Saturday, January 2, 2010

On the first day.

On the first day of the new year my pot holders finally went up on the kitchen wall. Sorry about the shadowy photo, I'll take another one when the sun comes out.

I started a hat for Pepper that for some unknown reason is minute and will end up being a newborn gift. To this day I have yet to make a hat that fits the intended recipient.

I crocheted the base of a pot holder and then undid it as it was ridiculously enormous.

And I started it again in finer cotton and the size is looking much better so far.

I also spent the day in my jammies with my family and Steph, processed a gazillion eggs, watched a few episodes of Entourage and read and rewrote my new years' resolutions.

Here are last year's;
  1. Make myself a piece of clothing. (nope!)
  2. Make a quilt. (nope!)
  3. Keep a visual diary. (Does this blog count?)
  4. Drink more water. (Does the water in coffee count?)
  5. Dance more. (Fame, Justine Clarke, Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, High School Musical...hmmm)
  6. Read more books. (I've read a some but mainly craft books.)
  7. Make and bake lots. (YES!)
And here are this year's;
  1. Make myself and wear a piece of clothing.
  2. Drink more water.
  3. Crochet and knit some clothing.
  4. Declutter this house.
  5. Read more books.
  6. Spend time individually with each member of my family, mostly Bren.
Do you write resolutions?
Do you keep them?

I hope your new year is kicking off to a great start.

Love Kate


  1. Your potholders look very sweet on the kitchen wall... and water in coffee definitely counts at my house!

  2. I do not write resoloutions. I would not keep them (would not could not in a house, would not could not with a moust...) & would ultimately dissapointed in myself. Instead I think about things I would like to do or improve & leave it at that. If I think I should read more, and I really, really want to, I will. I don't have to write it down or declare it to the world... I think you know about my commitment issues... usually with crafting, but this sort of thing too! Once I've said "Right! I'm doing XYZ!" It's all downhill from there.

    This way, whatever I do do, or acheive, is a pleasant suprise. ;)

    Annnnnnnnnnd.... You should totally make a bigger version of the gorgeous dress/top you've been whipping up for yourself!

    The water in coffe DOES count!

    Crochet your heart out!

    Keep up the good work!

    PS, Luffs the potholders...!

  3. They fit perfectly on your wall :)...Lovely...

    I hope that I can find a good spot on the new home's wall to make some of my own.

    Happy New Year!

  4. The potholders look gorgeous on your wall Kate.
    I don't tend to make resolutions that much, but I sort of aim to do things, ( same thing really)
    1. Not drink 600ml bottles of D coke in one hit, ( I always feel strange but I do it everytime.)
    2. Keep my house tidier ( this one is a recurring one)
    3. Learn to drive.
    4. Do a market or two.
    5. Visit Daylesford
    6. Make a Ferdy inspired bear.

  5. I don't make them because I just break them. I love your potholder display and the new one your making too.

  6. Love you wall of pot holders... but where is Indi's?

    I'm not so good with resolutions so I try to think of them as goals or aims - for some reason the word change works better for me. I posted mine yesterday - but the big one is to take better care of myself.

    Wishing you and your family a very happy and healthy 2010.

  7. The wall looks beautiful, you can add to it or change it as you like, that makes it so special.

    As for resolutions - never make them!

  8. love the resolutions! I've been good on water (I drink it hot, like tea with a slice of lemon. Yummy).
    I've been de-cluttering as well and hope you find much luck with this as it is such a lovely change.

    The potholders look gorgeous!

  9. Your potholders are really pretty. Too nice for pots, they look lovely on the wall.
    Nope, I gave up making new year resolutions. Getting through my plans for one week takes all my concentration.
    Hope you have a great new year.

  10. The potholders look amazing. Good luck with the resolutions. I have a few that I need to write down to make them real. I am thinking of making a journal that I will tackle on a monthly basis - to make it more achievable.

  11. blog line reader hasn't been picking up any of your posts.....the pot holders look fantastic. I love the girls dressers and that top on your daughter looks BRILLIANT!!! Congratulations, that pattern is a keeper!!

  12. Your no.1 for this year made me laugh Kate...i guess there isn't much time for dressing oneself when you have 3 daughters vying for your attention..LOL...i do make them too..sometimes i manage to succeed. I have posted mine in my last post...Jazzie's dress with the crochet bottom is adorable btw..:)

  13. yay for your gorgeous arrangement of pot holders ~ they look great together.
    happy new year to you!
    i don't make official resolutions as i feel like i'm making lists most days. . . but i love new years for bringing up the bigger picture.
    i like your #6, i might adopt this one!

  14. Love your potholders they look great like that ! Of course the water in coffee counts .... doesn't it ?

  15. Your pot holders look superb. I am also touched that the one I made is in such beautiful company.

    I do make resolutions but hardly ever stick to them so I make them in my head and end up forgetting them by mid year and then don't feel bad about it cos I don't remember. A cop out really??

  16. Oh they look great. I made a few with my family - and I also asked my partner and my eldest boy to make one askI they were me and that was interesting!

  17. The pot holders look great on the wall Kate... I love the new tea cozy, just gorgoeus!!!

    Happy New Year...

    Jodie :)

  18. I love all the pot holders hanging on the wall, I love the apple one. I've made some resolutions this year and I'm looking to achieve all of them, I'm thinking positively.:) Wishing you a happy 2010!

  19. Today I started and finished my first jug cover. Oh. My. Goodness. Besotted with the hook. Wondering if 11.25pm is too late to be utterly inspired by your pot holders?

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful new year regardless of resolution success rates!

  20. Those potholders on the wall are so lovely!
    I just posted my resolutions on my blog.I make resolutions , some I keep , some I don't.I am excited to have a plan :)
    Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  21. A Blog does count as a visual diary! I HOPE water in coffee counts ;)

    I use the start of a new year to list the things I would like to achieve, I try to keep them reasonable so I set myself up to succeed, which then spurs you on to do bigger and better things.

    Good luck in making 2010 yours!

  22. Looks like a great list, Kate. My resolutions are not usually specific, but more a planned approach... I usually forget all about them by the end of January. This year I'm hoping that adding an element of silliness will keep me in check and remind me.

    The pot holders look beautiful. I think I need to think about re-vamping the potholders around here!

  23. Fabulous! I love your potholders, and your blog MOST DEFINITELY counts. Looking forward to seeing what you make this year! x

  24. ypur potholders wall looks worthy of a homewares magazine. just gorgeous!!!
    i don't do NY resolutions more like goals- i want to focus on what i want to do rather then, as resolutions often are, trying to not do something.
    I do want to spend more time alone with Chef- we need to go on more dates.

  25. Happy New Year Kate
    Hope its more wonderful than you can imagine
    love Manda

  26. Happy new year!
    I'm so bad with keeping my new years resolutions, but I keep making them anyway!
    I like your resolution to declutter the house, be ruthless, it's so liberating! We have a rule in our house, if it hasn't been used/loved/looked at in 18 months it goes off to salvos :)
    ps. your pot holders are too cute! My new years resolution is to make one too!

  27. Your pot holder wall looks so fantastic. Just the kind of look I'm always trying to pull off. . . and never really hit it.

    I'm resolving to "Give more. Expect less." Broad, generic and difficult to measure, just the way I like it!

    (How good is Entourage!)

  28. Hi Kate,
    I thought I lost your comment. How good to hear from you. Hope your New Year is going well. Thanks for stopping by. You can make a doily
    anytime...but that story was funny
    I have to go to work, but I will stop back and visit with you again.

    Your pot holders are very pretty, what a good idea...


  29. I just LOVE crochet pot holders! Happy new year to you!

  30. I think it's a new sport... called "Hat-making-Roulette" it seems the crochet hat has a MIND OF ITS OWN and will fit whomsoever it desires. I do hope someone has a baby soon :)

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