Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Colour & Fun.

On the first day of the school holidays (yesterday doesn't count because we had family, friends and dentist appointments), we did painting,

we made rock star scrap books,

we did sticking,

we went for a walk in the mud and collected the eggs,

we played with the ducklings,

we baked some cupcakes,

and then because Mum was desperate to finish off a bit of sewing, we cut up some of her precious scraps.

Almost finished the bloomers to be delivered to the brand new Lark shop opening on Thursday.
How exciting!

All this on the first day and without getting out of our pyjamas.
What are we going to do tomorrow?
I hope your week is full of colour and fun.


  1. aw... I don't know what to say! What a day! Ducklings, bloomers - my idea of some weird but wonderful heaven - enjoy it all...

  2. What a great day for the PJS. Lucky kids!!

  3. wow, can you do anymore in a single day! can't wait to hear about the fun you have tomorrow. we are off to playgroup in the morning and we'll see how we go from then ♥

  4. Mud?! In Victoria?! That must mean you guys have had some rain! Yay! What a great 'first' day xox

  5. What a busy day you have had, made it sound like a week. I havent had much time with my girl so far as she has had 2 sleepovers in the matter of 2 days. She will be tired tomorrow I am sure, although today we all managed to go and walk the dogs, and they loved it. I adore those cute ducklings, how sweet they look. I am so happy that we have been having lots of rain too.

  6. What a gorgeous colourful busy day Kate!

  7. Oh, those ducklings! Not to mention all the other gorgeousness in this and the last post.

  8. I am sooooo jealous. Can we come and play at your place ?

  9. Those frilly bloomers are too cute.

    I have a pattern for similar ones. Inspired to get onto making some!

  10. OH my goodness, those ducklings are soooooooo beautiful!!! And the chooks too. My mum had the same sort of thing for us when we were growing up and did the same sort of thing, and I always loved it! What a fun and good mum you are!


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