Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dressing a nine year old.

We've been having a bit of trouble buying clothes for our nine year old.

It seems that there's a bit of a gap in the market for the kids that don't want to be covered in slogans, brands or dress in skimpy, sexy clothes.

So our nine year old has been wearing the same denim shorts and a couple of t'shirts on high rotation since school finished a few weeks back.

This morning when both those t'shirts were in the laundry pile I decided enough was enough and when visiting the local craft shop I decided to check out the pattern section.

I have made plenty of clothes in the last few years. Many for my kids, for presents and for sale. But I have never made any from a pattern. I have devised a cut up old clothes and trace the pieces technique or just draw straight onto the fabric a shape I like and cut it out.

But for some reason sewing for the nine year old seems different. It has to look right, feel right and be comfortable and cool.

When I saw modkid's Nina All season's peasant top pattern I had a feeling it would work.

We came home, put Pepper to sleep, set the girls up with some Das and off I went to choose some fabric from the stash.

I did something I've never done before. I followed the pattern.

And it worked!

And she loves it!

And she wants another one in different fabric and a longer one she can wear as a dress!

I'm totally excited about sewing from patterns now as this one was so easy to follow. It comes with the pattern for a short sleeve and long sleeve version too. The only thing was that the pattern pieces are for size two to seven so I had to trace bigger pieces for size nine.

She's run off to the shed to show her Dad and I'm typing away as fast as I can because I can hear Pepper waking up.

I hope you are having a great day. XX


  1. So totally awesome I love it I cant wate for the next one
    love Indi

  2. hehee, I think Indi LOVES it Kate!!

  3. where did you get the pattern? I want it! I have the same problem with my six year old, except she wants to wear everything her best friends does as well. I'm thinking of sewing everything in double....

  4. Wow that is really cute! I reckon you could size it up to adult size too....comfy and cool for the hot weather that's heading our way.

  5. It looks great! I feel the same way about clothes for girls my Miss 10 has been wearing the same pyjamas for the last two seasons because I can't find any with shorts long enough to cover her properly. My Nan managed to find some with both long and short pants so she loves having a change.:)

  6. This is cute as! I will have to get a hold of that pattern for my miss 8

  7. I Love it! I know how difficult it is to buy for that age group and there seems so much pressure around to have your children grow up far too quickly now. Well Done :o)

  8. Wow! Love the top, that fabric is adorable! No wonder she's so thrilled with it. this is the first time i wish i had a little girl. I have 3 boys. Cant see any of them thanking me for a top that gorgeous.

  9. Love it - and so much better than lots of the stuff in the shops. Cool bananas!!

  10. I love the top Kate, and yes I know all about trying to buy clothes for my daughter too without her looking as though half the fabric is missing! I wish they would make clothes that fit and look like a young girl would wear instead of a 19 year old! I cant wait to see what else you make for her. Oh I have 2 fairy dresses that dont fit Isabelle anymore (about a size 5/6 and a size 10) so if you would like them just let me know. You can pick them up or I can post them off for your girls!

  11. Gorgeous Kate! I kan see why she loves it!

  12. Hi Kate
    Cute top :-)
    There is a huge gap isn't there...and even worse ... they even make size 2 clothes that look like grown up styles....
    Lucky for Indi you are one cool mama.
    Manda x

  13. I agree, I have a nine year old who's not into short tops, etc. I love what you made. May need to get that pattern. Love the fabric. Too cute.

  14. I think I need one too... well 2 one for Hanna and one for me :) You did a lovely job.

  15. Lovely!! I think I'll check out that pattern :)

  16. What a grand first experience. and I just adore the print on the top. And she looks so fab in it too!

  17. Gorgeous! Definitely a classic pattern! I want one too!

  18. Oh that issue of dressing our children, boys too, but particularly girls has been going on way too long. Our wee little women have a lot to deal with and some grow to not so wee little so so quickly. Have you read the book....What has happened to our girls? Very interesting. I too made a lot of clothes for my children..my son as well. Your first 'pattern made' tunic is gorgeous. She looks happy to be in it too. I can see more on the horizon. happy day :)

  19. It's gorgeous Kate.
    I especially love the fact that you followed the pattern but had to trace larger pieces to make it the right size. That's priceless! A woman after my own heart.

    I completely identify with how you feel about the clothing for older girls. It's so horrible. There's nothing decent out there in the age range of 6 -12. It makes me cringe everytime I'm forced to go and look for clothes for my daughter.

  20. It looks absolutely gorgeous on Indi. Good choice - cant wait to see it in other colours

  21. It's adorable I love it and can totally relate to the non-appropriate issues..BLAH..

  22. It's totally gorgeous Kate and totally 9 year old.
    I'm not a mum and I get distressed by some of the Kids clothes in shops these days, I think yours is just perfect.

  23. Wow, really cute top Kate! I have the same problem with my 8 year old, but not yet brave enough to try sewing clothes!

  24. Great little top! I hope Jemima is as enthusiastic about my sewing when she hits 9! I love making stuff for my kids when they love it. So good!

  25. Cute top, though I always hated it when Mom made my clothes. I hated trying things on, it was such an interruption of play time. lol

    Age has nothing to do with not wanting to dress sexy, or with logo's etc. My daughter was that was, thankfully her whole life. It is indeed harder to select appropriate items...simply less to pick from. Why any mother would allow or encourage their young daughter to dress slinky is beyond me. The tv personalities don't help, they all look trashy.

    Happy New Year

  26. i've been there with the clothes - it is really sad that they expect 8-12 years olds to wear those clothes. i wish i had been sewing then when emily was younger - your top looks fantastic. i love the style and the fabric.
    it's a pity boys don't wear peasant tops - then i could get something for my boys that doesn't have a skull on it!!! that seems to be the in thing at the moment.

  27. well done! I agree there doesn't seem to be much for the bigger girls (not that i need to worry now) but with a boy and the shortage of good quality affordable boys clothes I sympathise!!!!!

    looks great, love that kokeshi doll fabric!


  28. Gorgeous. I love what you have been making up for your girls. I am dreading when mine hit that age bracket. Lets hope they still like Mummy made stuff :)

  29. I'm a bit late to the party, but we have EXACTLY the same problem with our 9 year old! Every so often I toy with the idea of sewing her her own clothing, but I'm not nearly as adept with a sewing machine as you clearly are.


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