Monday, December 21, 2009

Brooches then trims.

What I should be doing is turning this bundle of wool into brooches for more end of year 'thank you' prezzies.

Even though its crochet work and I love to crochet, I never really want to make what I should be making.

The other day my wonderful friend Beck gave me this pile of old sheets and linens.

My head is full of ideas of what I can turn them into.

I'm not sure I can ever cut into this Holly Hobbie sheet though. Something about that girl makes me so happy.

For some reason this sheet, now dress, reminded me of the reason I wanted to learn to crochet in the first place.

Way back at the start of this year I had this idea to make crochet trims for the clothes I was sewing. So I learnt to crochet and then forgot all about the trims.

Until now.

But I am going to be good and put this future frill aside until I finish all the prezzies.

I really am!


  1. What a prize, those linens are gorgeous.

  2. he he, I know that feeling all too well! I started to crochet again cos I wanted to make a granny blanket. I am making one...sometimes.

    Great stash of linen too Kate. What a great friend Beck is.


  3. Oooh I'm coveting those beautiful linens. What a lucky duck you are!

  4. I love the dress Holly Hobbie is wearing - I think they should come back in fashion!

  5. having probs with blogger getting your pics up, so just wanted to say hi ♥

  6. What gorgeous linens and I too have a Holly Hobbie sheet that I can't cut into :)

  7. Good girl ! Wasn't your friend Beck generous , lovely linen !

  8. I really love the way you turn old sheets into dresses! I cant wait to see how it looks with the crocheted frill too! The Holly Hobbie girl does look cute, didnt they have the same image on swap cards too.

  9. That "should" feeling is urk. I liken it to wearing a pile of yellow pages like a hat. A heavy burden.

  10. I'm with you - always need to be making something else rather than the task at hand! Love the holly hobby - I have some that I'm going to make into kids pj's (when I'm feeling brave enough to cut it).

    Merry Christmas (and no more crochet trims until those thank you's are finished)!

  11. Love the blue dress, cant wait to see it trimmed! Thank you for the swap package, you didnt have to give me two! I love them...already taking pride of place in my kitchen!

  12. Totally with you on not wanting to make things you have to. Looks like you have lots of fun things to play with there though. Enjoy!

  13. Holly Hobbie takes me away to my childhood too. Cute lil' blue dress - will look lovely with your blue trim. I want to learn to crochet in the new year - how did you learn?


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