginger and lemon grass and of course fresh coriander, yum, yum, yumm.
    I would love a set of interchangable circulars, wow what a great Mum in law and so pleased about your dad.....go dad!!
    x Sandi

  23. Love coriander.
    Love that your Dad's report is positive!

    hmmmm that book looks interesting! ...had 'the talk' with the eldest a couple of days ago. Wasn't ready for it. But think it went okay. She looks at things very technically, so some of her responses were quite funny. (SHE was talking about red and white blood cells ?!)

    I'm finishing my recycle project, and thinking about Cam's Hottie challenge and Cathie's auction/afternoon tea for charity.

    You have so much on the go -
    all looking beautiful - hope you have a lovely/productive week. XXJ

  24. Wow! You have so many wonderful projects on the go. Fantastic!!

  25. Lovely post and the picture of bush kindy brought back wonderful memories when my littleuns were at Steiner playgroup on our weekly bush walk. Nice!

  26. I too used to dislike coriander even the smell would turn my stomach, I love love love it now and the smell...I cannot inhale it enough. We also have it growing in the garden at the moment. Just found your blog....loving it.

  27. Ahhh, always enjoy your catch up's Kate! You have been so busy. That big purple flower looks stunning. Those sheets for your patchy patchy van are lovely, they bring back childhood memories for me, as they were like the sheets on my bed. Lovely!
    Bush Kinder looks like a blast, the children must learn so many wonderful things there.
    And Coriander... blergh! I've never been able to take that stuff, only herb I don't like. Isn't that funny you adapted a taste for it?! Amazing how that can happen.
    P.S. Glad to hear the progress is going well for your Dad! xo

  28. Certainly not as productive as you!

  29. such a lovely pressie from your MIL. That book looks interesting. I have survived one of those, she's 18 now, and my 12yo is totally different so who knows what may happen there!!

  30. I had the same feeling for cilantro, now I would put it everywhere.
    I love the interchangeable needles holder, I will have to make one for myself.
    I also love when I see that you have been visiting my blog, I feel spoiled and flattered!

  31. I bought that same book for my friend after she was talking to me about her oldest. I hope it's helpful, it's a learning experience being a parent:) I'm loving what you're up to sweet little ones playing and gorgeous fun fabric. Have a happy Wednesday. xo

  32. ohhhhh tofu schnitzel tell me more :) Loving that gigantic chunky flower so much! Turning green with envy over your bush kinder...FUN!

  33. "Squealing with delight: I was going to say squealing at the best present ever from Bren's Mum, but of course she already gave me that about 15 years ago"


    Have you nailed that perfect beanie for Farmer Bren yet? ;)
    Just spent 5 days road tripping ot to Victoria via some great shops to spend 3 days sewing and knitting with some wonderful like-minded ladies. Loved it but am loving getting home to my family's hugs and my own bed.

  34. Princess Bitchface hey - well that is a nice way to put it LOL - I think I totally need to read that now to prepare myself:)

    Loving all of the bits that you are getting done and the munchkins in there beanies and boots is the cutest.

    Corriander - I can not seem to grow it here - infact I think that I may have a possum that has taken up residence of a night in my garden and has had a great munch on my basil and parsley - it desappeared OVERNIGHT

    Loving the think crochet:)

    Knitting (and sneezing) and enjoying a hot chocolate before I go to bed. I have not blogged in over a week - might have to do a blog post like this:)

  35. Glad to hear your dad is doing well. It must be such a relief!
    I wish I could see inside your caravan...it must be FABULOUS!! Cx

  36. Love that Farmer Bren beanie. Also love how tastebuds can keep changing. I hated raw celery for 31 years. My 32nd year however and it's freakin' delicious. How does that work?

  37. Hello kate! forgot to check your blog last week so just enjoyed a good dose then. beautiful beanie you're knitting your farmer boy. please recommend an easy pattern for me. want to knit one for each of my girls and me. not sure about my hubbie-not such a beanie man i think.
    thinking of you. c x


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