Thursday, June 23, 2011

Seven Circles.

I have spoken before on this blog about the trials of getting your kids to pose for your blog photos, about my lack of pretty white walls for backgrounds and about how uncomfortable I feel being in front of the camera, but today I experienced yet another photography problem.

Last night I cast off my seven circles and sewed in the ends and today I needed a photo for my Ravelry page. The only problem was that I was home alone with a three year old and it was raining.

I tried and I tried and I tried to take a photo of myself but it wasn't working. The camera strap got in the way, my neck was too liny, the lens was too big, it was too dark outside.

Then I had a brain wave, I asked The Twitter: Is there a trick to taking a flattering pic of yourself wearing a woolly necklace you just knitted?

Almost instantly I had replies: use a mirror, get a small person to take it, take 1,000 and choose the best, use photo booth and take a photo of it on someone else.

I tried the first four of the above.

But I still wasn't happy. I couldn't get the mirror photos to show the necklace without the camera in the way, my camera is waaaay too heavy for Miss Pepper, I did take 1,000 pics but they were all crappy, the best of the photo booth ones are above and not so hot and so I waited for the last one.

When the big girls came home from school, after the tantrum that almost had me turning back to school and leaving them there, I took advantage of the apologetic mood and snapped some pics.

It's too big for her and it doesn't really work with the school uniform but it gives you a much better idea than the ones of me.

The details are on Ravelry here. You should totally make one. It is a simple-pimple, quick pattern to knit and it is perfect for the person who doesn't like tight things around their neck yet craves a bit of snuggly warmth in the arctic depths of winter.

I hope you've had a great day. x


  1. I have the same issue as you Kate. I am yet to master self photography. It looks good even if it's on a smaller scale unimpressed model :)

  2. You know what much as I love the pristine look of white walls as backgrounds I adore all your shots that show a little bit of nature and more :)

    I am so not photogenic either, hence no pics of me on my blog.


  3. I can totally understand your frustration here, Kate - I'm the world's worst person at "selfies" (my daughter told me that's what they're called, apparently). I always try the mirror method but have limited success there. What I find really weird though is why the camera has a different image of me to the one in my head... when did that happen?! Yah for having such a gorgeous model in the nick of time :) Kx

  4. For those times( and there are many!) I resort to my dummy ,that is, dress makers manequin.

  5. It looks great.
    There's no pretty white walls at my place either & rubbish light too. I braved soggy earth, alpaca's & gale force winds to photograph my quilt.
    I like seeing the world around you in your photos. Much more interesting than white walls.

  6. Love it and totally agree about getting decent pics some just have the knack sadly I am not one of them

  7. I like the first photo of you, totally rockin that rock chic hair do. You cant really see the necklace, but you look cool :)

  8. My photos are improving but the only reasonable success I have had with modelling self portraits has been snapping hats and using the timer for full body snaps.

    It is super funky. But I have visions of my children ganging up on me and hanging me from a fence post while they wreak havoc...I am not sure I can revocer after that.

  9. The necklace rocks! If i could knit i would make it for sure! The photography side of things holds me back so much with my blogging and product photos- it's very hit and miss - and very frustrating. Your photos always come out great :)

  10. Very cool and I haven't seen anything quite like it. Your afternoon sounds like mine (almost turning around and returning them to happens quite a bit here too...) I have self portrait camera issues here too. If it's not too dark I use the mirror or hope for the best with the kid's having a go behind the camera.

  11. Sometimes photos are so hard! That is a cool scarf and I have been doing a similar one....I don't need a big wooly one here in the tropics just a little bit of snuggly stuff :-)

  12. Firstly loving your wooly necklace! Gorgeous.
    I'm not master at self photography ( or photography either) and have always had the same problems. Plus I'm so unphotogenic it's a joke.
    But I'm loving the first photo of you with you hair.
    you look like some hot indi chick from Frankie.

  13. I usually end up with horrid photos of myself and there is nothing on earth that would convince my 4.5 year-old to pose (unless if it is a shawl - she loves the idea of shawls). So you did really well to get these photos.

  14. I like the photos of you wearing the necklace, especially the second one.
    Besides, what are a few lines on the neck compared to the originality of the necklace?

  15. I think the shots of you wearing it look great Kate. Especially the top one. It's artistic. I think this little number would suit me. I love having a bit of warmth around my neck and I do love the colour a scarf brings to an outfit... but they often choke me and make me feel hotter than I want to feel.
    Not precious much am I?! ;o)

  16. Funny how we all feel the same about photographing ourselves yet we love to catch glimpses of someone in their natural environment.
    Hey I love the circles ...even on your little model.

  17. I always adore your photos. And I loved this post too. Especially the sweet smile on your girl.
    xo jana

  18. Love it and gonna make it! perfect for winter

  19. The light in your self portraits is pretty damn amazing. And I love your stripey happy pirate shirt!

  20. You could always pop over here and use me as a model? Though I did just give myself a haircut so it might not be a such good idea. And I'm pretty much always in my pj's...

  21. Love the wooly necklace. It goes beautifully with the red and white stripey t shirt. (Where's Wally?)

  22. Same problem here, so there have been lots of 'wonky' out of focus shots taken around here. Love the seven circles.

  23. love it kate. i am so doing one. your pics are always fabulous. i love the remorse pic of the middle girl/supermodel.
    when are you hitting the road in the gypsy van. i have to say i am getting a bit nervous. i feel very ill prepared. between netball canteen,hockey,house cleaning,washing,garden,baking,sick mother,yearbook for soon to graduate year six child, end of year disco committee yuddah yuddah there just isn't time to think

  24. Love it - had a similar problem the other day when I finished a knit and could not wait for the smalls to come home - lets just say that I had LOTS of me ear and my camera (same as yours) is a little touchy with auto focus and likes tobe a certain distance away)

  25. cute! as is your little model!! the pattern is in my favourites.

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