Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sixty four!

Exactly one month to the day since the oldest four girls in our family gathered in the city to support each other through Farmdoc's open heart surgery, we came together once again. This time Abby came all the way across the seas to join us too.

And this time we came together to celebrate.

We sang Happy Birthday.
We danced to the obvious Beatles song.
We drank coffee.
We ate a big lunch and a little cake.
We reminisced.
We spent time together with no husbands, or boyfriends, or children, or pets.
We talked through issues and told stories.
We cried at his speech and laughed at hers.
What a day!

Happy Birthday Dad!

I hope you had a great day.


ps. Bloody Blogger just swallowed this post when I tried to publish it the first time. I think it was better the first time too.
pps. Thanks heaps for all the answers to my last post. You guys are awesome.
ppps. Imagine how much fun it'll be when you turn 64 and get to spend the day with your adult children. Now that'll be a great day too I think.
pppps. I'm on officially on Pinterest now as Foxslane.


  1. Beautiful!!
    I'm so happy your Dad is doing well and enjoyed his birthday.

  2. Gosh you couldn't lose one another could you Kate? Definitely sister genes there. Happy birthday to your Dad..

  3. Oh, Kate. I am so moved by this, after all you've been through lately. And your darling Dad! Just gorgeous. J x

  4. How wonderful thanks for sharing such a lovely day with us.Dont you hate when lose all your ramblings and have to start over a huge grrr


  5. Look at the gorgeous women in your family Kate! They look like excellent company. Happy birthday to the very well-looking Farmdoc!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful day...Happy Birthday to your dad.Glad he is well. A quick note on your last post...the kids did not eat the creamy vegie soup...but it was delicious...quick and easy recipe is on my blog :)

  7. A beautiful post Kate. Happy birthday, Kate's dad!

    (So spill- can you join Pininterest without Facebook or Twitter accounts?)

  8. Fabulous news all round Kate! So very pleased for your dad. and don't you all look wonderful together. I found myself smiling at every pic! x

  9. Glad you lot have a luverly day. You are such a sister hog- look at all those sister, I'd be happy with just one sister, but no, none. And my wee girl didn't get one either- not only do you have all those sisters, you provided your girls with 2 sisters each. Enjoy them. And, hip hip HOORAY to Mr. Farmdoc. When my dad turned 64 he was in Germany, we had a mobile contact (German friends) so we rang and sang that obvious Beetles song loudly after the answering machine message came on...only to find out he'd given us the wrong number. So, some German got a very loud and raucous and tuneless version of 'when I'm 64' sung by random Aussie strangers! Also, I remember happily dancing around with my Grandma to that tune on her 64th, I must have been I wee girl myself.

  10. Oh you guys are so is a special thing to have sisters...I only have two but they are special indeed. Glad you had a fabulous time together ...celebrating.

  11. Beautiful,
    Love, lots of it coming from this post. (Not for Blogger obviously)

    I never can write that second post like the first. Darn it.

    So how did you do the Pinterest thing in the end?
    I cant even figure out the silly facebook side of it. Grrr

  12. Goosebumps Kate. That is what this post gave me. It is so precious and beautiful, I can't explain.
    Look at all you gorgeous ladies, from the one family. No wonder your Dad looks so proud. All that love must do wonders for his health. Sounds like a perfect kinda day for his 64th.
    P.S. I think this post is just fabulous... whether the original was better or not ;o) xo

  13. I am sitting here at 646am, the house is quiet, although everyone should be up and getting ready for the day. I read your post and big fat tears are rolling down my cheeks. You all look so happy and your dad looks so thrilled. Makes me miss mine. I would love just one more birthday with him. so he could meet Busy. Just one. Just one more moment. I know you appreciate yours so much. I know you tell him you love him lots. Keep doing it. xx

  14. What a sweet post! Happy Birthday to your dad. Glad to see he is doing better.

  15. Happy birthday to your lovely dad, and it's so nice to see you and your sisters all together! In a month, my big sister will arrive from over the seas for a visit, and I think us four sisters will arrange our own husband/child free time too... xo

  16. what a gorgeous wallop of "adult children"...

    I too welled up at the loveliness and can only imagine how your dad felt to be surrounded by all of you.

    Totally spesh.


  17. Can't believe my dad is 20 years older than yours!!
    Happy birthday Farmdoc. "Andi Herman eat your heart out!!"

  18. Yes, beautiful! You all look so happy. It is so nice that you all enjoy each others company so much. I am the same with my sisters and it is so much fun. It certainly will be interesting to see my children grown up! I just can't imagine it. Lou.

  19. happy birthday to your dad!
    looks like you had a lovely time. i can't get over how much you all look alike!!
    I'm not sure what pinterest is, I haven't even braved twitter yet!! I am coping with blogging and facebook - should I be branching out?

  20. I feel an affinity with your father, as crazy as that sounds, over what we have both been through at exactly the same time. It is so nice to see him looking fit and well! And happy birthday to him, and hugs to you for being such a lovely daughter. xx

  21. Wow - what a post Kate! (tho damn that blogger) You've made me smile with the beautiful photos of you all and expecially of your Dad.
    I think he's had one of the happiest birthdays by the looks! So good to see him looking so well and bright.XXX

  22. especially if they were as spunky as you lot!!
    beautiful post of a wonderful day!
    SOOO happy your dad's doing well one month on!
    Wish him an extra happy birthday and a big hug from me xoxo
    PS don't you hate that when that happens with posts, it just happened to me write now with this comment, this is my second go, so apologies if this one sucks!

  23. You've got such a beautiful family Kate. I'm so glad your dad's doing well. Happy Birthday Farmdoc.

  24. The closeness & strength of your family shows through these gorgeous photo's. I can imagine your dad had a fabulous day :)

  25. What wonderful pics of you all!
    It is wonderful to see your dad up and smiling!

  26. That's lovely! Especially after all you've been through as a family. So pleased to hear you all had a wonderful day :)

  27. your mum & dad must be so proud - 4 gorgeous, stylish, lovely girls to call their own. What a blessing!

  28. Its a lovely photo of you all together :-)

  29. Such a wonderful post Kate!
    And your sister standing next to you in that last photo looks so familiar .. bit weird!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  30. oh Kate now youv'e got me wanting to see my sister's....sniffle sniffle...they are both too too far away....BUT will look forward to Chrissy - its a Glover one this year!! So glad your dad is doing so well, happy weekend-ing whatever you do, (maybe some caravan sewing???...just a thought!!!!!!!)TK xx

  31. As the most recent comment on this post was six days ago, it's time for me to write mine.
    My 2011 birthday was the best of my 64 so far. By far.
    It was an emotional day. I'm lucky I didn't drop dead running up a hill in a Mole Creek paddock. So I'm very aware I'm lucky enough to have been given a second chance at life.
    My surgery was major major. But I'm oh so fortunate that coronary bypass surgery is available, and I live in a country where I have easy access to it.
    It was literally indescribable for me to celebrate my 64th birthday with my five women: Sweetheart Vivienne and our four darling daughters. And, yes, we did to all the things Kate mentioned in her blog.
    Thank you to each person who, in a comment on Kate's post, wished me well. I am grateful for your kind thoughts.
    And thank you for writing such a poignant birthday post, Kate. I love you (just in case you didn't know this already).
    P.S. More good news. Yesterday (i.e. 15 June) I received excellent reports at the 6-week follow-ups with my surgeon and cardiologist. So, volcanic ash permitting, next Sunday Sweetheart Vivienne and I are flying home to Mole Creek for the second half of my 12-week recovery period.

  32. After reading one of the sweetest posts in forever is it OK to blub into my keyboard. What a gorgeous family you have Kate, what a wonderful personal moment to share. Thank you!
    p.s A belated Happy Birthday to your much loved Dad . xx


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