Friday, May 6, 2011

On my mind.

The truth is, I've got so much on my mind right now that I feel like I could explode. Happy, scared, excited, protective, nervous, overwhelmed, proud, challenged, grateful, in's all there.

I've always said that I'm the type of person who deals with things intensely as they happen. I discuss, I think, I workshop and process, but then after a while its done and I can move on. A bit of a roller coaster for those around me, but its it's my way and mostly it works.

Over the past few years I've found the woolly crafts incredibly helpful in the processing of emotional stuff. If my hands are busy with a hook or some needles, it helps my mind focus on the task at hand. Its almost meditative. Hands moving, head thinking.

This morning with so much emotional stuff going on and a plan to spend some time in Melbourne next week, I have my woolly crafts on my mind. Which projects I am working on, which projects have time limits, which projects I can pick up and put down and which need a bit more thought for complicated stitch patterns and colour choices. And then if I finish the projects I am in the middle of then what next and what needles and yarn do I need and patterns do I need to print out?

At breakfast this morning, Indi asked me how many projects there are in my queue before I get to her leg warmer request. There's the Tikki pattern test, Michelle's pattern test, Dad's hot water bottle cover, Tania's baby Milo and then hers. Cables are in this winter she informed me. Thank goodness its only Autumn I thought!

So what gets you through the stressful times?
And what's on your mind today?
Why don't you play along over here.

Have a fabulous weekend and the happiest of all Mothers' Days! x


  1. Mmmm, I tend to catch up on mindless telly watching while I am knitting- junk, classics, chick flicks, anything. Or fill in long car drives. I tend to think and contemplate more when I sew.

  2. Definately crochet, it helps me switch off & yet gives me time to think all at once. I was asked this morning when the zu zu pets sleeping bags are going to be done..oops, not quite on the priority list just now! Wishing you a brilliant Mother's Day..xx

  3. Kate I tend to do the same thing...analyse something from every angle, back to front and upside down then move on to the next thing.
    Creating has always been meditative for me, a chance to just let my mind switch off it I chose or to think in peace.
    Since learning to crochet I would have to say this is my go to craft when things are getting the better of me...I absolutely love it and find it very therapeutic!
    Have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day

  4. Kate those top ones look very familiar, lol! Your Tikki test knit is going much faster than mine, I am only about an inch after the sleeves. Recently I have discovered more podcasts so have been sitting quietly in the study whilst I knit and try to relax. You can find some you might like to listen to at Hope you have a nice break in Melbourne!

  5. I hope you will enjoy your time away. I get lost in my own head most of the time. (It's very messy in there so it's amazing I ever make it out of the maze into reality ;)) I'm trying not to overwhelm myself with too many projects.

  6. I'm feeling overwhelmed too. Not entirely sure why, but I am.

  7. I know what you mean, when I am knitting sometimes I withdraw so much into a meditative mood that I scarcely notice what is going on around me.
    I love the colours of your wools. As a yarn, I find wool much more inspiring than cotton.

  8. To be honest; I'm having trouble seeing the wood for the trees at the moment. I'm stuck in a rut and not quite sure how to step forward. I got a few BBC DVDs from the library today and haave a few projects to get on with over the next few nights hope to have some further clarity at the end of it all.

    A very happy mothers day to you too!

  9. ^^me of course? Sorry wrong account!

  10. I learnt several years ago that creating is my therapy. If I'm not creating something/anything then I start to go go a bit loopy! So thats how I justify spending money on craft too. It's cheaper than a therapist!

  11. if you ask a fisherman what he thinks of when he is fishing he will look at you and then say
    fishing, as is knitting/sewing/painting/crochet are all excellent forms of yoga. now..take your knitting one step further and remove the 'mind thinking' part. try to only think of what you are making. just that stitch. then you will be in full meditation. love ! x

  12. I think all crafty people are similar. Stressed = craft here:)
    DH leaves for 8 weeks on Sunday. Keys just say there are a few things on the needles:).
    Sorry if I may have seemed stalker like the other day. I'm not I promise. Just 7 moves in 7 years and 5 different states and territories I know my way around and have a fee good hints and tips to share:)

  13. knitting and crochet are definitely meditation for me, I have do unwind every night with some. When the fingers are working the brain can relax and the answers just come :-)

  14. Hand quilting works for me.
    Or cake and hand quilting.
    Or just cake.
    And if there's none of that and I'm desperate I have been known to have a jolly good go at the cooking chocolate.
    I think I should try knitting - better for the backside!

  15. You and I are so alike Kate, not only to we use wooly crafts for the same sort of thing, but I process things exactly like you. I've also got a bit that exploding feeling tooxo

  16. yep- here here. Same thinking process- obsessive thoughts and working through followed by letting go. That is me too. I have been wondering lots otday too and didn't even know you were too.

  17. Oh Kate, hope you find some clarity soon enveloped in all of that yummy yarn.
    I always have to get busy making something when I feel a bit stressed.
    In my past life as a wardrobe mistress I always used to have those sort of stress dreams where you realise you are in a public place without any clothes on......only for me I used to panic that the curtain would go up and someone would be stood there in the wrong costume or even worse, not properly dressed {...of course this never happened, we were professional of course!!!}
    And then when stress levels got high I would calm down, make a joke of it and try to make others laugh and's only theatre!!

  18. I like making lists too. It helps to outline everything and make sure I don't forget something and I feel good when I can tick things off as finished.
    And I must say that seeing your knitting projects progress has help inspire me to get on with my knitting. And you're right - concentrating on the stitches help to focus and calm my mind.

  19. Loving the progress Kate...
    But please don't rush...
    Relax and rest those busy hands...

    I like to watch chick flicks...
    Cook cakes...
    and sit in the back yard...
    and of course...Crochet!!!

    Have a lovely Mothers Day weekend...

  20. Goodness, you are one productive lady Kate. I think there is a link between hands and minds. I see it in action whenever I watch Ina modelling with playdough or clay - it just frees up her busy little mind and we talk and talk while she rolls and pinches. I actually carry plasticine in my handbag now, and if I see her getting restless at a cafe or in a waiting room, I'll toss her some. Works amazingly.

    Loving all your colours. I just wish I had my hands free a bit more, but these days there always seems to be a toddler or a broom or a steering wheel or a tricycle handle or a school bag in my way!

    Happy mothers day to you too... I somehow reckon you'll be well taken care of!

  21. I like how working with your hands takes you into another world. Crafting, cooking, massaging (I use to practise massage and getting into a zone made me switch off from the world. Mostly, I like to receive a massage to make me relax, but I can't afford that everyday. Waking up at 6am and doing something good for my mind and body works wonders.
    And yes, a repetative knit is meditative and great for my mind too.

    Kate thanks so much for your recommendations regarding Daylesford, we did Farmer's Arms restaurant (best lamb I've ever had!) and Breakfast & Beer was wonderful!! THANKS xx

  22. kate I have no suggestions re stress as I suck at managing it - but i am closy by and all it takes is a phone call and we could wag all responsibilities for the day ...

  23. Happy Mother's Day to you too!

    I will randomly pick one of the 287 things on my mind...
    How much I am excited by a new project I'm starting, hooray!

  24. Happy Mother's Day! I can only knit when I'm feeling jolly! I find it oppressive when I'm stressed....
    Going for a walk, taking some time to myself or doing yoga can work for stress if I can get it together to do those things.

  25. Yarn is better than any therapist! For me it's a toss up between crocheting and baking bread. :) Lovely post...thanks for sharing! Happy Mother's Day!

  26. Is that Ruby Bendigo Woollen Mills for the cardi - have one on the go here too!!

    And hold tight to those good thoughts for your Dad - he'll be dropping in for a cuppa from across the road before you know it!

  27. Lots of Happy Stitching going on over at your place. And it sounds like you are quite in demand there with that list of projects - I have a never ending one myself. Good Luck!

  28. It's true, Kate, we're never one thing, we never feel one thing. I love your choice of colours, particularly the blue in the last photo and your juicy red jumper.

  29. I hook for therapy. The simple repetative stitches do wonders for my mind and mental health. It is noted when I haven't done some for a while ...and there will be some loving nudges from my precious dave to go find a chair and hook something while I get myself together!!!


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