Thursday, December 31, 2009

The last 3 things.

So here they are, the last three things I will make in 2009.

(I snuck another one in after the photo to make three.)

A dress using the same pattern concept as this top for Indi. She chose the Ikea fabric from my stash.

Another one of these tops for Indi. This is one has no ruffle and is made from an old bed sheet.

And this dress for Jazzy.

I am so pleased with this dress because it is made from a thrifted sheet given to me by my gorgeous friend Beck, the cotton for the ruffles is from Bendigo Woollen Mills that is less than an hour's drive from here and it was cut, sewn and crocheted here, in the lounge room and in the sewing room. It is a low clothing miles dress.

I learnt to crochet back in May, so I could add details to the clothes I was sewing and now I have. (Oops, I spy a thread that still needs to be sewn in.)

I have so many plans for further clothing this space in 2010.

I hope you have the most wonderful 2010!

I hope it is filled with creativity, love, happiness, inspiration, passion, satisfaction and many completed projects.

I'm off now to paint the girls' nails, put hair masks in and write our New Years' resolutions.

Have a great night.


  1. Well done you. I get such a kick from making something new from what would be discarded. I love the little top in the last post too. That's a very versatile pattern. I can see you using it over and over.

  2. I've enjoyed following your blog for the last couple of months, love those dresses and tops. Takes me back to when I used to make my girls clothes! Have a safe and happy new year.

  3. I love the dress with your trim. It looks sensational! It goes so well with the bedsheet. Can't wait to see what emerges from the crafty house of Kate in 2010. I know it will be inspirational.

    Have a great New Years. xo

  4. You're getting lazy, Kate. You put up this post at 12:54 p.m. - still with 11 hours and 6 minutes of the year to go.
    Seriously though, I hope you five have the kind of year in 2010 that you wished for everyone else. And better!

  5. I'm so in love with the dress too! So sweet!

    Happy New Year to you too! ^-^

  6. I love all those dresses, but perhaps especially the one with the trim. It's utterly gorgeous.
    I also can't believe you learned to crochet in MAY!! My goodness, because I think you are one of my favourite crocheters.
    Happy 2010 Kate!! I hope it's a wonderful one for you.
    It's been a real lovelly thing of 2009 that I found your two gorgeous blogs, and gotten to know you ( well sort of)

  7. That dress with the trims is simply stunning

  8. They all look great but WOW, Jazzy's dress! I love to crochet and to sew and why had I never thought to do a combination like this? I adore it! Shall definitely be taking inspiration from you.

  9. Perfection...I love them and can't wait to see more :) The blue color is just beautiful!!!

  10. Wow - all gorgeous, but really loving that trim!
    I soooooooo want to learn to crochet :-)

  11. Kate those are the most darling dresses I have ever seen, especially love the crochet trim, just heavenly! Can you make one in a ladies size 14????
    Happy new year lovely lady, may 2010 bring you nothing but joy :)

  12. Hey superstar, I love the clothes you made from the sheet, they look fabulous! Lovely seeing you all at the parade, wasn't it mad & fun? What a great community we live in. I managed to take a few photo's before...yep...the camera died. Boo hoo. Better go and hunt down that sale catalogue! love to you all, happy, happy new year!! xoxoxo

  13. I love the dress with the trim - it's the cutest thing! And, seriously, you only learned to crochet in May? I'm astounded. And secretly pleased, because maybe there's hope for me...?

  14. Oh wow hon that last dress is magnificent!!! And I had no idea you only learnt crochet in May... that is fan-frikkin-tastic! You are officially, my hero. ;)

  15. gorgeous well done! loving the trim and you know I love bendigo! my entire yarn stash has been taken over by bendigo and lucky you to live nearby, oh the sweet memories of the bargain room...sigh

    happy new year! your girls look gorgeous in their lovely dresses


  16. hugs for the new year to you & your beautiful family Kate.

  17. You are so clever ! Have a great 2010 Kate I'm looking forward to seeing more of your creative stuff !

  18. Happy New Year Kate to you and your gorgeous family! I love those dresses, and the blue looks amazing with all the crocheted details on it. You are so clever! I hope 2010 brings you much happiness and crafting too.

  19. OMG...that looks gorgeous...i love the crochet detailing...

    Happy New year to you Kate...have a wonderful 2010

  20. You have so much creative energy!! I think I will need a little bit more of that in 2010!

    Have a wonderful New Year and may you have a year of abundant creatively, making and love and laughter!!

    Happy 2010!!!

  21. Love the dress with the beautiful crochet trim. Just stunning.

  22. all of the outfits are wonderful, great work!

  23. Ive been meaning to add some crochet to things for years. Its nice to see it done as beautifully as you have. Gorgeous colours that youve chosen. Im going to follow you too!

  24. Just browsing thru your blog for the 1st time, and I must say that it is so very lovely. The dress you made for Jazzy on this post is especially beautiful. The crochet detail makes it. You have inspired me. :)


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