Monday, June 13, 2011

The journey.

The fabric selection.

The ripping of strips to even up the edges.

The saving of these strips for some future project. Maybe a crocheted rug, maybe plaited bracelets, maybe something else entirely.

The over locking of the edges and admiring the fairy floss like fluff and threads.

The sewing of these long strips together and then the top stitching.

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Can you imagine how many times I'll hear that phrase over the next few months??

Yesterday we drove to Melbourne and had lunch with my Grandad who is going overseas for a month, played at a playground, went to a cousin's wedding and sang karaoke and ate chips at the after-party.

Today we are having a home day and my folks are coming to play.

Tomorrow Farmer Bren will drive to Melbourne for a funeral.

What are you up to?


ps. We love you R and J. xx


  1. Flood. Bloody long weekend and it purs and floods.

    Cabin fever.

  2. Trying to sew an extended hem on a dress I bought that was a tad short, but my machine keeps snapping the thread - can't figure out why. About to hit the laundromat to dry 7 loads of washing. Kids are having a movie day. Then I have to prepare for my first day of Grade 1's tomorrow! xx Rach Oh - and finishing knitting my cowl and a trip to the special wool shop!

  3. LOVING the long weekend. Finished off 3 quilt tops (one has been a WIP for 3 years!!!) and did a heap of scrapbooking - now I'm off to finish a few smaller UFOs.

  4. Love the photos! I need to learn how to make my photos all even and big like that on my blog! Trouble is, I'm a computer dunder-head..

    Kids have been down with a chunder-bug, one after the other, a bit like dominoes. Now it's the little one's turn, and she seems to have it the worst.

    So that's what I'm doing!

    Keep up the good sewing work! It's lovely!

  5. 12:23pm and I'm still in bed with the lap top!!!
    Loving your patches. I just wish you'd quilt it!!

  6. That quilt is coming up a treat. Sounds like a very busy long weekend. We had lots of family around too, and I'm now a little tired and in need of rest :)

  7. There were so many beautiful sheets back in the good old days and I'm sure we didn't appreciate them as we should have. I'm sure you don't want to know what I was up to last night (to do with little rooms, buckets and muscle spasms) but today was meant to be a wonderful sewing day. Instead I sit here nursing pains and taking the occasional sip of water, wondering if perhaps my sons room is flooding but not having the energy to check. Enjoy your day as I am determined to enjoy mine, even if it only involves finishing the cowboy story in my room. Cherrie

  8. You're like a breathe of fresh air Kate.
    I'm in strip mode too, cutting, ripping, sewing ... NOooo not that other kind ;~D
    Haaaa ... what a sight that would be ... laughing out loud at my own jokes ... is that a sign of too much time alone? Huge Hugs to ALL. xoxoxoxoxo.

  9. ankle deep in giraffeness and spots.

  10. With quite a severe chill in the air it's an indoorsy day for us...which means lots of crafting, reading, chatting...just the kind of day I love.

    Where do you source your vintage sheet fabric? I would so love to make me a quilt but have never been lucky enough to score enough at our op shops :)

  11. Goodness Kate, such a mixture of things happening at your place. Love all those strips you are sewing together, it must make you very happy!

  12. Packing an d shopping, mostly, but spent a gorgeous couple of hours at the workbench after all my little creepies were abed.
    Put that doona cover in your shop, Kate, and watch it disappear...lovely!

  13. Super happy pics Kate. Today have made two big pots of soup, finally replaced the light in the kitchen (no more cooking by torchlight), cleaned out some of the laundry/craft area and hopefully will soon get my sewing cabinet back inside. Oh and I went for a walk because I'm being good like that atm.

  14. How do you find those vintage sheets. there elude me around here.

    well if you must know, yesterday went to arthru boyds homestead and studio in bundanon, very nice drive through beautiful bush.

    today trying my hand at some punk crotchet inspiration of making a simple flower and turning into maybe a necklace.

    also making pumpkin and red lentil soup, roast beetroot dip and raost chicken.

    love to you

    xxx jill

  15. We had guests for lunch, they stayed a bit long and I am tired, but looking at your lovely fabric collections makes me feel instantly better.

  16. The joys and sorrows of life and all in between...lucky there are creative pursuits to balance it all out.

  17. Love these fabrics and those rip-strips look fabulous! Glad you had a lovely weekend. Kx

  18. Lap top cover made, baby blanket quilt made, another patchwork blanket started, 3 cowls for my boys necks made, and one pair of pants taken up. A ridiculously productive sewing weekend, but all sewing firsts for me so super duper happy about them all.... I think I'm going to patchwork my whole flat, with some intermittent crochet action, (just so I don't forget how to do it all!)
    Chips and karaoke at the after party?...very cool.

  19. i admire people who keep all their leftovers and then actually make sth out of them. i keep them and then i'm so uninspired as to what to make of them they lie around for years and in the end I chuck them out for the sake of simplyfying... ^^

  20. Our weekend was filled with bike riding at the park, strolling around the yard and peacefully cooking....oh and can't forget the vacuuming, washing of clothes etc can we! I love strips! I attempted my first rag rug a little while ago and highly recommend it!

  21. im sitting here holding my gran daughter while her mum is taking a nice hot shower after being inundated by very welcome visitors and having a girly morning over cups of tea and apple juice, now im going to try to find my teenager, walk to pick up the car down the road that has been parked in a one hour zone for two hours(wish me luck), look at some rental real estate (drive-bys), by some food cos were all out, hoping to bake a chocolate cake and really hope to finish of the 13 or so eskimos that I began making a few weeks ago, x

  22. Gorgeous fabrics and stunning photos. Like me you take photos of the bits left over!! A true genius I say :) :)

    Love your blog and thanks for stopping by mine.

    Pam x

  23. your stack of fabrics are amazing!

    I am cleaning up after being away for the weekend, putting things away, laundry, I know, it's exciting :)

  24. Absolutely devine!!! I knew there was a reason I keep scouring my local op shops for vintage/retro pillowslips. Can't wait to have a stash big enough to make one for me!!

  25. i'm over in england at the moment tripping around the countryside and have just had a spare 30 minutes to have abit of a catch up on your blog, when i only have 30 yours is always the one i turn to. your caravan sewing is looking so awesome, i just can't wait to see it all come together. you're gonna have so much fun you lucky lady. have fun preparing in the mean time....enjoy xxxx oh and i love your skirts too, perfect for the winter tight and boots!

  26. I am so very sorry, I pinned your photo on Pinterest before asking. Well, I didn't realize I should ask (I am new to this), until I looked back at your site, and in huge letters it said the statement about if we use one of your pictures to ask first. I am sorry, so very sorry. You made the sewing look so fun and I only wish I knew how. My sewing machine is just sitting out, waiting to be used. Anyway, I apologize.


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