Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday morning.

This morning I have been stressing about the gorgeous softies on Pip's blog and trying to make myself feel better by thinking that if I can get a few of these in the post on Monday then it wont be too late.

Is it my imagination or does that green one look less grumpy this morning?

The girls are back at school.

I adore my ducklings but I think its important to miss them too.

I am thinking about end of year 'thank you' prezzies for the teachers.
What do you like to give? I'd love some suggestions.

I am loving this gorgeous birthday bag from the wonderful Cath at Chunky Chooky.

And I'm making challah dough.

After I press publish, I am going to get into my work clothes and pick some veg for market tomorrow.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend.


  1. Soup savers would be nice! ^0^ very useful! I'd like one myself *smile*

  2. Tote bags, tissue holders, christmas tree ornaments and you cant go past chocolate!

  3. When Isabelle attended kindergarten her teachers were so wonderful that I knit them a scarf each. I saw one of the teachers a yr later still wearing it and saying how much she loved it. I was very pleased that she did. Your little dolls dont look grumpy at all but if you are worried you could always embroider a smile on them. Those pictures turned out so nicely too with the mosaics.

  4. I think your kokeshi dolls are lovely! I like to give tree ornaments to teachers, usually tied to as a wrapping decoration for a little chocky or something...

  5. I'm making a tote bag and a little purse for Lu's teacher. Female teachers are easy, it's the men that are tricky.

  6. What a busy morning - The dollies look great - no need to try and make yourself feel better about them! last year I got the teachers cute santa mugs and filled them up with coffee sachets and homemade bikkies. They went down a treat!

  7. I love the soap saver...I wish I had one!!! AS for those mosaics....haw fantastic are THEY!!! magic work by the girls!! How did the nail polish remover go? No good hay...probably blew your head off with the smell....god I hate that stuff!!

  8. I love your little dolls, really i do and if I have to keep saying it over and over I will. ANd I like the grumpy. We all get grumpy, the world needs grumpy dolls too.
    Are you planning to make the presents for the teachers, because anything you make would be beautiful, but I don't want to put that on you if you weren't thinking of doing it.

  9. your dolls are fabulous Kate!
    soap savers are fantastic, that would make a awesome gift.
    hey are you at the convent tomorrow?

  10. Let's make a pact to both venture to the Post Office, sofites in hand, on Monday, okay?! WE WILL DO IT TOGETHER lol.

    I want, need, must have, your super red mixer lady...! ;)

    Loving everything, every single thing... I already said I didn't think your little dolls were grumpy, but, somehow, the green one DOES look... even happier. :)

  11. Hey Foxie, sounds like you are feeling better, yay! hmm...the thankyou pressie, I was thinking I'd do lovehearts this year. Have you enough time to do brooches? I'm sure they would be loved by one and all. See you in the morning, I'm going to see the Chook Man! xo

  12. a friend of mine put me on to making sugared almonds for gifts. i also bought some calico bags in bulk and am getting the boys to decorate them with fabric pens.
    i am not ready for the end of the year this week - not nearly ready!!!


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