Wednesday, June 22, 2011

For Indi...just because...

Because the sheet I need for the quilt backing is still in the washing machine.

Because I have a gazillion things to sew for the caravan and this is not one of them.

Because Miss Pepper is playing quietly alone in the other room.

Because I am the queen of procrastination.

Because the scraps in my bin looked way too cute to chuck out.

Because I haven't made you a pillow case or doona cover yet and you haven't complained.

Because I hate the vampire t'shirt you currently uses as a hottie cover.

Because I made one recently for The Hottie Challenge and still had the pattern.

Because it often feels like I have no idea when it comes to the parenting of a 10 year old girl.

Because you let me hold your hand all the way to school today.

Because life sometimes looks complicated for a ten year old girl.

Because I adore you and think you are so ace!

I hope you like it. x

And my super duper brooch package arrived.
Aren't I a lucky duck!
Thanks Flaming Nora!
Thanks Susie.

See ya later hot potata! x


  1. I hope she likes it - I am sure she will! I kept my Miss G home today just to chill, she's still in her pj's.

    Love to you xx

  2. Super awesome! Lovely post sweet mama.

  3. Because it is made with love by you she will love it.
    Because you are so darn inspirational I love popping in to visit.
    Because you are going on a caravanning trip of a life time soon I am dreaming about far away places :)


  4. Love it Kate, and so will she.
    Your brooch/es are gorgeous and so perfect!!

    PS. i have a brand new 10 year old today! (can hardly believe it)xx

  5. Cool stuff! What a lucky girl. Thanks for the link back. xx

  6. Sometimes it's just nice to do something special for someone, even if you don't have much spare time :)

  7. because you're an awesome, loving, thoughtful mumma.
    It's gorgeous Kate, and she will love I'm sure.

  8. this is way more important than stuff for the caravan anyway!!!!!! TK xx

  9. This is such a lovely post. I'm so happy to have stumbled upon your great blog. I've just dug out my nan's old sewing machine and have been trying super-easy projects! I would love to try making a dress for my little girl. (am already beginning to grab thrifted pillowcases and duvets in a bid to add to my stash!)
    Anyhoo, am your latest follower so I don't miss out on your crafty ideas.
    If you get a minute, do pop over and visit my end of blogland. I love thrfting and a little bit of crochet too.

  10. So did she like it?
    If not, I could happily change my name to Isabella or Indira or maybe Ignatius!!!
    I'm off to check out 'Flaming Nora'. Best blog name I've heard in AGES!!

  11. what a lovely 'just because' present, bet she love it :)
    i absolutely love making things for my children, it is one of the best things ever about being a crafter isn't it. Amelie had a sleep over the other night and she took with her her pillowcase with her name on it, her quilt and her toilet bag, all made my moi, what a great feeling!

  12. Love the use of your scraps, it looks great. Glad you got spoilt with some lovely goodies too :)

  13. What a gorgeous hottie cover! I'm sure she loves it :) Sometimes we just have to do what feels right at the time I think. (My little one has a thing for vampires too... and pirates.) Love love love your brooches! You lucky thing - they are just divine :) Kx

    p.s. not making a comment in any way but I have to tell you the word verification is"mumental" :0)

  14. Just beautiful Mum Kate really xx

  15. Awww they are always your little baby no matter how big they get. What a beautiful mummy moment x

  16. Hello, today I pop in to your lovely blogg, I just love the pictures. I am a big fan of retro vintage fabric and old bed linen.... My oldest daughter is going to live in Australia for one year, and I hope she will find some nice sheets for me;)) I am looking forward to read more on your lovely blogg. Best wishes from Wilhelmines blogg in Norway.

  17. What a great post, and such a good way to use scraps.

  18. I bet she loves it as is very Cosy tonight :)

  19. How beautiful... the post and the hottie, made with so much love. I can feel the warmth from here :o)

  20. What a lovely mum you are!! This post reminds me of my own mum when I was little - she sewed me a 'mini mum' doll so I would have something to cuddle and pretend was her when I was at sleepovers, camps or feeling sick and needing some TLC... She's such a giving mum and so are you - your girls are so lucky, as am I!

  21. You're such a gorgeous mum Kate, and I get it... the love that goes into every little stitch. This post made me all teary-bleary eyed.

  22. i know this is almost a year old but can i just say (again) how much i look up to you as being a mother just that tiny bit further along in the journey from me.
    you are so insightful and intentional, i really hope to be as true to my children as you are to yours. so much respect!
    thank you!
    (we are heading away for an 8 week "stationary road trip" 7 hours north of where we live and i'm trawling your pre-trip posts for tips and advice!!)
    have a lovely weekend
    Dee XO


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