Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Close, closer, closest.

There is chaos in my head. I wonder if you might help me with any answers you might have. Please. Just one or as many as you know the answers to. Thanks.

If you were taking five people away on a caravan adventure for up to six months, how many sheet sets and towels would you take?

Do you sometimes wish your kids' friend's parents would just drop their kids off and leave so you could get on with what you were doing?

Did you have any idea that cutting fabric squares and then sewing them back together was such physical work? My back aches.

Do you prewash your fabric before you sew with it?

Do you ever read travel blogs?

Is there any way to join pinterest without having a twitter or facebook account?

Do you eat too much salt?

If you don't empty the washing machine and hang out the laundry, how long will the washing in the machine stay clean for before you have to wash it again? What's your record for amount of times washing the same load?

If you were completely up to date with the laundry, would there be enough room in the cupboards for all the clothes and manchester?

How is it possible that I ruined not one but two batches of cookies today by adding one tablespoon of bicarb instead of one teaspoon?

Would you eat carrot and coriander soup?

Do you take your camera every where you go?

Would you feel embarrassed if you were in a cafe and reached on the floor for your ball of wool only for the chair to come out from under you with a bang and for you to land on your bum with the biggest clatter?

Are your computer backups up to date?

If you had a three and a half year old and you went for a family bike ride, how would the three and a half year old be catered for? She is too big for a seat on the back, but probably a bit too unsteady for those handle and wheel contraptions behind the bike.

How come I know every single word to every single song on the So Fresh Hits of Winter 2011 cd, and yet I have no idea what music I like any more?

Why, when my to-do list is so long it almost induced a panic attack this morning, did I start a new crochet project to make myself feel better?

What excuse can I give a little one for the tooth fairy being over a week late?

What are you having for dinner tonight? Do your kids eat soup?

Do you have any questions you need the answers to?



  1. oh, I don't know how to see your questions and write my answers at the same time. so, from memory.
    I would take one set of each, plus one spare- for when they are getting washed. THe tooth fairy is often late to our house, I think she must have really busy seasons sometimes. Too much salt but its the good for you, full of minerals type one, camera-no, I often can't find it. that soup? no, and I don't like pumpkin soup very much but I do like cauliflower soup. Take care!

  2. Hi there Kate,
    I don't have all the answers, but I may have some ideas...?
    I made myself a skirt last night because I was a bit nervous about starting jury duty toda. It made me feel better (and I wore it!).
    I 90% of the time pre-wash my fabric, but sometimes I can't wait so I risk it!
    When we travelled around Tasmania in a leaky campervan, there were three of us and nine towels (came in handy with the leakiness!) but only one set of sheets each because we only went for a week.
    I would absolutely eat carrot and coriander soup.
    If I was familiar with the cafe I think I'd laugh if I slipped, but if I didn't know the people I think I'd be embarrassed.
    The tooth fairy is very busy at the beginning of winter because it's the tooth sorting and sizing month in June.

  3. just pick one road and don't worry about where the other one went. x

  4. OK, here goes:....
    2 sets of sheets/towels each..
    Well I used to but now it's N/A..
    Yes, you don't need a fb account for pinterest, will I send you an invite?..
    No/yes/don't think so
    In the winter I think three days :o) and 3 is also my record for rewashes...
    Hmm, well, I'm sure you didn't need cookies anyway..
    Yes, my Nikon goes everywhere with me..
    Err, yes, even though I'd probably have to have a cry!!
    Yep, all backed up. With over 45,000 photo's it has to be..!
    Sorry Kate, don't know the answer to that one, thankfully I don't have three years olds around anymore..!
    Over exposure I would say...
    Comfort crochet, like comfort food only better..!
    Canada post is on strike, the tooth fairy is stuck in Canada..?
    Will it snow again tonight..?

    Hope that all helps, I rather enjoyed it anyway....

  5. I'd probably take a change of sheets for each bed, depends on how often you are going to get to a laundry and what the weather will be like. Two towels each.
    Yes, to kids parents dropping and running.
    I get a sore back too.
    Sometime I prewash, sometimes I don't, no preference except if I'm making a quilt I make sure its ALL either washed or unwashed, not a mixture of both. Does that make sense?
    Don't read travel blogs.
    Not sure about pinterest even though I'm on it.
    Not a big salt consumer.
    Washing machine depends on whether I've washed in rain, bore or channel water. They deteriorate accordingly. I reckon 24 hours before they get funky.
    No room in cupboards.
    Soup doen't appeal to me sorry, would have to try it.
    I would be embarrassed.....just like I was today when I was vomited on by three year old while talking to Dr. We both required a change of clothes before being able to get in car. EMBARRASSING.
    Hope hubby has backups up to date.
    3.5 yr old travels on the back but only with Dad, too heavy for me.
    I still like music from my teens and 20's, not up to date at all.
    I procrastinate too.
    Tooth fairy over worked at the moment/ lost in fog/no mushrooms outside to hide under.
    Corned beef and vegies for tea.
    Hope that helps. You make me feel so normal KAte.

    Lots of love. xxx

  6. Hi Kate,
    If there was room three spare sheets sets ..if all else fails you could share a bed or two while the others dry.
    No I don't pre-wash fabrics very often gasp!
    No travel blogs unless I need to research somewhere we are going...why be depressed about what could be?
    So sad I also can't access pintrest without FB..and not likely too.
    No salt is not the problem maybe sugar though.
    Once the ironing is done there are enough hangers to hang it!
    No carrot and coriander soup!
    Camera fits in my handbag and goes everywhere..just Ok photos but that is the trade off.
    No because at least you were getting the opportunity to be in a cafe with your knitting...sigh!
    Very behind on computer updates...scary
    Tooth fairy is often months late lucky the twelve year old can handle it.
    Nothing in the cupboard for dinner will make a dash to supermarket once the hubbie walks in.
    Is it a bit anal that I answered your questions...hope not....have a lovely rest of the week..one bite at a time.

  7. Is it the cold snap in Melbourne doing it to us all?
    Leftovers for dinner, a hot potch, yellow pea and hock soup,vegie pasties, canned tomato soup and saffron rice...love it, easy peasy...everyone is happy.

  8. Ok here goes Kate ( some I may not be able to answer though as not a mum)
    1. I have no idea, but I bet I wouldn't take enought.
    2. I think I would if i had kids
    3. Yes I do, i remember that back acheing from my quilt making times ( stuffing bear heads really strains my arms and shoulders and more than a few times i've put one of them out)
    4. No but I pre dye them!
    5. er no ( sorry to be negative.
    6, Is it bad I have no idea waht pinterest is?
    7. YES, way too much, i used to never eat it and then I actually had low sodium which was dangerous, and then I tasted the stuff, and now i'm the reverse.
    8 I think 10's my records of times of washing the same washing, i think I do this every time I do the washing.
    9. um i don't think so, but I've never been up to date with my laundry soooo ....
    10. I don't bake, it scares me.
    11. er No?
    12. no, but i often wish i did.
    13 yes I would be embarassed and blush as I do, and then blush more because i was blushing, and turn into a beetroot with the horrible blushing self feeding cycle.
    14. I don't back up my computer. ooops!
    15, i don't know sorry Kate
    16 because it's so hard to describe what sort of music one likes, because it never sounds right.
    17. because you deserve it.
    18. she was confused because of daylight savings?
    19. pasta with leeks, i think. i love soup! but i can't speak for my non existant kids.
    20. YES! YES YES!!
    hope this helps xoxo

  9. I agree 2 sets of sheets. I too am wondering if I can join Pininterest without signing up to Twitter and Facebook (and I think that I have decided that you can't) I do pre-wash my fabric but had to wash my whole stash when I decided to start doing this a couple of years ago. I think it is super hard not to eat too much salt these days unless you cook everything. I've washed a load of washing 3x I think. Our digital SLR takes worthwhile photos but is too bulky just to carry each day so I often am caught (with)out (camera). I had way too much to get done in these couple of months but still signed up for test knitting a mummy sized cardigan. It only elevated my stress levels. I don't know why we do it.

  10. Oh thats made me laugh!
    Ok here goes;
    Two sets of sheets and towels each. But if you run out of room 1 set of sheets but with a couple of spares just in case! but deff two towels.
    Yes I often wish people would just go and leave me in peace!
    Yes unless you have a high cutting table it is always painful.
    I always prewash my fabric. Better to have it pre shrunk before you start to make it up.
    Never read travel blogs.
    No idea about pinterest. Think I have no pinterest in pinterest!
    Think I have re washed the same load 4 times once.
    There is never enough room for anything in my house.
    Your mind was on other things!
    I used to eat a lot of carrot and coriander soup, but think I over did it and not so keen now!
    Never with out my camera.
    Very embarrassing. Poor you.
    Computer backups? I never learn. No they aren't.
    If you find the solution to the bike ride let me know as we have the same problem.
    But can you remember your children's names? I can't they are constantly being called by someone else's name.
    We told our eldest that the tooth fairy didn't come because he didn't believe hard enough. Then rushed in an dropped the money down the back of the bed and told him also hadn't looked hard enough and may be it had fallen off the bed because he was wriggling about so much in his sleep! Seemed to get away with it too!
    Ok phew thats enough of that!
    good luck with the to do list.

  11. Fabulous post Kate; I'm a-giggling.

    Towels etc - no idea.

    Kids' friend's parents - not a problem I have just yet.

    Extreme zone sewing - been there.

    I don't prewash... I know that's oohparently illegal in the sewing realm but I'm a rebel & I do what I want.

    I don't read travel blogs, but I will read yours.

    Dunno but I sent you an invite.

    I've no idea how much salt I eat.. probably too much though I rarely add it to anything.

    I reckon if you get to the washing the same day it was washed it's okay. Overnight it will need another wash; my record for washing the same load is probably three.

    There would not be enough room in the cupboard for Punky's clothes. Everything & everyone else yes, but not her.

    You're distracted by questions.


    No, but I probably should.



    Balance bike? Punk loves hers, but it depends how far you're going.

    I was thinking about this music thing the other day, although luckily I don't have to worry about hits of 2011 or anything. I think my new music interests stalled about 3.5 years ago. ;)

    Because you can.

    She was busy because kids eat too much sugar these days.

    I think I'm having toast for dinner... I don't want anything.
    My kid doesn't eat soup.

    After all that... I can't thing straight let alone of any questions....!!!

    Oh, I did think of one, do we even get *that* magazine here? I'll want a copy now....

  12. Wow, a lot going on in your head missy!
    *1 set each for you and kids, plus a spare for kids.
    *Definately yes re the drop off!
    *Don't prewash unless it's red or navy.
    *No to travel blogs, other wise I will get itchy feet - but would read yours if you did one ;)
    *no idea on pinterest - I have enough online time-wasting going on
    *yes, I would eat the soup
    *Take my camera everywhere
    *Would be embarrased, but could see the funny side :)
    *back up is hubby's jobby
    *bike rides sounds like hard work.
    *crochet must be keeping you calm
    *Maybe Tooth Fairy is waiting for her winter uniform to arrive
    *roast lamb rolls
    *my boys definately eat yummy soup, chunky ones prefered.

    Why is blogger being pill when I try to write comments?

  13. So now you're going to end up with 25 different answers to each question and you're head will be even more chaotic. I say make a cup of tea, grab a pen and paper and make a list. Always works for me! gxo

  14. It seems I can only answer the laundry ones, but here's my 2c. I'd take a sheet set per bed plus one spare, and I'd have 2 towels per person. Actually, that's similar to here in my house, which rather worries me: will you have access to a washing machine?
    If I ever caught up on the washing, it wouldn't fit in the cupboards, I'm quite certain.

    I'd read YOUR travel blog because it'd include nice photos, nature, kids & craft. I wouldn't read all types of travel blogs 'tho, no. I totally understand about the crochet, it's nerves.

  15. "giggle" what an amazing post!!! I would eat carrot and coriander soup, cos I love both.
    xx Sandi
    Thank you for visiting.

  16. I love your posts Kate and this one really made me smile. Preferably 2 sets of sheets each but if space a premium at least one spare in case there's an accident in the middle of the night. Agree wholeheartedly about kids parents but clearly you are too much fun to be with - they don't want to leave. I'd love the carrot and coriander soup. I can't remember the rest but take a deep breath. All will be well. KateHK

  17. Oh dear Kate! Just keep thinking how lucky you are to be able to go away with your family for six months and go with the flow a bit. Who cares if things don't go to plan, plan to survive each day and if you get something worthwhile done then think of it as a bonus. Laugh at things that go badly or wrong and it will make you feel better. And when it all seems too much, get that knitting out!! You are amazing!! Really you are.

  18. Pinterest :: I'm thinking you can join without facebook. I joined with my facebook account but have unlinked it and sign in with my email address.
    Salt :: yes, but I have low blood pressure so I tell myself I can get away with it.
    Sheets + towels :: two sets each.
    Soup :: I love it, didn't used to, would try it. My kid is too little yet
    Backups :: yes, up to date. Time Machine on my MacBook makes it so easy. I'm looking at remote storage for my photo library too.
    Dinner :: was going to be vege nachos made by my bff but she's not coming now, so don't know. At least I'm not cooking for the Mr tonight, he'll just get subway after squash.
    Questions :: totally

  19. My my you do have a lot on your mind. Maybe you just need to take a little step back?
    Sheets - I'd just go for one set, unless you have bags of room for a second. Maybe one set each plus one spare.
    Towels - I'd take 2 each, towels are useful for other things.
    The clothes in the washing machine - give them a sniff - if they smell a bit musty then wash them again, but I just do a 'quick' cycle. I think I've washed 3 or 4 times before they got to the line!
    Yes my back hurts after cutting fabric up.
    Travel blogs can be very useful.
    I don't prewash fabric and have never had a problem with quilting fabric - even red.
    We eat a moderate amount of salt. Salt in cooking I think is ok, salt that you don't see that sneaks into other stuff is bad.
    There is not enough room in our cupboards for all our laundry!
    I do take a little camera everywhere.
    I think I'd eat carrot and coriander soup. And my little one does like soup.
    Bikes - I bought one of these (www.cargobikes.com.au)but that's not for everyone. She'd be ok on the bike attached to the back of a big bike wouldn't she?

    Hope that helps. In the end you aren't going forever and you aren't going to the third world. There are shops all around Australia. If you run out of sheets - you may just be able to buy more :)

  20. Ready for a LOOOONG response?
    - How many sheet sets? I'd ask Budge!
    - Yes!
    - Yes! Welcome to my world!!
    - No. Who has the time?
    - Yes, if I know the travelers.
    - I am a Pinterest reject!!
    - Yes! And I blame you!!
    - Dan does the washing.
    - Who knows? It has never happened.
    - Overly ambitious?
    - Possibly. I'm not a huge carrot fan.
    - I used to take my little snappy camera with me everywhere but now that I have the big SLR it's a bit cumbersome. I probably have it with me 50% of the time.
    - Yep!
    - Nope!
    - I'd give her her own bike with training wheels and not expect to get too far. Again, you should check out Budge's blog on this.
    - Because, like me, you are now old and unfashionable!
    - Because craft is healing!
    - "Sorry I'm late but there was a terrible storm and I lost my way. Here is $10 and a new Disney fairy toothbrush to make up for it. TF" (Note: Must be written on a tiny note in teeny tiny writing)
    - Burgers for dinner. Ella won't even eat THAT! Soup? Are you kidding me?

  21. I wish I could feed my kids soup - I would, every night. Actually my little one loves it, but he loves everything, but my big girl won't touch the stuff.

    I reckon you are better off emptying the washing machine - even if the wet things stay in the basket for a while, it's better than that slightly mouldy smell you get from a sealed up front loader.

    I made a pot roast tonight - beef and lots of veggies.

    I do carry my camera around like a tourist most of the time, but whenever I leave it behind I miss out on the most beautiful shots - like today when my kids and 4 of their friends went racing down an autumn leaf covered hill at the botanical gardens, through dappled sunshine, all in their bright gumboots. Sigh.

    As for the sheets and towels, I'd probably pack two for each person/bed. Although where do you store all those spares in a caravan? I have no idea.

    I hope the answers all come to you Kate. Have a lovely peaceful day tomorrow, you hear?

    ps Hope your dad's doing well...

  22. Lots of questions Kate, you must be feeling nervous about being ready. I would take 2 sets for each bed, that way in case there is sickness or you cant get to wash them somewhere you have a spare. The soup sounds nice with carrot and coriander. I would tell Miss Pepper that the tooth fairy has been away on a trip and has just returned! I hardly ever wash fabrics before I use them although I know that lots of people do. Kelly from Dont Look Now doesnt wash hers before use and her quilts turn out beautifully!

  23. Oh this one made me giggle

    "If you don't empty the washing machine and hang out the laundry, how long will the washing in the machine stay clean for before you have to wash it again? What's your record for amount of times washing the same load?"

    Actually a few made me giggle.

    1. No idea but I do like ere on the side of caution and over pack for towels. I would probably pack two sets of sets each.

    2. Ah uh, I always get sore shoulders after quilting

    3. Sometimes... depends on what I am making.

    4. I like the occasional travel blog

    5. No idea. i only signed up to pinterest last week because some on sent me an invitation

    6. Not to much salt, but probably to much sugar

    7. I have no idea. I probably have set the record for the re-wash. I always forget about the washing.

    8. Probably not

    9. Hahaha, no idea. That sounds like something I would do.

    10. Havn't tried it but I would.

    11. Most times. But I always have my iPhone with me too, so use that if absolutly neccesary

    12. My 3 and a half year old is pretty good on a bike. So she would be fine on a family bike ride. My son was great on a bike at that age also. He rode about 4 kms with us once with complaining once. He wanted to go further but we thought we better not in case it ended up be to far for him.

    13.Didn't even know there was a So Fresh Winter 11 CD yet.

    14. I do that too

    15. The tooth fairy has been slowed down by all the snow and is literally snowed under...

    16. We had Marinated Chicken and rice with veg. My kids do eat soup, but they have to have bread with it to dip...

    See ya??

  24. Hi Kate
    - 2 sets sheets(1 on the bed and 1 spare) and 2 towels each.
    - yes
    - Yes, just recently cut out 382 x 2 1/2 inch squares for a quilt for Ashlee.
    - depends, I always prewash cotton and dark fabrics
    -no I don't read travel blogs but we are planning a trip to cape york next year so we have been looking on a lot of camping forums.
    - not sure
    -yes but its already in the food we rarely add salt to our cooking.
    -not sure only ever had to rewash once.
    - yes
    - you must have been multi tasking and were distracted
    - I would try it, I love soup and so do the kids.
    - I try too but sometimes forget.
    - I would be too busy laughing at myself to worry about being embarrased.
    - Mitchell was riding without training wheels just after he turned 3 and Ashlee was not much older. We were at a mountain bike race at the weekend and this little boy was on one of the bikes that don't have pedals. Depends how far you want to ride, does she have a bike with training wheels?
    - I'm the same!
    - I do this too!
    - Tooth fairy was 1 night late earlier this year, apparantely she couldn't find where mitchell left the tooth. But she left double the money the next night because she felt really bad :)
    - chicken drumsticks and roast vegies, usually tuesday is soup night because we have swimming and don't get home until after 6.30pm

    - Yes, why did some kid take mitchells show and tell outside without him knowing at school and fill it with sand.


  25. Ok Kate...
    Here goes...
    1.you will not have room for a large pile of washing so try to take minimal...Towels are something that are the exception...More towels the merrier...
    2.My kids friends parents don't stay long...I find the older I get the less patience I have with other kids...lol...
    4.No I don't pre-wash...I should, but I don't...
    5.No...Travel...what's that...
    6.Yes you can join pin interest...you can find me on there somewhere...
    7.No...I think the right sought of salt is good for you thou....celtic salt...
    8.3 times is my record...ok maybe 4...but don't tell...
    9.Yes my cupboards and wardrobe couldn't handle it...
    10.Yes I have ruined two batches of Anzac cookies by using too much...
    11.Carrot and coriander...hmmm. Maybe...
    12.I don't carry my camera as much as I should...When I was young I did...back in the day of film...Remember that...
    13.Yes I still think I would be embarrassed and sore...
    14.No...after losing everything twice now I should have learnt my lesson...
    15.Don't know about the bike thing.
    16.I have no idea what the names of any bands or singers I listen too are...How can I remember EVERYTHING....Just remembering my kids names are hard enough...Yes I am getting to that age when I have started to call the kids by there siblings name...
    17.Crochet is my stress relief and sanity saver...no need to say anything more...
    18.Yes this has happened to me...I said the tooth fairy was rather small and it took longer to fly to our house...
    19.We had spagetti on toast...
    Midweek "find anything" night...
    and no my kids don't like soup...But I do...
    Question...How come the one night you decide to curl up on the couch and watch the TV there is always nothing on...
    Thanks Kate...Love this post...

  26. You have a lot of answers, but hey, I'll add mine anyway!

    Yes, i usually want my kids friends' parents to drop them and leave (unless they're my friends!)

    I don't read travel blogs. But I think I should!

    I've washed the same load twice max. It doesn't last longer than a day here in Saudi Arabia!

    I LOVE carrot and coriander soup!

    I wish I'd take my camera everywhere! I keep forgetting!

    My computer backups are NOT up to date!

    Panic attack ... start new crochet project? Sounds like me!

    I think we're having chicken past and I'm having lentil soup. My kids love soup!

  27. Wow Kate, you do have a full head.
    I wouldn't worry too much about the sheets, 1 spare lot would do us fine, but it's the towels that I try and take lots of when we go camping - they're always getting filthy and not drying - both beach and bath towels.
    If your kids' friends' parents want to hang around at your place for ages it's because they find it a happy, comfortable place to be.
    With the prewashing fabric, I think it's cotton that's the most important to prewash as it shrinks. Also, more important to prewash fabric being used for clothes than other things.
    Only rewash if the wet washing smells.
    Soup - only one of my 3 kids will eat soup, so I don't usually bother making it much as that still leaves 2 other meals to make. Carrot and coriander soup - I don't think so - but definitely most other things with coriander in, especially pumpkin and coriander soup.
    With the bike, our son loved riding on 1 of those attached bikes behind my husband when he was 3 (1 wheel and handlebars) - we bought it secondhand, then sold it on a couple of years later for almost the same price.
    I so know what you mean about the music - usually when I hear music I like, it's described as indy pop, but I still can't really tell you the names of the singers - I should make more of an effort with that I'm thinking.
    Your crochet solution to too long a to-do-list makes perfect sense to me.
    My daughter's tooth fell out last night - I had to explain that the tooth fairy might need to leave her an IOU (I didn't really fancy a trip out to get money that late at night) - she calmly explained that she knew the tooth fairy wasn't real, so not to worry about it.


  28. I was totally going to do what everyone else has done and answer each of your questions - now I worry you might be overwhelmed with all the answers!!!!

  29. Arghhhh! You're thinking too much. Just chill, relax, breath in, breath out. Now, where did you put your crochet!

  30. Yes.

    Oh, and all the best tooth fairies are total slackarses. They just write teeny tiny little notes of apology when they finally show up.

  31. Hey Kate,
    Deep breath, I have re washed 3 times same load, yes I wish some parents would drop and go, tooth fairy is just busy and will get to you sooon, my little ones eat soup, no so for middle big person, Paul thinks soup is not a meal! I would love to try carrot and coriander soup, sheets and towels see how many spares you can fit? Always forget my camera, that's when my phone camera comes out...and that's about all I can remember.....slow down, you'll get there in the end and you can always pick up /buy stuff along the way....good opportunity to op shop.

  32. I would take one set of sheets and two towels each.

    My camera goes everywhere with me.

    I have never read a travel blog, but do look forward to following your adventures which will be much the same I hope.

    My laundry is up to date, and there is only just room.

    I have had to wash the same load at least twice before. My front loader seems to keep things fresher longer than the old top loader. Winter also helps with this.

    I don't often add salt to meals.

    My back up is up to date and the spare hard drive is not kept in the house.

    Does any of that help?

  33. wow! although I bet it feels great to get it all out. Fabric etc not thing my thing so will stick to what I know.

    You can use other logins for pinterest, if you want an invite let me know.

    My back-ups are well overdue and research shows we don't eat enough salt, the right kind anyhow, which is leading to iodine deficiencies. Or that was what they were saying last week, this week who knows?

    And the tooth fairy is often late to our house ~ so many children, so little time, tomorrow she will probably come is an often refrain {and the setting of iphone alarms to help us remember!}

  34. Gold! I love these posts, Kate. Here are the ones I think I can help with:

    If you were taking five people away on a caravan adventure for up to six months, how many sheet sets and towels would you take?

    One for each bed and a spare set for each bed size. One for each person and two spares for towels. I don't know how I arrived at these numbers, but that is what I would pack.

    Do you sometimes wish your kids' friend's parents would just drop their kids off and leave so you could get on with what you were doing?

    All the time. In fact, most of the parent's just do a drive-by and throw the kids out onto the front verandah these days, such has been my level of enthusiasm when they have attempted to be friendly and sociable in the past.

    If you don't empty the washing machine and hang out the laundry, how long will the washing in the machine stay clean for before you have to wash it again? What's your record for amount of times washing the same load?

    In winter, one night and one day. In summer, one night only.

    If you were completely up to date with the laundry, would there be enough room in the cupboards for all the clothes and manchester?


    How is it possible that I ruined not one but two batches of cookies today by adding one tablespoon of bicarb instead of one teaspoon?


    Would you eat carrot and coriander soup?


    Do you take your camera every where you go?

    No. But often.

    Would you feel embarrassed if you were in a cafe and reached on the floor for your ball of wool only for the chair to come out from under you with a bang and for you to land on your bum with the biggest clatter?


    Are your computer backups up to date?

    I store most stuff online so we don't back up.

    If you had a three and a half year old and you went for a family bike ride, how would the three and a half year old be catered for? She is too big for a seat on the back, but probably a bit too unsteady for those handle and wheel contraptions behind the bike.

    We haven't done a family bike ride for years because of this problem. We just have too many little people.

    What excuse can I give a little one for the tooth fairy being over a week late?

    Ask her if anyone else she knows has lost a tooth lately (she will know of at least someone) and then say 'see, the tooth fairy has been really, really busy.' I then leave a little 'sorry' note from the fairy along with the coin and an extra silver coin as a sorry pressie. See, I do this so regularly that I have a plan and everything. And we have only lost two teeth in this house to date...

    Do your kids eat soup?

    Only, weirdly, broccoli soup. They hate green stuff, they hate soup, but they like green soup together.

    Love your work, Kate. x

  35. Oh your list of questions so sang to me! Soup - no the child will not eat soup. Crochet project instead of to do list - perfect solution to panic attack. Washing stuck in machine - well, it's still clean as long as it doesn't smell too strongly of potplants and if the sun is bright and the breeze strong, I'm convinced a moderate potplant smell can be cured - the most times I've rewashed the one load - four times. I absolutely agree that if I was up to date with the washing, it would not fit in the cupboards - which is why we practice the washing machine storage method. Our favourite bicarb disaster - a raspberry cake with lumps of bicarb that we tried to pretend tasted like fruit tingles but they didn't really - they were gross. I love salt, I don't even know how to back up but do cry and wail when it looks like my hard drive might be about to die, I totally agree about the tedium (eeek!) of parents who stay when I really wanted to get something done, I love carrot soup, I used to always take my camera but now my new iphone has a kick-ass camera so I don't need to. I've thrown a tray of coffees across the cafe, they hit the glass windowed wall at the front, and coffee trickled down in several streams - very embarrassing but I manage to stay and pretend it was cool. As for sheets and towels - well, will there be a washing machine to keep them in!

  36. Just sent you a twitter invite. You don't need FB or twitter to have an account.

    I'll have to come back to answer all your other questions although you have heaps of great answers already

  37. i think your answers have been answered. our tooth fairy is often late...usually on a full moon...shes off partying.
    1 out of 3 eat any soup. 2 are fussy butts. tonights soup was chickpea tomato for biggest 3 people and tofu/noodle for little two. it drives me insane that i rarely can cook just one meal that everyone will eat. i n s a n e.
    washing lasts a few days depending on the weather..then starts to stink. maybe ive washed it 3 times! hehe...
    and it all doesnt fit in our cupboards...all our stuff hardly fits in our house.
    i often kick myself..not literally..for not having my camera with me.
    i have a question. if i cook only one dinner time meal and refuse to feed the kids anything else, will they eventually learn to eat what we eat or will they starve themselves until the morning forever and end up sick, which will drive me even more insane than the cooking two dinners thing.
    you dont know how many times i cook biscuits and forget a major ingredient and only realise once they are in the oven cooking. you messed them up twice? so funny!
    x manda

  38. haha! What a brilliant post Kate. You are so clever.
    Man, I'm not even going to pretend to have the answers for all those doozies ;o)
    The ones I can answer are:
    Yes, I take my camera everywhere I go these days, too many opportunities to capture up for grabs.
    NO, there would never be enough room in the cupboards if the laundry was up to date... unless you have a walk in giant size wardrobe like they do in the movies.
    And I find that if I leave the washing in the machine for a full day and night, the next day it smells a bit off. So I then repeat the process. I think my record would be 3 times... so relieved someone else does the same thing with their washing xo
    Good luck with finding the answers Kate!

  39. Hey, Kate!

    You would seem to be receiving plenty of advice! By my count, I'm number 40!

    I'll just add my two cents to the biking discussion. We recently purchased this seat (http://www.amazon.com/iBert-Safe-T-Front-Mounted-Bicycle/dp/B000H4E7EO/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1307454395&sr=8-16) for our three and a half year old. He digs it the most! Don't know whether you can find the same in Australia, but one would think so.

    I'm vicariously excited for your trip!

  40. Kate, haven't you heard? Obviously you have been so busy you missed the news...the tooth fairy is on holidays...a caravan-ing holiday....she could be gone for up to 6 months!!! TK xx

  41. Hmm.

    In no apparent order:

    The Tooth Fairy lives in a different time zone.

    I eat too much salt.

    I'm too instant-gratification-focused to prewash fabric.

    Doing anything more than a dozen times makes my shoulders hurt.

    Two towels, a set of sheets apiece, and a few extra sets.

  42. Ummmmmmmmmmm! No idea! Too many questions to process! Love the colour of the yarn though! Cx

  43. WOW! Your brain IS busy lately Kate ;)
    I say 2 sets of sheets per bed should do.... one on one in the wash!

    YUP!! Sometimes I even wish they would just come and pick all of my kids up so i could get on with it :)

    ohhhhh yeh it H.U.R.T.S!!

    I used to be a real anal prewasher.... but then I found that that meant ironing and OMG do i need more to do??

    YUP!! ATM travel blogs are my only chance at a vacation :(

    dunno about pinterest but I sure am pin-curious.

    Nope on the salt but James sure does..... I used to try to salt his food just right so he wouldnt add any and one night he came home and despite my "I dont think you will need extra salt" he added a heap ...... ended up with sanga's for dinner!!

    I think I lost count in the early days with skyla.... if its a nice day I figure the sun and all that glorious vitamin d takes care of it ;)

    NOPE!! AND while we are at it.... when do the kids wear ALL THOSE CLOTHES that I am always putting away?

    I would say the cookies might be the end result of an overfull brain??

    YUP!! I HEART SOUP big time!!

    YUP!! It would be easier if they attached the camera to my hand surgically...

    YUP I would be mortified...but when the kids climbed on the table and it dismantled under them sending iphones, lattes, blocks, pencils and muffins everywhere.... I didnt bat an eyelid just scooped them up righted the table...called for a cloth and more coffee and settled back in despite the horrified looks from the other patrons ;)

    NOPE! Ohhhh my this makes me nervous but I am not backed up!

    We have one of those bike trailers for the kids and they are awesome :)

    LOL.... probably the same reason I dont realise when the carton channel is still on hours after the kids have gone to bed or why When asked my design style preference by a friend I said rock n roll meets country and she looked at some pix I had pulled outta a magazine and said ummmmm no mate I think your more shabby chic! OH! is that what u call it...right!

    plain and simple crafting things you are excited/happy about releases all that seratonin.... nothing wrong with that :)

    oh no!! tooth fairy convention?? natural disaster somewhere ?? goodluck :)

    Last night was vegemite sangas and custard for the kids, pies for my guy and something green and wonderful for me ..... reasoning...the kids were insane when we got home late so it was a quick dinner shower and early bed.... james was starving when he got home from work and I was up to my neck in wet kids so he hit the freezer and I waited till everything was quiet and whipped up a little bit of good stuff to reward me for a full on day :)

    YUP!! we are soup loves ...the kids will eat anything they can dip fresh bread into.... I dont usually tell them whats in it and then I edit.... ohhhh its carrot soup.... but I leave out the coriander, celery etc....they like carrots so no foul!

    Happy Wednesday!

  44. Too many questions!!! You are hurting my head.
    but in answer to the last - my kids eat tomato vegetable soup and chicken vegetable soup. under sufferance. and with the bribe of home made sausage rolls to go with it. But David and I LOVE soup so it's kinda sad really.
    And we had homemade schnitzel parmagiana last night because for once all five of us were home at the same time .... so we could (schnitzels don't reheat well).
    ps when i'm stressed i start a new project - it's very soothing :)

  45. My excuse for paying late is cause the payee doesnt accept bpay, eftpos or paypal, perhaps the tooth fairy is cashless now too......... Hehehehe

  46. Wow! That is a lot of questions and I only have a few answers but here they are.

    I would take 3 sheets sets and towels per person. That allows extras for when you are doing washing but I don't have kids so I am just going off how many I would use.

    I never prewash my fabric! I have never had too much trouble except once when I made a black and white dress and the black fabric ran in the wash.

    I have never read a travel blog before but I would love to read one about travelling around Australia because I have not seen that much of Australia and one day when I have kids I would to do what your doing.

    I signed up for pinterest just with my email address. I don't remember having to put in my facebook account. Just request an invitation and then sign up from there.

    I usually rewash it after it has been in the machine overnight because it starts to smell funny and damp. My record is 3 washes with one load.

    Carrot & coriander soup sounds interesting but if it was bright orange I think that would put me off.

    I take my point & shoot with me cause my slr was stolen overseas but I used to take my slr everywhere with me too.

    Um yeah I would be a little embarrassed but I would probably also laugh at myself as well.

    No I need to backup a heap of photos onto disk. I really need to buy an external hardrive too.

    We are having chicken stir fry for dinner. I don't have any kids but I personally love soup!

    And my question for you is how will I know if quitting my job and working for myself is the right move? I have dreams to open a yarn/craft store on the Gold Coast because there are none apart from Spotlight but am unsure whether it is a good idea.

  47. OK here goes:

    1. 2 per bed unless the beds are all the same size then less, there is always opshops along the way.

    2. yes all the time, I'm not a coffee and chat person at that time of the day, plus just because my kids like their kids doesn't have to mean I get along with them too.

    3. Yep, I wish I had room for a cutting table, one day..

    4. Depends on what I'm sewing and how long I want to wait before I sew it.

    5. Yep but only in relation to where I want to go, I'll send you some links when I can ;)

    6. Dunno but I chose twitter as they ask for less info and I can pretty much ignore it

    7.Dunno, probably how much is too much? The kids eat it straight from the grinder if I leave it where they can reach it.

    8. I don't think I want to admit to this one. Is it still the same load if you have fished individual pieces out and added other bits in?

    9. No!

    10. Becuase you need to sleep or maybe you are like me and regulary suffer from measurement related dyslexia

    11. Nup, corriander does weird things to me, unless it isn't fresh then we seem to get along ok.

    12. Does my phone count as a camera? Our SLR is dying a slow death

    13. Maybe, did you do it with style and finese?

    14. Nup.

    15. Our 3 1/2yr old is a demon on the bike as long as he is sandwiched between adults front and back so he can't get too far ahead it seems to work out fine. If it is paved the scooter also works for him and he can keep up for several kilometres. I suspect skate parks are his next step.

    16. Because you have been sucked into other peoples music vortexes. Ask me what I like that is current and I have no idea, I might go googling/youtubing to see what I do like too.

    17. Becuase it calmed you down and gave you thinking space plus I bet it was fun and pretty

    18. Floods? vacation? Lost mail? It was the apprentices turn?

    19. Tonight no idea, hopefully dinner will magically appear upon my return home. Soup, 1 yes the other no.

    20. Yes, lots and lots maybe I need to ask everyone too

    21. Hello.


  48. Ah - you don't need any more answers.

    But I though it might make you happy to know that one time my washing was backed up and confused enough that I found a basket of clothes, couldn't quite remember putting it there, and put it through the wash only to realise I was now washing the clothes I'd just gotten off the line. Hmmm.

  49. I want to know about pinterest too!. (I've even thought about getting a dummy twitter to use just for pinterest.)

    I find the weather the best excuse for tooth fairy delays, but I do like the idea of dropping the money down behind the bed with a note in teeny tiny writing! Written a few of those in my time :-)

    Yes to soup, salt and your travel blog, yes to parents staying to chat but not every time. No help with the sheets, but hopefully you can always pick up more op shopping your way round the country! x

  50. Well, I was reading through your post thinking I should probably wait until my lunch break to comment because I wanted to respond to each question but then I got to the comments section and I have to agree with Leigh@Toasted - you don't really need any more answers.

    Loving the colours of that wool (but not loving the fact that Blogger wants me to spell it colors!).

  51. Kate you are a crack up !
    Questions like making lists - genius.

    1. Travel - only one spare sheets - as usually accidents only in a single bed - rotate washing.
    1b. towels - bath and beach - covers any eventuality.

    2. Kids friends parents - yes.

    3. table ergonomics - its very important ! (know from cutting maps up the hard way !).

    4. Pewash - yes - bloody shrinkage and unusual dye runs before its made into something useful.

    5. Yes & No - pictures make it for me - experiences vary and are a fog over a destination.

    6: pinterest - no idea

    7. Salt - probably - don't add it though.

    8. Washing - sniff monitor - best record is three rinces and two full washes.

    9. Laundrey - i like the term floorobe - actually don't like it just live with it.

    10. Bi-card - blah ! I'd rather use SR Flour just for that reason alone !

    11. Yes - my sister makes superb bacth with lemongrass

    12. Camera yes everywhere (except the bog)!

    13. Yes to chair issues - and then yell loudly at the kids for what ever involvement they may or may not had in the incident (kids - handy excuse really).

    14. Yes, updates are my paranoia

    15. Find myself a secondhand "tail gater"

    16. list - crochet - avoidance - ditto !

    17. A sudden tooth decay epidemic in Pakistan - she sends her apologies but should make it by Tuesday.

    18. Beef bourginon

    19. where to start where to start . . . .

    20. Music - ahhh i know - kids of today . . .hhehehe

  52. testing first - as I'm having problems leaving comments and would be very upset to go through and not be able to post ...

  53. OK I'm back
    Wow what a list Kate - but I can relate 100 percent.
    . one set of sheets - most caravan parks have dryers now - 2 towels each
    . I'm very good at being busy - so often departures are soon after arrival
    . Yes pre-wash before using
    . don't read travel blogs - but would if I were planning a trip
    . Salt - it's there - just like anything think moderation
    . Washing can stay in the machine longer in winter before it needs rewashing - mine is also familiar with days on the line too
    . No - that's why it stays in the machine and on the line for so long
    . Spoons can be meddlesom
    . Carrot and Coriander one of my favourite soups!
    . Camera goes everywhere - it was too expensive to not use it
    . Definitely, but would recover with a giggle and try hard smart remark about how cheeky chairs are these days, before making big fuss about my ball of wool
    . Backups - nearly - i've run out of room on my back up disk and need to clear it out or buy a new one - on the list for this week
    . Both my 3 year olds used the tag along on the back of my bike - they do surprise you how they have the will to hang on when they have to.
    . music is beyond me these days
    . I've just completed 3 tasks off my to do list of 100 and am about to make coffee and pick up some crochet ...
    . Tooth fairies are incredibly creative and are thinking of the perfect project to use the tooth on - it's been tooth fairy central here this week - only managed to be 4 days late with the 2nd tooth
    . Dinner tonight is left over meatballs in sauce in pasta from last night. Unfortunately they do not eat soup
    . Too many questions for now
    Have a super day with you crochet and not doing list, and your questions ...

  54. I would only take one set of sheets. You wash on days where you can dry.
    Starting a crochet project is much better than taking prozac.
    Some of my kids eat soup. The others make their own dinner.
    Computer backups? What's computer backups?Will I die if I lose everything?
    I need salt. I'm low blood pressure.
    The cleanliness of the washing depends on the heat of the days. In summer maybe one night - in winter a few days. Just smell it. Sometimes part of the load is okay and the rest needs rewashing. Hang out the good bits and then top up for a new load. It may also have something to do with whether the lid was up or down at the time.
    I WISH I took my camera everywhere.
    Yes for new fabric, not necessarily for thrifted new fabric. I can't see any difference there though. Maybe I judge by whether it is cotton or not.
    Hope your days are cool for washing and hot for drying. Cherrie

  55. Golly Kate - your brain is going a million miles an hour today!
    No more coffee/tea for you :)
    So many questions that have lots of answers already.
    I hope my kids like soup because that's what they're having for tea!
    The tooth fairy gets busy and sometimes doesn't have any coins left when she visits our house. She always comes back later though.
    We also know all the words to Justine Clark songs.
    Washing machine .... hmmm... 2 days unless it's smelly which reminds me of the load that's fermenting in there now!
    Hope you have a lovely day!

  56. I don't know if this will help, but I would take 2 sets of sheets & towel, plus beach towels.
    Yes re kids friends
    Yes re cutting fabric
    No I don't prewash, unless I think it looks dodgy
    No I don't read travel blogs, only crafty ones
    Don't know about pintrest
    Don't think so, but eat way, way too much sugar.
    I have a front loader & if you don't open the door wet washing can stay in there for over a day!
    Yes, we have heaps of cupboards
    It is very easy to miss-read recipes
    Depends on the smell of the soup as to whether I would eat it, but it does sound nice
    I would probably feel a little embarassed
    No - who does computer backups!
    Not sure about the 3 1/2 yo on a bike. My youngest is 5 & not up to going on family rides yet. So I stay home with her.
    I know most Justine Clark songs words, but no new songs at all
    New crafty projects always make you feel better, so don't feel guilty. Enjoy
    The tooth fairy is often very busy looking after all the babies teeth, so it is understandable when she is late.
    Latina Pasta & sauce. It needs to be quick as we have a jam packed evening. My kids hate soup
    Hope this helps. I am really enjoying reading about your preparations for your adventure.

  57. *2 towels Inc. one beach towel
    *Yes, when its getting attached to another type of fabric where shrink factor maybe involved. Other wise...nope.
    *If I know the person..otherwise...no
    *I know nothing about pinterest
    *No..pinch here pinch there not a problem...essential actually.
    *Are you serious you are asking this question, have a look at what is going on in your head woman...no brainer this one!!
    *Hate Coriander!! and olives....true. I just cannot go there.
    *A little bit...if my skirt was over my head and my grannie undies were flashing...then..YEP!
    *Yes...always...it does it automatically every hour.
    *Cause your OLD and CONFUSED, You need to come to the port fairy folk festival with ME!
    *The tooth fairys wings went in for a service, the feathers got mange started falling out.
    *Stir fry...Yes..but it needs to be thick.
    *No not really....I think I'm ok, thanks for asking.

  58. Wow. So. Many. Answers. I will just say - I have a trailer for my 3 1/2 year old and it is THE BOMB. First I had a cheapie from k-mart. But now I have a really really really good one that has a separate boot-ish compartment that holds all our groceries.

    Hope your mind clears soon xx

  59. I know the feeling of having chaos in your head. It happens to me a lot.

    Pack light, you can always pick up a few extras along the way if you find you don't have enough.

    What is the etiquette with kids play-dates anyway?

    My back has been aching too due to my posture when crafting and sewing. You should have a massage :)

    I don't take my camera everywhere, but think that I should, for the purpose of blogging.

    I pre-wash fabric sometimes-depends on the project, but I prefer not to.

    Spaghetti bolognese tonight, and tomorrow I am making a creamy vegie soup - no idea if the kids will eat it- will let you know!

    Too many questions I need answered to put them all here!

    Thanks for the great blog :)

  60. Yes take spare sheets, esp with children.
    2 towels each plus a couple of extra ones
    Yes to the soup
    The Tooth Fairy ~ in winter she gets wing droop cos it's so cold, or blown off course, if it's foggy she gets lost,
    I have always carried a camera with me
    Take a deep breath and slowly work your way throu' your list
    Have a great week and stay warm

  61. i can't even read everyones answers..too late, tooo long, too tired!
    you must be exhausted, too many things going round in your head!!

  62. Kate, you are hilarious!!!
    I so wish I knew you in real life

  63. 1. You dont want to take two sets Kate. Remember you are in a caravan and room is limited - you want room to take craft right. Take enough for the beds and a spare set for the girls. Sheets dry quickly. There is no need to take double of everything.
    Towels. A set for bathing and a set for swimming is my suggestion. The bathing ones dont even need to be a full towel - it is just to dry on and you wont be wrapping yourself in them and parading around camp grounds.

    2. Maybe I would get to that stage - but with DH away at the moment Adult company is always nice

    3. Yes

    4. No

    5. Only when I am wanting to go somewhere and google brings up a link

    6. Have no idea - I am loving pinterest though (I am mealyandi there too, if you do manage to join)

    7. No - I actually dont eat enough - I get terrible cramps in my toes from lack of it apparently.

    8. no idea - record is three (I know, blame me for the drought)

    9. No - I need to go through them and goodwill some things that I have not worn in years.

    10. ahh - doesnt that make you made - you are a mother - these things happen.

    11. hummm - not sure, would have to smell it first (I am a sniffer)

    12. No - sometimes I make myself leave it at home

    13. No - I am clumsy - have done it before

    14. No

    15. Our 3.5 year old is attatched to our bike with a bikegator. Baden LOVES it and I love the fact that when we get to the park I can unhook him and he has his bike and can ride to his hearts content around and around
    here is a link for you

    16. ???? enjoy the music:)

    17. because you are a crafter:)

    18. on holidays in Darwin...

    19. Yes the kids eat soup - we actually had it last night (cream of celery yummm) Tonight we had pies and veges, tomorrow night spag bol, friday indian butter chicken (am feeling organised this week - dont worry, this is abnormal for me to be organised)

    20. Yes... I love that you always get heaps of responce to your ? posts:)

  64. Dear Kate, I think you can only take two sets for each person; 1 active and 1 in the wash. I recommend cultivating the old fashioned approach to socialising with other mums; just get on with your day, put the kettle on, chat, iron the clothes, chat, cook the dinner, chat etc. There is no time to just socialise and if you start this trend other mums will get the hang of it.Prewashing is mainly necessary if clothing may shrink especially if you have a lining. e.g. outer fabric shrinks in wash, lining doesn't and hangs down. tea tree, eucalyptus oil or clove oil inhibit mould growth, throw some in the wash for a bit of grace. Carrot and corriander is a classic; some people can't handle the leaves, but are OK with the powder (the root I think). Faries are delicate creatures and can only make a landing when it is safe (they may have to circle and abandon the mission a few times just like tullamarine in the fog).

  65. Children on bikes make my blood boil - it is so so dangerous! Bike riders are often the rudest people on the planet taking no notice of traffic lights or crossings and when they swerve in front of a bus without indicating it is always the bus that gets the blame. I don't drive and as a pedestrian I fear cyclists. What I most loathe is when they take no account of the dangers inherent on the roads and insist on putting small children - usually totally unprotected and even more vulnerable than the parent - on the back on a little seat ( the car going in to the bike will get them first not you), on the handle bars (they could go flying over the top or get crushed by the adult behind them). It incenses me that people are so stupid with their precious children. I make no apologies for offending anyone with these views I am fed up with seeing children having their lives endangered by stupidity. You do not know who is going to be on the roads, there are bad drivers, lunatics and drunks. Please protect your children if not yourselves.

  66. Hello anonymous - I understand where you're fears comes from; I am a mother and of course I think in minute detail about the safety of my children. I want to invite you to think about your views in a different way though - have you ever given thought to the fact that a child passenger in a car is in way more danger than one on a bicycle? Car accidents are more frequent and sadly, cause much more injury and death. And also, pedestrians are just as likely to not comply with traffic lights and do crazy stuff. It's individuals not cyclists that take silly risks - and I reckon you'd be hard pushed to find a parent taking those kind of silly risks.

    There are risks inherent in life. I ride with my children - and it is a risk I have measured out carefully and come up with the answer that it is a lesser risk than most (with possibly only ever walking and not near a road being a safer, but implausible option!) so I'm taking it. I ride because it's safer, it's healthier and it's fun.

  67. I have a question- when are you coming to visit us? Otis wants a cuddle xxx

  68. I'd like to answer my than one but my boys are about to tear each other to shreds, so really I shouldn't be here at all! Anyhow..as far as the toothfairy being late, we told our middle guy that due to so many kids with their teeth falling out at the moment (6 in his class alone over 2 days!) that she was simply run off her feet. This seemed to work pretty well. Oh & just quickly, my boys are not great fans of soup but I make sure it's loaded with veg so even for them just to eat a laddle full is ok with me..

  69. LOL Well I think your questions have been well and truly answered....let's both just go and have a nice cup of tea and stop thinking for a bit!

  70. Just to add my 2 cents...

    Definitely only 1 set of sheets each and then 1 set which could be used on any bed for emergencies. You wont have room for heaps of sheets! Also, start collecting $1 coins now as caravan parks only take $1 coins for washing machines and dryers.

    I would also only take 1 bath towel each and 1 beach towel each. Heaps of face washers for when only a "camping wash" is an option.

    We can't wait to do a big camper trip, but we are waiting for the girls to get a bit older (2 and 4). I would love to read about your travel adventures - what is working, what is not - it would help when we start planning our trip!

    Good luck sorting though all your answers :)

  71. I think my brain just collapsed.

    I have no answers now, 74 other people do. But I will offer this: you already know the answers to the questions because they are your questions.
    PS there will be shops for towels etc on the way if you need more, take less. I always feel disappointed when Chef says we are having soup for dinner. Somehow to me , it is not a real food.


  72. You're too funny Kate. I wish I could squeeze some rescue remedy through the keyboard to you right now.


    p.s the 4-yr-old ate veggie soup for the first time ever last night. I gave her, the baby, and myself a high-five! We celebrated this grand breakthrough. She asked for it for pre-school lunchbox. More high-fiving. She got it in lunch box. The teachers heated it up. She did not eat it.

  73. Do you ever read travel blogs?
    I wrote one.

  74. nah, kate - stuff that!
    Take one set for everybody. At the end of the day - space will be at a premium I'd imagine. And washing machines are all around this wonderful country. In a pinch, they could just wrap up in a doona if need be.
    Towels on the other hand might be handy to have a few extra of. We always seem to burn thru so many.

    I've rewashed 3 times before. What a duffer.
    I've got a 12 hour rule - if it sits longer than overnight... I re-rinse it.

    happy day. xx

  75. i am going to cut straight to the chase because you have no end of answers to your ?'s.
    Hot Caravan Washing Tips
    1) two for each person. 1 in use one in the wash. space is valuable
    2) buy a washing line from Kathmandu. $10 have little suction caps on each end. are mega stretchy and uber strong. you can suction it to the inside of the van, hang up the washing and let it dry while you are heading of on the next big adventure.
    3) buy a plastic tub with a tight fitting lockable(clips) lid. put it in the back of the car or wedged somewhere in the van. fill it with washing water and (not too much) laundry detergent. instant washing machine. clothes will agitate while you head off to your next big adventure.
    4) invest in a small lightweight clothes airer. you can use it to dry washing or air towels outside of the van cos there is precious little space inside.
    finally we have found that most caravan parks have great laundry facilities. free camping is a whole new story.
    so there you have it. you can wash your way around this great land.
    PS everyone knows the tooth fairy was critically injured when her mother threw a fridge at her. just ask Andy Griffiths

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