Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Miss Pepper's cupcake party

When I was a little girl, at every school fete I would have a stall called Katie's Cupcake Kitchen. My Mum and my Grandmother would spend the weeks before baking and freezing cupcakes and then on the day we would lay them all out and my customers would pay for the pleasure of painting them with colourful icing and sprinkling lollies and 100's and 1000's on top. It became a bit of a family tradition.

These days our family cupcake tradition has become all about the sixth birthday party.

Last Saturday Miss Pepper had her eight besties over to celebrate with her.

We decorated cupcake bags, played pin the candle on the cupcake and all other manner of cupcake themed games.

And of course we decorated cupcakes.

I used Cathie's recipe and made about six batches.

The littlies had a ball. They sang and danced and spun and bounced. Miss Pepper kept telling me it was the best party ever!

We followed most of top 10 rules from last year and marvelled that this was our 28th kiddie party.

Our family's tradition for age seven is having your ears pierced. I'm a little glad that's a whole year away.

I do love to celebrate my kids and I love a kid's party but I'm not sure about this growing up business, how on earth is my baby six already?? It's crazy.

I hope you are having a sweet day wherever you are?

And tell me, do you have any special family birthday traditions?
A kind of cake, a funny song, a theme, a way?




  1. We are a year ahead bizarrely!! 5 th bday cake decorating party and 6th birthday ears pierced!! I love how the decorate under the more is better principle of cake decorating. Love it!! X

  2. Fun!! Six is big time isn't it, the last of the baby chub, their face changes so much at 6, sigh..
    We don't have a party every year but I always put up the decorations and its always present opening in our bed all together and since the big boy turned 1 its been fish and chips for dinner! x

  3. A perfect, perfect party, Kate. I am even more in love with you now that I've heard about your junior cupcake kitchen at the school fetes. You are just such a gem. x

  4. Oh, the ear piercing debate - daughter (7) has been asking since last year. In an act of randomness, told her she could have them done when the next Olympics are on. The countdown has begun! X

  5. When my daughter was 6 in August we had a 'bake off' party too but the 6 girls made the cakes too (my mum was on hand to help out!) we played sucking up sweeties with a straw, pass the parcel with an apron prize and decorated box to take their cakes home in. Such a great party idea. Jo x

  6. We have a party each year, but our special birthday thing is celebrating half birthdays for the kids, on a half birthday you get to choose whatever we have for dinner and we have cake with candles for dessert. It's fun to know what the kids consider the best meal ever each year. One year we had baked beans on toast.

  7. Oh the joy on her face is priceless! I love that you have a cupcake tradition. I think I remember seeing pics of the last one a few years ago! I absolutely love that you were doing this at the school fete too. You are one cool gal!

  8. I think decorating cupcakes is a wonderful idea for a child's party. My birthday tradition is to visit a local state park and go swimming, eat fried chicken, and have cake, but my birthday is in July and we're in Texas.

  9. Such a lovely collection of photos, only wish I could taste a decorated cupcake too!

  10. Every year on my birthday, we have picnics and parades and fireworks! Of course, some people think that is all for Fourth of July celebrations, but I know it's all for me!

    Laura from beautiful West Michigan

  11. Those cupcake bags are a cute idea. Looks like the girls had a blast, even before consuming all that sugar! My daughter just celebrated her first, and as she gets older, I really want to try and have it be about something other than just opening gifts. I am always happy to hear about kids that ask for donations for their local pet shelter for their birthday.

  12. What a fantastic party! I love the idea of kids parties! I can't wait!

  13. What a gorgeous party! Happy birthday to the birthday girl!

  14. Looks like miss pepper had a fantastic party! Our family tradition is also ears pierced at 7, our youngest will be 7 in December and I'm really not looking forward to this milestone :( The third child always seems to grow up so fast! Hope you have a great day xx

  15. Gorgeous cupcake decorating!! I love celebrating my daughters' birthdays too. It's a highlight on the annual calendar and lots of planning goes into each one : -) On my eldest's 10th birthday she wanted a Harry Potter party and we had a *junk* room at the time, so we cleared everything out and my Dad painted a mural on the wall. The pressure was on for number 2's 10th birthday but I think I did okay with a Mad Hatter's Tea Party and making numerous fabric teacups and saucers!!!

  16. Lovely day, lovely way to celebrate. Such joy on her little face, such growing so fast on her little face !~! May the years slow down a bit as we savor the childhoods they are experiencing.

  17. Awww! What a gorgeous idea for a party (and looks like SO much fun). Those cupcakes bags are adorable too! You clever thing. Love that it's tradition too. Although I may just have to "steal" this tradition and keep it in mind for future birthday parties myself ;) We do a birthday "ring" and felt birthday crowns for the birthday child as our special tradition, but parties are always whatever we think is fun that year (and usually only parties every "other" year).


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