Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In and Out.

Out: My FlowerPress Brooch swap.

My doily brooch, some small love heart brooches, some Australian animal chocolates, a little purse I made and a Foxs Lane card.

...a little appliqued t'shirt (it's always nice to add a little surprise) and Foxs Lane card, all tied up with a vintage sheet selvage ribbon.

...a little t'shirt surprise, a Foxs Lane card, all tied up with a vintage sheet selvage ribbon.

In: The most divine doily tea towel from gorgeous Susie at Flower Press. It's a caravan prezzie. Hooray!! Thank you so much Susie, I adore it. xx

Out: A bunch of interchangeable circular knitting needles Mary lent me when I was trying to decide on a brand. How ace is blogland! Thanks Mary.

Out: A doily brooch and a couple of love heart brooches for Miss Jennie just because.

I often wonder if the post office people draw straws when they see me coming.

Have you had any fun mail lately? Hope so.

And be honest, were you hoping this post was about something a bit more exciting?

See ya! x


  1. This post is very exciting!!

    (and that blue dress is so gorgeous!)

    Just posted off a little something for you too this morn!! XX

  2. I am waiting on a parcel from Qld, some wool and a large crochet hook. It was posted over a week ago!

  3. to be honest with a title like that i thought it may have had something to do with a horizontal tango of sorts.

    just kiddin.


  4. Wow, your mail is way more exciting than mine, lots of letters with windows boo!

  5. Chef is waiting for a chainsaw in the mail! Seriously. It's flooding. So no mail just frustration and cabin fever. Your packages are pretty.

    I am on a first name basis with Linda and Pete at the post office!! I give them chocolate regulary as they always slip things thru for cheaper than they should be and save me loads of money and they always give Busy stickers.

  6. Gorgeous packages! Lucky recipients, and lucky you! I am waiting on a package of vintage fabric, and a monthly magazine subscription...hope it's today :)

  7. Gorgeous....love your ins and outs. Very exciting indeed.

    Adore your little stamp.


  8. Totally forgot I brought the blue dress! It's for my little one her birthday is coming, the big 3 year old! They all look great ! Love the brooch swap.

  9. What a lovely blog post!! I wish I could get as organised as this!! I adore the doily brooch and your foxes lane cards!

  10. A beautiful, colourful, pretty collection for your post Kate. I must say, I never tire of looking at your creations :o) xo

  11. Yes. Yes I was.

    Gotta get my thrills somewhere ;o)

  12. Gosh how lucky is your swap partner going to be???
    The best thing about crafty blogs is the fun mail that constantly appears in the letterbox (as opposed to all the rest of the bills that normally appear)!

  13. oh yes, love some good lovin in the mail.
    your brooch partner will be thrilled! i think everyone smiles when they see you coming ♥
    lots of yumminess here today Miss Kate.

    my door is always open for you lovely for a cuppa & a good ol chat.
    (last time was a tad overwhelming)

    big hugs always ♥

  14. Mail is just magical :) I received a parcel today - very happy about that... full of crafty supplies, so mail of the best kind. Kx

  15. You're most welcome Kate :), glad to be of assistance.

    I have a whole lot of stuff waiting to go out

    had some lovely fabric and linen teatowels come in this morning and I think I'm waiting for something else but can't quite recall what right now, hmm.

  16. I almost had some fun mail today - I had a funny registered mail slip (right address but wrong name) so went to the post office to check... it turns out it wasn't for me (it's for someone up the street), but the parcel is HUGE - I hope someone enjoys it!
    Your mail - in and out - looks lovely!

  17. I have not received a surprise lately - did get one from TK a few weeks ago; a beautiful book of poems. Surprises are always so nice! xx Rach

  18. actually I've won a couple of giveaways recently so have been popping into my PO a bit lately too :-)
    Love all your gorgeous in and outs!!

  19. I'd be beside myself excited if I could just get my act together enough to tick ten longstanding To Do's off my list. Each of 'em require postal intervention.

  20. I had two lovely parcels today and sent two. The post office people and the parcel guy know me well :-)
    Your brooch swap looks lovely, I love your stamps too. And that little zip purse is adorable.
    So glad you love your tea towel x

  21. gosh haven't you been a busy beaver!
    i always love the looks i get at the post office too, and i don't think i'd post nearly as much stuff as you!

  22. No good mail of late - but I do love your brooch and purse! Such a lovely parcel to receive.

  23. You receive (and send) the nicest mail. Much nicer than the bills and other boring mail I deal with. I really love that background sheet


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