Friday, September 18, 2009

My Friday.

Isn't it funny how some days it takes all day to wash the breakfast dishes, when other days you can achieve so much? Maybe the fact that it was a gorgeous Spring day here in Daylesford today had something to do with it being one of the latter. Or maybe it was the panic of trying to get some things done before the school holidays start.

First up after dropping the girls at school was a garage sale at a local church. I came away with some lovely sheets and pillow cases, some old knitting and crochet pattern books and a bag full of bias binding, zips and knitting needles. I was so excited with my loot that I skipped down the hill to my car.

Three loads of washing went in and came out of the machine. I didn't abide by the off the line by 4 o'clock rule, so most of it is damp and still on the line to hopefully dry tomorrow. (Bren just told me there is rain predicted.)

A fair bit of time was spent with our new friends, twenty five 3 day old Khaki Cambell ducklings. They really are the cutest things ever.

I baked a batch of meringues to take to lunch tomorrow. They are going to be served with cream, ice cream and berries. Mmmmmmmmmm

A bit of sewing.

And an early dinner at A Perfect Drop wine bar in town. It was great that we delivered the beetroots this afternoon and were served them an hour later. It is also great that we can have a bit of a social life again with the girls now they are getting a bit older. It doesn't matter that we were home by 6.30.

I hope you have a great weekend relaxing, or getting lots done, or a bit of both.


  1. Wowee you managed to squeeze a whole lot of things into one day!
    Homemade meringues remind me of my childhood in the country. A friends mum always made them for us when we visited...yum.

  2. Yay for beautiful days like today. I have to say the weather was absolutely perfect. Isabelle even sat outside on the verandah making birthday cards for her friends after having a terrible tummy bug all day yesterday. Yes there is rain predicted for tomorrow and I have washing still hanging on the line so I hope it dries before the rain comes. Your meringues look beautiful and those little pants are so cute. The beetroot looks nice, Isabelle is a very big beetroot lover in our house. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Kate.

  3. oh yeah, what a gorgeous day today! my, oh my, did you get enough done today!! I think you panicked way too much and did a weekends worth today. love your new friend & love your brooch. hope you have a great weekend ♥

  4. how did you do all that, great work and those meringues-yum

  5. A fabulously productive day!!
    Wish mine had been.
    Shana Tova.
    Andi :-)

    PS Can't sleep. May fall asleep in shul tomorrow .... and I'm the cantor!! Aaaaargh.

  6. I love that duckling. In fact I just love ducks full stop. The sun is trying hard to shine over here-hope you get that washing dry!

  7. What a day...I barley got out of my PJ's!

  8. I love those sort of days. I know what you mean about how some days you struggle to be productive and other days you are on fire! Happens to me all the time! Those meringues are sensational, as is that goody bag from the garage sale.

  9. Wow, what a super productive day!! I love days like that :-)

    Those beetroots look delicious, too! We have some in our vege patch - maybe I should look to see if they're ready to play with....

  10. I think your connection to the weather is the answer. Opening the curtains and being bathed in sunlight just makes everything seem OK.

    Your day had a bit of everything... a great day for you before the school holidays.

  11. Wow what a busy weekend but perfect too!!! I love the little duckie, and I must admit I feel lazy to have a dryer instead of having to hang dry everything although I am sure I could use the fresh air..:)...

    P.S, The hoodie is my own design I just kind of came up with..Thinking about making my first "official pattern" will totally let you test it out as soon as I get it together :)

  12. Wow! What a wonderful, productive day!! Isn't it nice when every once in a while we actually have a few accomplishments to show for the work of the day : )!!

  13. What a busy bee you were on Friday. I'd love to capture what it is that makes a day productive so I can keep up it up, LOL. As it is, today is the first of the school holidays and I am being absolutely lazy.
    I LOVE your bloomers -I'm working on something similar as well (amongst 50 other projects, LOL). Though I don't have the fab vintage sheet collection you do :)


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