Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Last June when I first started this blog, I wrote a post about some alpaca wool that I had bought and was disappointed with when I started to crochet using it. See photo below.

One of the comments I got to that post was from Jodie, who said she would love to do a swap.

I sent her the wool and so far she has knitted this hat and this winter kerchief using it.

This week I received the most amazing package from Jodie in the mail.

It contained the 2 bowls above that Jodie crocheted from wool one of her friends made using coloured scraps left over from shearing a few years ago. They are such beautiful bowls and will definitely find a special place in my collection.

It also contained the most gorgeous pile of wool, cottons and ribbon, some bought, some handmade. My wool stash is really coming along now!

Thank you so much Jodie, I am thrilled and inspired.

I have also signed up to another one of Jodie's washer swaps. I have a month to make and send a washer and a packet of seeds to my assigned swap partner.

Last night I completed my 3rd ever knitting project, an apple washer using this pattern. Please excuse the wrinkles, I haven't worked out how to block my work yet.

I hope you are having a creative day.


  1. That is awesome for your third project Kate! and that brown wool/yarn looks really interesting!

  2. What a great surprise... the bowls look fantastic and all that yarn!! WOW. The apple washcloth is one of my faves also!! Great work.

  3. What a great swap with Jodie Kate! Love all the yarns you received, very nice colors. I too am in the next swap as well, and have been looking for the perfect pattern (havent found it yet). I just give my facecloths a little steam with the iron or dampen it a bit and give it a press. I do it on the wrong side and it seems to work wonders for mine. I love your apple cloth, very cute and red is a favourite color of mine! You must have quite a collection of crocheted bowls now and Jodie's look great too.

  4. I'm so glad that you loved your bowls Kate!!! You knitting is coming along so well and your latest cloth is just gorgeous... I'm also glad that you've joined in on the 2nd round of my washcloth swap and can't wait to see what you craft up for your partner...

    Jodie :)


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