Friday, June 3, 2011

Even though...

Even though I said I wouldn't do any non caravan related sewing until I have finished the curtains and the doona covers, I did.

Even though I said I wouldn't spend any time in op shops today looking for cool vintage sheets, I did.

Even though I didn't find any cool vintage sheets, I did find some great knit fabrics.

Even though I decided I am over wearing knee length a'line skirts, I wore one this morning and felt frumpy.

Even though we were delivering vegies and eggs this afternoon, I made my farmer boy take some pics of me with my knitting and my new skirt. Oh the life of a blogger's boy.

Even though I had the house to myself for a few hours this morning and lots of caravan sewing to do, I sewed a skirt.

Even though I felt guilty about it, I still kept cutting knit fabric and sewing myself a skirt.

Even though I have a skirt pattern in my head that works for me, I changed it and cut the pieces on a curve.

Even though I usually over lock and hem everything, I left lots of raw edges.

Even though I almost tripped over doing it, I still had such a laugh while taking the above pic of myself and my new skirt.

Even though I told myself I would never again buy the laundry detergent with the smell in it, I did and I love it.

Even though my family call me the style police, I still cannot work out what fabric to use for the caravan curtains. And does the print go on the inside or outside?

Even though Miss Jazzy is such a girly girl, the blue and white pattern above is the sheet she chose for her caravan bed sheet.

Even though I had planned to have dinner made when I went to pick up the girls, I only had a new skirt made.

Even though my list is still as long as it was this morning, I have a new skirt.

Even though I really, really want to make big girl skirts and put them in my shop like lots of lovely emailers are asking me to, I don't have the skills to grade the pattern for different sizes. Sorry.

Even though I really love writing this blog, I can't seem to write a magazine article about blogging.

Even though it's the weekend, I hope I can get the girlies to bed early and have a bit of couch time with my farmer boy.

Even though I haven't crossed anything off my list today, I hope you have.
Have you? Hope so.

Have a great one y'all. x


  1. sometimes it's nice to just go with the flow & please yourself, the list can wait! your skirt looks great, I hope you get some couch time & have a lovely weekend..x

  2. a few things are ticked off, but not enough for this pregnant muma! You're counting down to your caravan deadline and I'm counting down to my baby due date. I'm sure we'll get there in the end! Love the shot of you knitting on the Verandah x

  3. Ah Kate , Nothing frumpy about those tights though- cool! I had a daggy tracky dack day with the hope that i saw no-one(and luckily I didn't ).
    And I'm glad you made that skirt. I was looking at my fabric nd thinking "that would make a great skirt" and the rational Trudi was thinking "but you don't need anymore skirts -make a top". So because I was at odds I didn't make either!

  4. Even though your head said make caravan stuff , your heart said make the skirt. Heart's always right.
    Even though you thought you looked frumpy in the aline skirt, you actually look like a rockstar.
    Your skirt's wonderful, and I'm so happy you made yourself something and put you before others things on the to do list.
    Because probably if you hadn't sewed it , you would have thought about it all day and if you're anything like me, if you thinking about making something else you just waste alot of time stuffing around.
    here's to a great weekend started off by Kate Bren couch time xo
    ps I did sort of tick something off my list, almost, nearly done.

  5. It is just that you picked up the wrong list this morning. The right one said "make skirt, be happy, love my family." You seem to have all that covered, so why worry?

  6. I love your new skirt and stripey stockings much more fun then working through the list. My lists are daily ones and short ones so hopefully I'll mark them off but today I ticked off only two things, ring Mum and do housework. I'm hoping tonight I get to tick off crocheting though. Enjoy your night, goodluck with your list tomorrow. xo

  7. Love the new twirly skirt! x

    I have a list as long as my arm and never ever get my list done xx

    Have a great weekend!

    Leah x

  8. oh i know what you mean about smelly detergent. unfortunately all the 'green' ones don't have a strong fragrance. perhaps now that we are not using the grey water in the garden (it's winter after all), perhaps i can buy some nice smelly stuff :)
    what are you knitting?

  9. Caravan curtains? Have two right sides so you can have pretty patterns showing whichever way you look!

  10. I'm all about not doing the things you're "supposed" to do & going off on a tangent, so I get this entirely.

    Which magazine? Snoopity snoop snoop... ;)

  11. Just love your post. It seems on Fridays that everything you plan flys out the window. I'm glad you have such a cute skirt by the end of the day too

  12. umm, actually, funny you should mention that because, even though, I actually wrote a list this morning (to help me not get distracted)...well, I have a fair bit of my new quilt sewn. you are the Queen of Skirts and, that blue sheet looks like my 80's curtains. And, I think, print facing you guys, inside the caravan.

  13. You crack me up! Sounds like I am writing some of your stuff alot of the time! I am desperate for a red style skirt - very desperate - I love the style! xoxox

    I posted the third of my four University essays today, visited three op shops and found nothing. Up-cycling a nest of tables British style. Put the kids in front of a movie while my love is at work and I am eating ice-cream and catching up on blogs.

    I didn't have a list, but I do have those days where time just escapes!
    Love Rach xoxox

  14. As far as your curtains go - sew them double-sided - they will be thicker and therefore do the job of curtains better AND they will be pretty on both sides!

  15. Love the skirt and love those leggings! Some days are just not good for doing things that need to be done. I had a day like that too.

  16. List?...
    I had one once...didn't find it very helpful...never tried writing one

    I love your twirly skirt...
    and Farmer Bren's pics...he's getting much better...My husband shakes and needs to use the tripod...I pretty much gave up and just do it myself with the timer...Rather exhausting thou running between the too...
    Have a great weekend Kate...

  17. Hooray! New skirt. What else really matters?

  18. I'm feeling the same in my knee-length A-lines lately! And I've got a short skirt in the making at the moment thanks to inspiration from you Kate :-) Have a lovely weekend.

  19. Even though im the happiest ive been for a while cos i overdosed on the tidying up today i still wish i was there watching you make your skirt and not feeling guilty about it.
    A.N.D. even though i married an artist doesnt mean he is ever gonna be good at taking great pictures of me in skirts :/

  20. I am sure we are all prepared to turn a blind eye to the should have's....doing other things is always much more fun.

  21. Loving the new skirt! As for the caravan curtains...line them with a pretty fabric and then it doesn't matter which way round you hang them!! Cx

  22. love.... those stripey tights...
    love.... that cute new skirt...
    love.... that pix of mama rocking her knitty on the go :0
    LOVE.... that you are finding couch time with you guy...oh how easy it is to forget about couch time ;(

    Great post!

  23. hard!!!! Even though I am meant to be baking right now for a friend's housewarming tonight, I am reading blog posts, even though I was meant to study last night, I watched a movie, no prizes for guessing what TK will be up to tomorrow!!....story of my life!!! TK xx (ps, your skirt is so cute!!)

  24. I love how we change direction at the blink of an eye, even when we have lists of 'to dos' It will all get sorted.
    x Sandi

  25. Who cares when you should be finished doing things!! You'll get there in the end. You have a whole month to get organised!! I'm sure it'll be fine!

  26. What a cool post and an even cooler skirt! YAY you, for doing exactly what it was that made you happy. You still achieved, which is the main thing ;o)
    A line skirts make me feel frumpy too! xo

  27. Even though your revamp of your van is going to be a knock out, I found this link and immediately thought of you.

    Best wishes

    jill x

  28. to steal a line.....
    "even though" i should be in bed, I'm really pleased that my glass of red and I are still up reading your blog post.
    Happy weekend - love that top photo !

  29. I love your blog but I especially loved this post! I hate deadlines and to do lists! I think things are much better when you can go with the flow. Having said that I'm really glad I could tick off a couple of things this weekend. I've been planning a giveaway for SO long and finally done it! Love the skirt!

  30. This post has made my day. Suddenly feeling no guilt about my own diversions and side-tracks. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for brightening up mine!

  31. Firstly, as if YOU could ever look frumpy.
    Secondly, my family call me the style police too.
    Thirdly,the curtains would have to be double sided so you can change them over no?

  32. Lovely post. It is great to know other people pursue their creativity even when they think they should be doing something else. Making dinner? No one's going to starve but a new skirt, nice!


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