Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mental list.

A while back Miss Indi declared that when the count down til the caravan adventure hit 30 days, then it was real and we could start getting excited.

This morning we hit the first day of winter, one of the hardest frosts I have ever seen, the first time all three of my children slept in until 8am...and 30 days until our departure date!

Along with all the squealing and high-fiving going on this morning, I felt a bit of panic in my stomach. My goodness have I got a lot to do in a very short amount of time.

So I thought a to-do list. I know most organised people write lists, but I am not one of them so I didn't.

The first thing on that list is to finish all my crafty commitments, starting with The Hottie Challenge.

Details for the enormous crocheted flower raveled here. I made the actual hottie out of an old grey blanket and bound it in black. For future reference, perhaps I should have considered binding it all together before sewing on the chunky, impossible to get through the sewing machine, flower. Just a thought.

This hottie will be winging it's way to Ms Curly Pops this afternoon and from there to the Open Drawer people where it will be exhibited between July 1st and July 24th and then hopefully sold to raise some bucks for research for heart and lung transplants.

Ok, next on the list is my brooch swap brooch.

I have no idea where to start.

Is it weird that something is making me sift through lots of washers and fittings in Farmer Bren's shed in hope of inspiration?

So that's me for this afternoon. One challenge done, one swap, one test knit and one crochet test to go and then the serious business.

Whatever you do do not let me partake in any more swaps or pattern tests or any other bloggy fun until I have ticked off if not completed my mental caravan list (pun intended).

I hope this afternoon finds you organised and inspired.

Bye now. x


  1. I am! So... thanks for asking, x

    ps. I think the first place you think to look for inspiration is always the wisest/best in a subconscious kind of way, if you get me?

  2. Oh what a Hottie!!!
    Love the enormous flower Kate...and the flannel is sweet...a great combination...
    Promise not to send any more patterns your way...I will save them all up for your

  3. Looking at those washers and fillings is perfectly reasonable and rather thrilling.
    So, it's official now, you're excited! And your tremendous crochet flower hottie is fantastic.
    Ooh, I've just had a thought, might email you in a bit.

  4. I am meant to be unpacking my sewing stuff and perhaps answering some friends' emails :) but seem to be sucked into warming my hands with an endless hot cuppa and trawling my fave blogs and Rav.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that we are going to pass by each other like ships in the night when you are out and about on your caravan adventure... :(

  5. I totally dig that hottie! It is lovely. I'm really struggling with the brooch swap. Have serious swapee intimidation. If that is a thing? Loving your inspiration xx

  6. am meant to be studying but visitng blog sites that are calling me is frar far more interesting!! Excitement plus at your now 'for real' caravanning long are you guys on the road for??? what a wonderful experience for the 3 missy's!! TK xx (ps - haven't seen the Adelaide you down the road the last couple of weeks so hoping your other you is all okay....)

  7. Cute hottie!!
    30 days til lift off? Exciting!!
    (And a bit daunting too I imagine).

  8. Time is ticking away isn't it? Loving your fab hottie!! (i haven't even started mine yet...)

    Your inspiration for the brooch swap looks brilliant - i hope you use something from the shed!XX

  9. I say any one who gets a brooch inspired by a box of rusty old washers is going to be one lucky bunny! Good luck with it and be strong in not taking on any more projects, its all too tempting to say yes to every thing.

  10. Busy and crafting with a holiday in sight: perfect! I have been hoping you might offer insights from yesterday's book or your take on those issues but I am guessing that is not on your mental list right now so I might have to read it for myself.

  11. Love your hot water bottle cover! Good luck with your other challenges! x

  12. wow, that flower is gorgeous! sending you lots of energy for the big todos, I know how it feels!
    much love

  13. Kate I have surprised myself at just how much I have managed to achieve in the week of us moving, there is nothing like a deadline looming to light a fire under you :)

    Your hottie cover is groovy, that flower is amazing and if you are getting inspiration from the shed for your brooch I am way excited to see what you come up with.


  14. Eek, when do we have to have these hotties done by? I keep forgetting... and the brooch. Shit. ;)

    And the countdown is ON! Wow, so exciting... I would be a bundle of anxiety; especially on the last day; "Did I leave the iron on?!" (...and I don't even iron...)

  15. i thought of this when you mentioned washer related jewelry...

    {big birthdays call for BIG celebrations! xo)

  16. That hottie is *the best*!!! I would have loved to join in - but sadly I gotta draw the line at the moment...such a lot on my plate - but I have enjoyed getting some sneak peeks at other peoples creations :-)

  17. OMG my heart skipped a beat when I saw that gorgeous hottie! I have no idea how you managed to get it through the machine hee hee.

    But, my heart skipped a beat again when I saw those lovely rusted washers.... I think I need to go and raid my dads shed.

  18. That hottie is indeed... a hottie! It's gorgeous Kate! Loving the rich purple and all those petals! So much beautiful handywork in that piece. I have no doubt it will raise plenty for the heart & lung transplant research. You should feel so proud of it xo
    WOW! 30 days to the BIG adventure, that is high five worthy ;o)

  19. that's a gorgeous hottie, and I can't think of a better place to poke round for inspiration than in a farmer's shed! My Dad's sheds are The Business. Love them. (Farmer mantra: never throw anything away.) xx

  20. Very exciting! The countdown is definitely on! What a cute hottie!! Cx

  21. Wow thats got to be the biggest flower ever! Well done!

  22. Wow Kate, I love your hottie! I can imagine how your head must feel, mine feels like it is going toburst and I don't have a trip to organise. Look after yourself. xx

  23. Oooooo now ya talking, let me loose in the shed please! Adore your crochet, can't wait to see what you do with 'stuff'! xo.

  24. Awww...its Gorgeous!! I have a few draws like that in my shed. I call them the NFI draws!!

  25. 29 days - wahoo - take it easy my dear - one step and job at a time - you will get there - I can imagine the buzz around your house at the moment:)

    Love the hottie - have to get mine happening:)

  26. Only 30 days to go, awesome! Had to laugh when I read the start, that's exactly what my husband has said to me about our holiday later this year whereas I've been 'jump out of your skin' excited about it since we first started thinking/planning.

  27. That hottie is so cool I just love the huge flower....and can't wait to see what emerges from the shed.


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