Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Creative Space.

I've sewn in the last label and I'm delivering frilly bloomers to the new Lark shop this morning.

My (our) creative space this week, the first week of the school holidays, is here at the girls' art and craft table. It's been awful, wet and windy weather outside, so this is where we are spending a lot of our time.

The making area is just off the main living area but still in the same room. Here the girls can express themselves and make a bit of a mess while they are at it.

There are lots of bits and pieces to inspire them to create. We seem to accumulate crafty equipment, bits of nature and odds and ends we come across because you never know when you'll need just that right bit. Sometimes it's that bit that inspires a whole new project.

And we have a big cupboard to store all their crafty bits and pieces in. Looks like that top shelf is in need of a tidy.

At times it does get sticky, covered in glitter or so covered in art work that you can't see the table or find what you are looking for, but it's a small price to pay for having a space that encourages making and creating.

For more inspiration and creative spaces pop on over to Kootoyoo


  1. Hello Kate,

    You are extraordinary. I admire anyone who can sew because I can never put two stitches in a straight line. I love those bloomers and I can visualize a colourful home with lots of laughter and joy.

  2. Oh we need a cupboard of that nature ... looks great ... Kate your link at Kirsty's isn't working either it takes me to dashboard. I hope your bloomers sell well!

  3. I lined for you ; ) as a take two ... no probs

  4. Phewww I thought my laptop was going cuckoo..Won't tell you how many times I clicked on the first one :P......

    Your bloomers as always are fantastic..And what seriously lucky children to have such a space like that...

  5. What a beautiful, frilly hive of activity! Ain't crafting on a cold rainy day the best!

  6. Don't the bloomers look lovely all together. The Lark shop is going to be so beautiful.

  7. Great cupboard - I so need one of those here. Great bloomers too - how exciting selling in the new lark shop - I can't wait to come and have a looksee!

  8. These pics so remind me of my school hols when I was in primary school!!!!mmmmclag...yum!

  9. the first image is bliss..cupboard is getting some use right!

  10. I can't wait until my little one is big enough to make stuff! I'm already putting together a useful box of odds and ends, so I'm starting early :-) I'd love to have a cupboard like yours sometime - including the mess!

  11. The bloomers look brilliant and we at Casa Del Waffler are green with envy at your wonderful kiddie craft zone. We have a space. We have a plan. One day soon I hope.

  12. A gorgeous space Kate. Your girls are very lucky to have a dedicated creative mum looking out for them! There space looks like a great place to be spontaneously creative.

    and your skirts look divine. Such gorgeous fabrics too. I wish you every success with your Lark venture!

  13. I am sure those bloomers will sell like hot cakes, and how fun for you too. You must be so excited. Your craft space looks wonderful, and I am sure my daughter would love one like that, although I would be the one tidying it up all the time.

  14. Fantastic space for your kids, those Ducks are just the sweetest. Im sure your bloomers will sell like hot cakes!

  15. I just saw a post on the lark about your delivery ~ just gorgeous!
    and what a great space for the small ones! every family should have one of those cupboards

  16. why tidy it ?? it'll just get messy again, just shut the door, that's what i do (to an entire room!)

  17. It looks just like all the mess at my house! Crafty mess is always allowed for extra creativity.

  18. A seriously wonderful place to play and create your children have there. very lucky. I bet you spend hours in there with them. Peta

  19. Wow, your kids' arts & craft table and cupboard look amazing. So much fun!

  20. Lucky kids indeed- great fun!
    And those frilly creations of yours are very special!
    Annamaria :)

  21. Yowzers, there's a whole lotta craft action going on at your house! I love all the stuff spilling out of the cupboards. I hope one day I can blame some of that familiar-looking mess on my kids... right now they're more about the cars than the craft.
    Those bloomers are almost edible-looking. I bet they sell in a jiff.

  22. I hope there was some sort of little celebration after that last label was sewn on your beautiful bloomers.

    Your my/our creative space is perfect. It looks used, busy, plentiful, inspiring, welcoming, interesting and colourful. And don't you want your space to be describe like this and not "neat and tidy"...!

  23. what a lovely way to spend a cold and rainy day, everyone creating together. your kids will remember these days with fondness

  24. Ask the kids to share with me , I'd really enjoy that space too .

  25. Your kids are so lucky to have that crafty space! Enjoy the holidays, so great (not so great for sanity) about all the rain! The Wimmera River is moving again at Horsham yay! xox

  26. Oh what I would have given to have such a cupboard when we were growing up!

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