Saturday, December 19, 2009

Crocheted egg cosies & more.

I've been thinking about ways to decorate our market stall and make it look a bit festive for the last few farmers' markets of the year.

The egg cozy pattern out of the Vintage Crochet book that I bought in Melbourne last week, but haven't seen since we've been home, really appealed to me. I'm pretty sure this is what they looked like.

I love the button detail.

I made these two first but soon realized they aren't really the look I'm after. I think I might put them in the present pile.

I'm thinking about making a few more and then maybe some crochet bunting to replace the fabric ones.

I've also started another washer and just finished these two pot holders. Do you ever feel that crazy panic to make everything you want to make, so you have to do a bit of everything all at once?

A huge Happy 42nd Anniversary to my parents!

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.


  1. Gorgeous! I think your egg cosies are great!

  2. Oh...I LOVE THEM!! They look like beanies!! Oh..find out off the old's what the secret is!!! 42 years is a dam long time. Geee...kate you and I have got another 32 years to go...we are not even half way!!!!

  3. Happy anniversary indeed - my parents are having the 40th in Jan!
    i know what you mean about a bit of everything - It gets all frenzied doesn't it! Poor K even gets a bit of sleep and a bit of a feed and he doesn't know what is going on!
    Those egg cosies are just perfect for egg and soldiers - W is impressed!

  4. Look out!

    She's on a crochet rampage!

    Your egg cosies are BEYOND ADORABLE & happy anniversary to your parents - so sweet!

  5. Thanks for the shout out, Kate. And thanks for your good wishes, commenters. We had a superb walk in the Cradle Mountain to celebrate. xxx

  6. The egg cosie's are just so cute and I love the blue crochet creation, such a pretty colour. What a wonderful celebration for your Mum and Dad, congratulations to them.:)

  7. Love those little cosies! So lovely to see you and your girls today, Rosie loved playing in the dirt with Pepper! My two new sweeties are cuddled up in their red cubby wondering what planet they have landed on. At the moment we are going with Astro and Jemima but it's to be decided by family vote tomorrow. And yes, they smell, but I love them already xo
    ps lets make a date for Hand Made!

  8. Panic to make it all, yes, I have that always. Love your flower potholder. the cozies are just adorable and would look great with faces on them EGGceptional nice.

  9. Wow you've been busy! Love the pot holders- especially the little apple. And the egg warmers are adorable. xo m.

  10. Can i just say as a newbie to all things crocheted that these washcloths and egg cosys are tooooo beautiful to be used for such domestic drudgery....those washcloths would be family heirlooms in my house I would wear them....i would never use them !
    the egg cosy would be a beautiful barbie hat.....
    I wish i was your childs teacher.....

  11. so so lovely Kate! You are always inspiring me. Thank you

  12. Lovely little cosies. You are clever. I'll bet kids would love them too. Yes our Pepper is our daughters little grey poodle. (baby sitting him while she & family are away)

  13. I love the egg cosies- but I think they need little faces uner their beanies...
    I relate to what you mean about the trying to do everything at once. I open the fabrci cupboard and think- ohh that what be good to make that, I will jsut get it out ,oooohhh i know what i could make with that, I will just get it out etc etc etc - i have little piles everywhere, worried that if I put it away i will forget my brillinat idea!!!

  14. Oooh I love it all!!!! And yes unfortunately I can so relate to the chaotic panic of wanting to make a little of everything...Just don't look in my UFO pile ok...I'll deny it all :P

  15. Ohhhh the crazy Christmas gift making panic! My sewing machine packed in three days ago! I am hand sewing (something I usually really enjoy) I have managed to do all the gifts for other kids....but my little one will have to wait a bit (up side, I now have a hand sewing project for when we go on holiday) I love the egg cosies, am a bit of a cosy fan. I also love the lilac pot holder....could it also be a facecloth? I love the idea of a frilly facecloth.


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