Saturday, September 12, 2009


Oops, I just posted the wrong post on the wrong blog!
If you are interested in reading about our adventures at the Collingwood Childrens' Farm Farmers' Market today please head on over to my Daylesford Organics blog. If not, hopefully I'll be back with some more crafty activities after a good night's sleep. I think I need it!

Goodnight, I'll be dreaming about this beautiful wool, shorn, dyed and spun from the sheep at Collingwood Children's farm.


  1. tee hee, it's a good mistake Kate. Now I know you're at the Collingwood Children's Farm Farmers market I must pay you a visit one weekend. You might need to post a few days before so I actually remember to go...

    BTW my word verification is pedalica. Great name for a heavy metal bicycle band!!

  2. I agree with Melanie. Now we know where to visit you. And great to hear it was a sell out for you.

    I hope you have sweet, woolly dreams!

  3. lovely lustre on the wool, a beautiful rainbow of eggs, nature just gets it so right!

  4. I think those eggs would look at home where ever they are. Maybe more so on this blog with some egg cosies? xx

  5. Egg cosies,Meg! I LOVE egg cosies. Yes, please, Kate. And did you tell your readers that you knitted while you sold your eggs at the market?


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