Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We've just come home from a wonderful crafternoon at Miss Doily's house.

The kids were entertained for hours by this magical box of Hama beads that Steph found at the tip shop.

Apparently the kit was brand new and still in its sealed box when she brought it home. Can you imagine someone leaving such a treasure at the tip? I know I'm going to look more carefully next time I drop off the recycling.

There was some dolls clothes making.

Some cutting and pasting.

Some rug crocheting.

Some love heart cutting out.

Some who just came for the conversation and great afternoon tea.

The start of my bunny.

And of course, where ever Jazzy goes, there's always some potion making.

Happy birthday for yesterday (today for you) to my littlest sister Abby! We miss you so much and thought happy things about you all day.

I hope you had a lovely and crafty day today too. XX


  1. Oh how I wanna go to a crafternoon!!!! It looks like so much fun...!

    What is a tip shop....?! I want to go there too!

  2. What a wonderful afternoon, looks like fabulous fun :D

  3. That sounds like the perfect afternoon to me!

  4. OMG, i love it!! Next time i do afternoon craft at school i'm going to get them to call it Crafternoon or say "Good Crafternoon Mrs McClelland" in that lull dreary massed voice school children roll out. Brilliant.
    Oh, looked like ace fun, fabulous activity for children too. All that crafty action going on, wonderful. Love Posie

  5. Crafternoon is one of my favourite words.
    Looks like such fun.
    Andi x

    PS If you can't find a great freebie, the next best thing is IKEA. $10 for a MASSIVE tub of Hama Beads plus some cute shape templates.

  6. It looks lovely Kate, I spent some time sorting beads this afternoon. In a crazily hot house, though it is thankfully much cooler now.

  7. aaaaaah that mushroom pin cushion!!!

  8. it was lovely to meet you all today. you were all so crafty i'm now more determined than ever to get my act together and finish my alphabet bunny's for my daughter before she turns 21!

  9. Looks like a wonderful afternoon was had by all.Hope it was made all the more enjoyable by some cool weather!

  10. Crafternoons! Every week should have at least one. I love it. My girls would be in heaven. So would their mother :)

  11. Looks like the most perfect day!!! I used to make those bead things when I was younger..Very fun!!!!

    Loving all the crochet goodness in the pics too :)

  12. Looks like a really great way to spend the day. The beads, the sewing, the crocheting, ALL of it. Wonderful! I have a friend who is starting a crafting club and I can't wait for that to start. :-)

  13. Sounds and looks like the perfect afternoon to me!
    Love the look of that bunny too. x

  14. Oh much more productive than my last crafternoon effort! You've given me hope for our crafternoon when I come to visit you!

  15. Wow what a fun crafternoon you like you all had. I really like those beads, might have to make a trip to Ikea like Andi suggested. Your crocheted bunny looks like a great project too!

  16. much fun!!! that your new camera working? Your pic's are stunning today...particularly that one of miss Doily!! Oh...Half of our house has come from the tip!! Sometimes you just get lucky!!

  17. What a lovely day, love the potion making!

  18. Jazzy calls it potion, we call those elittle collections " treasure" .
    I love a crafternoon- who doesn't- I hope there was tea and cake too?
    There is a shop at our recycling tip and its great- full of treasure- esp. kids stuff- i got the cutest little rocking horse there for $11! Bargain!but thos e beads are great!

  19. Looks like it was FUN crafternoon. All those crocheted stuff strewn around look lovely too.

  20. it looks like you girls had the best afternoon and such crafty little people too! The beads are amazing! what a find they were.

  21. Oh lovely Kate, what a nice way to spend an afternoon.
    There is lots of potion making at our place too - never know quite what I will find in their small buckets these days!

  22. It looks like a fun afternoon was had by all.
    The chairs/lounge with all those beautiful, soft, warm blankets/afghans - gorgeous

  23. I wish i could have joined you all! This looks like so much fun...

  24. oh next time bring me along! that looks heavenly, oh those beads! looks like the most perfect afternoon ever!

    soooo jealous! love all your sewing and your gorgeous new dress you made!I soooo need to make myself some new things



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