Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday crafternoon.

I am crocheting a rainbow of Michelle's Grandma Twinkle Stars. They are so easy and quick to make. The perfect Saturday afternoon kitchen table project.

Indi is using my old Bernina to make an owl softie called 'Princess'. She is going to be a very pink and girly owl.

Jazzy is threading a necklace for her teacher.

And Bren is trying to distract Pepper with a Dick Bruna-a-thon.

Yesterday's challah is calling to be made into toast with jam for afternoon tea.

I hope you are having a crafty afternoon.


  1. That challah looks amazing. I have a recipe for challah, I think after seeing yours I should give it ago. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Your challah does look scrumptious.
    Lovely crafting by you and the girls.
    Andi :-)

  3. What a lovely afternoon you're having - beats moving about 500 bricks! Challah does look great - I know it was delish!

  4. What a nice day you are having . I've just made wild plum jam , will I bring it over ?

  5. Looks like a fun Saturday.... the most exciting thing I did was experimented & made a tea-latte!

  6. wow!!!
    you are making some fab twinkles there...
    Love the colour!!!
    And love your crafty weekend...

  7. love your grandma twinkles, so colourful. Aren't they addictive?

  8. There's a lot of Granny Stars around in Blogland just now ~ I still haven't had the time to make any yet but hopefully will make a few soon. I love the colours of yours too! Enjoy your weekend :O)

  9. wow you guys don't stop!! the water plants will be lovely in your dam too.

  10. what a fabulous crafternoon! its lovely when everyone gets together and crafts-it-up

  11. That's sounds fun. Everyone can do with a bit of Dick Bruna on a regular basis, I'm sure. And, I don't mind a bit of Milly Molly Mandy, myself.
    I have had a jam a thon and (hopefully) made our years supply of apricot jam, 4 batches, 9kg apricots, just bottled last lot and I am over it! But it's blackberry overload now- it's about to be manic food processing time, isn't it!!
    Now, back to you for a sec, it is your blog I am commenting on, after all! Nice to see you girls all crafting together- and a bit of creative teacher present making, lovely!

  12. Sounds like a very lovely saturday afternoon to me! That challah looks incredible.

  13. yea for owlies and challah! Both Delicious!


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