Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Made with love.

A few weeks ago I knitted this little Milo for my parents to give their friend's baby granddaughter.

The baby's grandmother is a pretty amazing knitter herself and her great grandmother had been the most amazing tapestry artist.

These might seem like incidental details, but to me they are most important. You see due to the fact that I am still quite a slow knitter and I don't have a huge amount of time in my life to knit, this little vest probably took me a couple of nights to finish.

The fact that this baby has wool in her blood (ha!), means her family will appreciate and understand it. They will know that it was knitted especially for them, with love.

A few months ago I knitted a similar vest for a baby and when I hadn't heard back, I asked the Mother if the baby had worn it. She replied that it'll be a great addition to her wardrobe if they ever bring her to visit us in chilly old Daylesford.

Isn't it cold in Melbourne in winter too?

I knitted her the six month size so if they don't come and visit us in the next few weeks, there's no way it'll still fit when we get home from our trip.

This baby does not come from a crafty family and it made me think that they would have liked a vest bought from a baby shop just as much. I probably could have bought a lovely one for the same amount of money that I spent on the wool.

To me, a handmade gift is the ultimate gift. Because it is my world, I understand the care that is taken in choosing a suitable pattern for the recipient, selecting and purchasing the appropriate supplies and then the time it takes to actually make the present.

I guess we often have the same issue on our market stalls when people ask why our free range, organic eggs cost more than those from the super market.

I've been thinking about this for a while and asking around and it seems that many crafters have unhappy handmade present giving stories of their own. A pair of hand knitted socks that are too good to wear, a quilt that is packed away in case the kids spill something on it, a beanie that was chucked in the wash and felted.

And then there are the happy ending stories, the dolly that was carted around until her arm fell off, this Milo that was worn by that precious little baby on her way home to Norway, the dress that has been worn by every girl in the family.

It's a risk this handmade present giving business. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Do you give handmade?
Do you choose carefully who is lucky enough to receive your handmade goodies?
Have you got a handmade prezzie success story/disaster?

The Norwegian's Milo Ravelled here.

Have a wonderful day. x


  1. how lovely and how disappointing respectively. I consider my time to be very precious so I tend to limit my handmade gifting to those that will appreciate it most as I have had too many disapointments over time. Last summer my BIL refused to dress his baby daughter in a dress I made her for Christmas because she would be far too hot. Dopey bugger can't tell the the difference between wool and the cotton from which the dress was made so instead chose to dress the poor sweaty little thing in a polyester piece of ickiness.

    Each to their own I suppose.

  2. Just about to cast on a Milo myself...this is a beauty.

    I have learnt the handmade giving lesson myself time and time again.

    In my experience's I have found that even some crafty people don't fully appreciate the handmade gift.

    There is a lovely Mum from Maddie's school, she is so sweet. Love's handmade, loves reading blogs yet doesn't craft herself.

    She asked me to knit her a scarf last week and I was thrilled as I know that she will love it.

    I guess...what I am trying to say is that it all comes down to the individual. I now pick my handmade receivers very carefully xx

  3. since I re-found my crafty passion I try to always make my gifts if not at least include something handmade. Most people I give gifts to know how much time and effort I put in and appreciate accordingly, but sometimes you know that certain people just don't 'get it'. I think that's why it's so hard to sell handmade stuff to at a decent price, most people don't get how much time and effort and indeed cost goes into making these things. I received several hand made gifts when my son was born and they are still my fave things today. And I think if you teach your kids the value of these things then you can't go wrong.

    My Aunty has just finished her second Milo for my son and he wears it religiously and we live in Brisbane! So they should be able to wear it in Melbourne!!!!

    Can we have a sneak peek at the route you will be taking on your big trip?

    Have a great day


  4. I definitely know what you mean Kate - that feeling of frustration when you can just sense that something you have handmade as a gift is not appreciated. But I also tend to find that gifts I've given which have then been treasured away for years as favourite things are usually those I've handmade - which makes it worth it.

  5. Oooh handmade esp for lil babes is the best! It's all about loving, I cook treats and occasionally crochet, like a lash out with Noro silk for a crocheted skull cap for a teen (actually scored a smile and gratitude with that one!) and a colleague knits socks, all she asks for is the cost of the wool (almost unbelievable) but us appreciators of handmade are in the know, it's the sheer pleasure of doing

  6. It has been utterly miserable in Melbourne recently, cold and wet and windy, so goodness knows why they would not want the child to wear something lovely like that! I too am very careful indeed about who I give handmade things to!

  7. Oh kate I feel your pain. Like you I think I've had to learn not everyone understands or sees the value in giving a handmade present.
    I have both, lucky to have many stories of bears being loved to bits and dirtied.
    But then others where it's either considered too precious to be touched or played with or hugged, which saddens me.
    and also where it just doesn't get valued, including a very hurtful story of this, with someone close in my family, where the mohair bear I made was chucked without care, on a high shelf. ( don't feel great saying who here, but can tell you in an email)
    I guess it's a risk we take, and sometimes not worth it. xo

  8. First of all, that Milo is adorable...

    Without a doubt handmade gifts can be tricky. The funny thing is that the ones who appreciate it the most are the ones who could make it up just the same. Just great how that works lol...At the same time I believe any handmade gift is appreciated to one extent or another. Even if it isn't used. I has a bigger chance of going the distance with future generations because it is made with so much love. Here's hoping you get to see it worn on that little one before it's too small.

  9. Yes some people can see the work and heart that goes into a handmade item and some people just don't. I try to choose carefully , but have got it wrong on occasions. They certainly don't receive it again!
    And if it took you only 2 nights to finish the milo, I dont think you are slow. You would do alright in the knitting olympics!
    It's lovely too.

  10. Beautiful beautiful Milo. Super sweet. What a gorgeous colour!

    Gift giving in general can be a chaotic business. I love to make gifts for others because it just seems more special to me... and above all I love to gift when there is no expectation. It's just a gift. Birthdays & other calendar events I find stressful - the looming deadline! Huh. I like to just make something for a nearest and dearest because I was thinking about them at the time.

    I try not to get too bogged down in how the gift is received. That is out of my control... and frankly I know there have probably been times when I have not valued items received as much as the giver had. That's just because we're different. Sometime you win... and sometimes you don't. Life hey?

  11. I recently knitted a scarf to give to my mother to send to one of her friends from school days. It was probably last year sometime. Anyway, recently my mother had a phone call from her friend to say how she had recently bought a jacket to wear with the scarf and how much she was loving wearing it. Neither my mother or I can remember what the scarf looks like! LOL Whoops! It is being loved!

  12. I think most of us have had that moment of utter disappointment when a gift lovingly made has been shoved in a drawer or cupboard because the recipient has no appreciation of what went into it. The last one for me was THE wedding quilt for my sister-in-law. Five months in the making, totally hand quilted, labeled and posted..! Not even an acknowledgment that it had arrived, even though it was registered and insured. When the other half rang to check whether it had got there, the response....
    Oh yes it arrived a couple of weeks ago, it's very nice, thanks!!!! Hmm, never again, I think I've only spoken to them twice since. Wish I'd kept it and bought a vase at the $2 shop!!! So the moral of this comment.....think carefully who you spend your time crafting for...
    ps. The milo is adorable...

  13. I find it hard to understand people sometimes - even if they don't do the handmade themselves. Sometimes its obvious that so much time, effort and thought has gone into a handmade item.

    Eva went to a friends birthday recently - had written down all her friends favourite things so that I could incorporate them on a doll. Apparently she loved it and her mother showed it to all of her friends too. BUT they never said anything to me about it, so strange!

  14. Gorgeous little vest Kate! Ive had the same dillema with giving handmade pressies, it used to really upset me that others didnt understand the significance of receiving something handmade and i would have been better off buying something from Target! Ive sort of gotten over that and i make gifts because i want to and if i give a baby quilt to someone and it ends up as a dog blanket then im Ok with that! I do try to make gifts for those that i think will have a greater appreciation for them and the rest get some mass produced crap! Pity on them!

    Ps a little bird told me you may be heading up here soon, if you need somewhere to park up for a few days let me know!


  15. You betcha I am picky who gets my time and emotinonal investment. My son's 7 year old mates who are into Bakugan and Star Wars are so not going to appreciate a handknitted or sewn anything so we head off to the shops for those presents. My friend's daughters, whose mothers aren't sewers but appreciate my time and effort, get custom made items to suit their colours and tastes. I am often too busy knitting and sewing for family and a few friends to try doing it for others at the moment so I don't open myself up to much grief.

    Now, having the home cooked goodies picked over in favour of the mass produced, additive infested goodies at the class party...well, that is killing me every time.

  16. I used to always give handmade gifts to everyone but over the years have learnt to be more choosey in who will truly appreciate such a gift. In my experience not everyone appreciates the time and effort invested in handmade and some have even looked down on me as being too poor to buy a proper present. I however would much rather something handmade than mass produced!

    Loving your little milo's something my children would have lived in.


  17. I guess there are two types of people, those who love handmade and those who dont understand it at all. I only make things for special people that I know appreciate the time and effort that have gone into it, and the thoughts behind it too. Paul, Isabelle, my sister and a few friends and children are on my list but there are some that are not as I realised they dont appreciate it and someone else would. I have to say your Milo with the hugs and kisses cable is so cute Kate! I do hope the mum lets the baby wear it.

  18. I'm certainly a handmade gift giver but now choose pretty carefully who or what I invest my time in! I know that making pencil rolls is an absolute hit with the 5 years olds around about the place (both boys and girls) and I've not yet had one of them 'rejected' but I do have some friends I've sewed or stitched or knitted for and know that these gifts have been either re-gifted or not used or have been trashed through lying on the floor with everything else.

    But all I know is that I love to make things for other people because I tend to think of them and about them the whole time I'm doing it. The baby quilt I sewed for a friend who's pregnancy was touch and go for the whole duration had me willing this little baby to hang in there! The premmie baby-suits I sewed for my nephew who was too little to hold but knowing I could wrap him up in love when he wore this gear. And the countless pencil rolls for Matilda's friends who I think about and dream of all the gorgeous things they might create once one of these is in their posession!

    And I love your hugs and kisses Milo - and you must be happy knowing it will be worn with love and pride and will keep that little body warm for the next little while!

  19. I am VERY picky about who I invest in the handmade for.

    I've also learnt the hard way.

    What's that bit about knowing the answer before you ask the question? That's how I feel about handmade gifting.

  20. oh, I completely empathise with your frustration! Years ago I made a red pair of booties for my newborn niece (they took me ages). I was so sad that my sister in-law never put them on her and when I plucked up the courage to ask her why, she told be she didn't care for the colour red and that booties were actually not very practical. I was devastated. But it did make me realised that I can't pour my love and time into presents that I would like to receive, because the present isn't for me, it's for someone else.

    I still give lots of handmade presents (when I have time!) but I rarely give any surprise gifts (only to those who I know really well and who share my love of handmade) I ask lots of questions usually beginning with 'I'd love to make something for you, is that something you would like?' and ask about tastes and colours. I mostly have success these days :)

  21. I'm very picky too Kate. After a couple of disappointing experiences, I find I only give hand made things to crafty people or those that genuinely appreciate the love and time that goes into making things. I love your Milo tops.

  22. SNAP!

    The handmade giving has come back to bite more than I care to remember. "Oh dear, what have you crafted up this time?!"

    At least if I keep it in the house I'LL be able to enjoy the handiwork. Or save it for crafty swaps or other crafty blogger types...

  23. Vest is cute!

    I agree. Some people don't get it and indeed do not appreciate it. I am careful now. I have made things that you can tell as soon as they get it they don't really like it or don't really appreicate it. Its not like I expect people to become hysterically grateful but when I have actually taken the time to make something... I am choosy who gets handmade now.

  24. I do give handmade, but only to people who I know will appreciate it. I feel the time I spend working on something is precious & I don't want to waste it on someone who does not appreciate what has been done. As a result, my receivers of handmade goodies is only small, being family - mainly my kids, mother, mother in law & sister. However, for Xmas last year I made all of my neices a plastic beach bag. When one of them found out I had made them she said it made the present even more special for her. I really did glow after that comment! My sister in law also commented that the beanies I had crocheted her little ones had also received many comments from other mums, and she had proudly told them that they were hand made. So, in essence, I really do choose who benefits from my time.

  25. Bloody hell. Give me the address and I'll go and pinch that utterly gorgeous unloved Milo and I'll put it on Susannah rain, hail or shine until it's inappropriately midriff! You're gorgeous Kate, and so are your gifts. Perhaps given this story I shouldn't be busting my guts to handmake gifts...

  26. Not too many years ago I used to get excited to be able to gift handmade then when the day would come I felt I had to pair it with something shop bought to make it worthy. Until one day I looked around at a kids party and was surprised to see duplicates of presents and to notice with pride that everything about my gift was original including the wrapping.

    It occurred to me that I would much rather relieve something unique (even better if it has been made with love and care) than ANOTHER spider man toy just like the one I o=unwrapped seconds before.

    So now I stand proud and gift handmade all the way :)

  27. I love to make everything I give to friends and family. Unfortunately I have to choose who I make for as a couple of friends don't appreciate handmade things. One very good friend even said to me not to bother making her or her kids anything. At least she was honest but I often see things that would look beautiful knitted up on her small girls.

  28. I prefer to give handmade and find it really hard to give a gift if it's something that doesn't fit my 'ethos' for want of a better word.
    But I too have experienced the disappointment of giving an unappreciated gift that has taken lots of time to make and so there have been instances for kinder birthday parties where I have given a bought gift, and it is probably more appreciated than if I had taken the time to make something...
    Sad isn't it.

  29. I think handmade is so extra-specially special.

  30. gee.....I so get what you mean. It can be a bit frustrating when you spend so much time and love pouring into a gift and the receipent just doesn't get it. I'd be a bit miffed. But how lovely when someone does get it and loves it. then it is so rewarding. I love being gifted knitted's, particularly tikki ones. she's ace, but I'm biased. but since I suck at knitting, i love it when she gifts me cosy warm bit of love. love your milo'S

  31. It is lovely. What gets me with a hand made gift is that there really isn't another one like it in the world and the recipient often doesn't get the true feeling of care gone into a work. Last year I made two things, one for my f-i-l, and thankfully he wore his a lot, and still does. The other item never was mentioned again. It is a bit of a blow, but does teach one to choose who gets the goodies with all that love in them! Anyway, hold your head up. Be proud, your work is beautiful!

  32. Oh dear Kate, this post does sadden me, mainly because I love your creations and would be stoked to receive any one of them.
    I count myself as truly fortunate to have a Mama who makes the most delightful knitted garments and always has AND a sister-in-law who knits and sews. I have been the recipient of many beautiful handmade gifts from them over the years and I have made a few requests that have been fulfilled also.
    Handmade delights always fill my heart with happiness and I wear/or dress my boys in them proudly. They always receive the greatest compliments from friends or people I meet.
    An important lesson to learn about the people you offer these beauties to as gifts xo

  33. I give handmade to the kids teachers - because the kids love giving things I've made, but other than that I mostly make for my sisters kids and mine, a few crafters and friends. I know they will appreciate it, but on the other hand I been asked to make detailed quilts like they are just something that I whip up, quickly and cheaply. Ha!

  34. I think that I appreciate handmade more than most. I know that most people are time poor and I love that the item is something special that has time and thought not mass produced. I give something when I can as I think the value of handmade is tenfold to what I would spend in a shop. I know that my children absolutely LOVE soemthing that is handmade and consider that item far more special than anything else. I do choose very carefully who I give these items to. I have just started and now that I massage I also give that as a gift, is that handmade item too?!?!?! I absolutely love your most beautiful knitted baby gift and I am sure that it will be received in exactly the manner it was intended with love.

  35. A heartbreaking waste Kate - if it was like the Milo pictured it's an absolute work of art. I can't pass a hand-knitted item in the op shop without taking it home. I can't bear the thought of some childs Nanna knitting a jumper full of love and then Mum carting it of to Vinnies because it isn't from Cotton On. Dressing the kids in something handmade gives me a tiny thrill in the same way as looking at anything I have created myself around the house. It adds richness to life! Hope your Dad is feeling well this week. x

  36. That is absolutely beautiful!!! I might have to try that one myself..

    Yes I think if you are a crtafty handmade giver you always appreciate the amount of time and love that go into making gifts..

    These days, time is such a commodity, don't you think? I think that's why people appreciate a homemade batch of cookies, or a handmade gift so much.. because they know that busy people have put TIME into it. It's not really a monetary thing..

  37. I think your vest is gorgeous and if it was me i wouldn't hand craft anything for that other family again.

    I have a good more loving for them!

  38. I have a system. For people I know and love and I know love handmade - I make them something for all or part of their present. Everyone else gets a gift card at the post office when I drop in to post the card. Sounds harsh - but I truly think that some people are happier selecting their own gift. And that is cool too.

    I adore that vest - Kate. It is def a wearer and a keeper.

  39. Spooky! I just pulled out the box of clothes that didn't fit Harvey when given...he's grown so I was going to get things out to put in his chest of drawers and then I read your post. He'll be sporting his natty vest over the next few months :o)
    We love handmade because we know the effort (I feel I can speak for H since I handmade him myself :o) that goes into making.
    Not everyone understands....
    Ab xx

  40. I'm another one who has learnt her lesson and become very picky about who I invest my crafting time in. My sisters love, use appreciate and want anything I make and I love that. Some other people close to me though just don't understand so for them I buy presents.

  41. It is such a shame that sometimes a beautiful handmade gift can go to waste on an unappreciative person. I do love to hand make gifts, and do my best to make it something practical that I think will be used, but it's not always easy! It is probably my 'crafty' friends who are most appreciative!

  42. Excellent post Kate... yes, I have had this happen to me too - many times. I've really pulled back now and tend to only gift handmade when I know it'll be appreciated. I still get it wrong from time to time but it's not as frequent these days. Also, the anxiety I go through while making the gift is so high - will they like it, will they get it - is just too much for me sometimes so the whole 'pulling back' thing has been good for me on many levels. It's also one of the reasons why I love making things for other bloggers and going in for swaps etc - my husband often says 'why are making things for people you don't know?' and (apart from the fact that I do feel like I know them / share a bond that comes from being the same kind of person who likes to make stuff_ the fact is that you know they'll at least appreciate the work that has gone into it. Anyway, great post, and I'm really happy for you that this gorgeous vest will be loved and appreciated. It really is divine - I love the kisses and hugs on it :) Kx

  43. I give handmade gifts a fair bit. I almost feel likes it's expected of me as everyone knows I sew/dye/do machine embroidery. The gifts are usually really well received. If I knew that someone wouldn't appreciate the effort, I wouldn't bother to make something. Thankfully I haven't had any horror stories.

  44. Ditsy me forgot to that XO cable. So very special.

  45. Just wanna say, I love that shade of pink, I might have to have another baby! xo

  46. Never forget the yearI made my sister in law a blouse for christmas. She unwrapped it and looked in side to see the label and where it had come from. No Label, a tight smile and a thank you. I love her very much, but learned a valuable lesson that day!

  47. I love giving and receiving handcrafted gifts, just the thought that someone has put into something and made it esp. for me. Sadly I choose who gets my handcrafted treasure.
    Have a great day and stay warm

  48. I learnt the hard way about giving handmade too. I spent a long time sorting out fabrics for a set of coasters for a friend. It took me ages as her house is very beige and I wanted colours that would look too out of place! They were chucked in a drawer while I was there and I don't think they survived the journey to her new house :( It's a shame but there you go. I also spent time making a fabulous baking set, complete with personalised apron, recipe cards etc and I don't think it was even opened. I still do give handmade but only to a select few which is a shame as the love of handmade needs to be spread about the world!

  49. Sooooo cute!! I love making handmade gifts but I am picky who I give them to. In the past I have invested hours on some gifts only to see them being thrown in the corner as the recipient doesn't appreciate the effort and time taken. To some people if it doesn't have a logo it's not what they want which is a real shame as it is often the handmade that stands the test of time! Cx

  50. Eeeek... It seems handmade gifts are underappreciated. I'm doubly scared now as I've just finished a scarf for my SIL who previously I wouldn't have invested the time in making something for because it wasn't her 'thing'. BUT I'm seeing some changes in her so hoping my scarf is well received. Fingers crossed for me X

    Your milo vest is beautiful. I can't believe it was done in 2 nights! Don't you wish you could take those unappreciated gifts back and give them to someone else who would appreciate it. It's heartbreaking to see your hard work wasted.

  51. I am so with you on this issue Kate. After having my heart a bit broken by a couple of ho-hum responses to my hard work I have learnt to choose wisely who I give to. It's not that we want lots of praise but I guess just a realisation that we have used some of our precious time to make something for them with love rather than wander into a shop and choose something off the shelf. Btw, I think your Milos are really lovely, and not just because it's my boy's name ;-)

  52. I am another one who loves to give a hand made pressy, I feel it conveys the love you feel for the person, although in saying that I am a bit picky who I give them to as some just look and cast it aside, no appreciation for the time, effort and love that has gone into it.
    xx Sandi

  53. Bloody hell. Give me the address and I'll go and pinch that utterly gorgeous unloved Milo and I'll put it on Susannah rain, hail or shine until it's inappropriately midriff! You're gorgeous Kate, and so are your gifts. Perhaps given this story I shouldn't be busting my guts to handmake gifts...

  54. After 2 years of making birthday presents for my SIL, I have just bought her a crappy scarf and bangle which she will appreciate much more!
    I hope the ungrateful mum reads your blog!!

  55. I don't come from a crafty family but I feel so special when people make homemade gifts for myself and my little girls. It's the effort, the time, and the thought that goes into a home made gift that has my heart every time. Don't stop the homemade gifts. xx

  56. It's lovely, Kate. I don't give handmade indiscriminately---only to the folks who'll "get" it.

  57. I can't believe they wouldn't wear a similar, most gorgeous, hand knitted milo! It's outrageous! It's an absolute beauty that little top. Kellie xx

  58. Gorgeous Kate, it's such a dilemma and a knife in your tummy when a lovingly handmade thing is not used. My friend Jo from Bubala and I talk about this. She's started to get really careful about who she makes handmades for now (luckily I'm still on the in list because her crafting is legendary.) I give handmades, most girly birthdays get a skirt , boys get PJs. Mostly they're worn. I think your Milo is beautiful. And a dear friend just gave me all her hand knitteds from her three girls, for my baby, all lovingly handknit by her and her mother in law. I don't think I've ever had a more precious gift. Wear, wear, wear. xxx

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. That Milo is gorgeous, I've made a few of them now. Such a lovely pattern.

    I know EXACTLY what you mean about the homemade gift thing! I made a stunning tea cosy for a friend and she cut the bottom row and made it big enough to fit her toddlers head as a play thing. Eek. I made it with love to make her teapot look styly but she obviously just didn't get it (and yes I did tell her what it was for ;) ). I am now very careful who I make things for. Some people appreciate homemade, for the others that don't, well they don't deserve it.

  61. All of my boys have been winter babies. Melbourne winters are so cold, I can't imagine a more appropriate, beautiful gift for a winter babe. You're a good woman, with wool in her blood.

  62. I love your Milo vest Kate - I would put that on any baby of mine with pride!

    I give handmade gifts a lot, but even then not all the time. I realise that I sort of unconsciously restrict it to the kids of close friends, and then mostly the girls. Boys often get something from a shop along the lines of an educational or puzzle type toy. Generally speaking my handmade gifts are well recieved, I think my friends 'get it' pretty well and appreciate the effort. Although I have to say there are a few things that I have not seen worn in my presence, but then I give the benefit of the doubt and also realise people are not likely to dress their kid in the dress I made them just because we are meeting at the park. Sometimes friends have gone to the trouble of taking a photo of the gift being used/worn and emailing it to me, which is really nice.

    I have never really recieved a handmade gift, but plenty of times I have received a store bought gift that I hate, I've sent things straight to the op shop. For me thats no different than if someone hates my handmade thing. Its a gift and fair game for personal taste rejection from the receiving party. Sometimes you just miss the mark no matter what and after all, you can't please everybody!

  63. After embroidering a baby top for a girlfriends first baby, another girlfriend commented that if I had made it for her it would have ended up in a goodwill bin once bin had grown out of it. Note to self - no handmade baby clothes for that friend!!!

    Luckily, the girlfriend who I made the top for loved it and now her bub has grown out of it the top has been put away into her treasures box.

    Sad truth is that some people understand the time and effort of creativity and others don't.

  64. I'm a bit slow to this one... but. That MIlo is gorgeous!!! If I had a little one I would put them in it everyday, and loving it every day as someone had taken the time and knitted in the love to do it.
    I love giving handmade as I love making, but it's still a tricky thing when I know the other person will not appreciate it in the slightest and would much rather something plastic and store bought. I used to choose carefully who I gave to, but now I think stuff it, if I give anything else but handmade then I'm compromising my own ideals and beliefs.

  65. Reading all these posts is kinda wonderful because it shows me I am not alone with crafters angst!! What is it with Sister-in-Laws? I have one too, who has just made me so upset with her lack of manners in regards to presents from me - basically a whole side of family have never had any interest in what I do, have never once asked questions or made a comment good or bad on my stuff either in my house or given as presents....and it hurts.

    Surround yourself with the people who do appreciate you and your love and effort and time. Harder to do when it's family giving you the pips!

  66. I say keep giving handmade...I think it is a dying art and it is our responsibility to keep it going.
    I do choose wisely before parting with a present that has hours of labor in it.
    The Milo is adorable and how fantastic that it has a new home in afar flung land.

  67. Hi Kate
    I remember having this discussion with you on Rav. It's interesting to see how many others have exactly the same feeling and similar thoughts.
    Gift handmade but be choosy in who you gift to.
    Gorgeous knitting as always....
    Yours in handmade :)
    Jen xx


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