Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rosy cozy & milk jug covers.

On Friday I crocheted a Rosy Cosy tea cozy.

To be honest I found it quite challenging. The pattern is easy enough to follow, but made up of many stitches and stitch sequences that I had never attempted before; like decreasing over 6 stitches and single crocheting backwards (crabbing) and the fptb (front post treble).

I found myself pulling it apart over and over and at times asking my very talkative and inquisitive children to only talk if they absolutely had something urgent to say.

I am really happy with the end result, but it has made me question the level of crochet I thought I was capable of.

After a bit of a tidy up the other day I found my copy of Vintage Crochet by Susan Cropper.

After seeing so many milk jug covers in blog land like those stunning ones Melanie M* has been crocheting, I knew it was only a matter of time before I made a few myself. And let me tell you they are as lovely to work as they are to look at.

Its been a great opportunity to sort through the jars of buttons I've collected just in case.

And for my helpers to make stacks and patterns of their own.

My next project is to make some bunting to decorate our farm shed shop. I had thought to crochet the little flags, but realistically, I think fabric might wear better.

The bunting above has been hanging outside for over a year and the grape vine has started to use it as a trellis.

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday where ever you are.


  1. they're fantastic!! my lil ol teapot feels kind of cold compared to your gorgeous warm one.
    hope you have a lovely day beautiful lady.
    we're off to my nephews 1st bday.
    hugs ♥

  2. Beautiful photo's Kate, have you got a new camera or is it the same one? The jug covers are divine, so pretty and decorative. I wonder how they would look on a wall. I just love them. I'm stuck in bed feeling sick and so I'm cruising through blogland. So glad Christmas is over! Love that cosy too, but those jug gorgeous! xo

  3. Well...did you know I have a tea cosy and jug cover of M* floating round in my house.....they are GORGEOUS!! I am so into special tea cosy's, its my new BLACK!! as for fabric bunting...perfect!!

  4. This has launched me into action to buy a new tea pot, ours broke ages ago and since then we have been using tea bags ( I know the shame!!!) but after seeing your beauty today I plan on looking at tea pots again... just want to find one that doesn't dribble!!!!

  5. Awesome tea cosy - it reminds me of a fat little plum pudding - perfect for the festive season!
    I hate undoing crochet, couldn't do it as a kid, mum always did it for me and just last week I had to undo a stuff up - couldn't do it - got Mr to do it for me!

  6. The teapot cozy is just gorgeous, and I would only dream of being able to create something as wonderful Kate! I really love those jar covers too with their pretty little buttons. I guess fabric would be better for outside rather than crochet and the fabric has done rather well to not fade in the hot sun too.

  7. Aww how lovely Kate! So glad you found your book at last and had a go at the jug covers. It's a lovely book, and I bias-ly agree with how much of a pleasure they are to make.

    Love the tea cosy too! Hope you had great xmas.


  8. Talkative kids are the worst distraction to deciphering patterns. I love the bunting shot! Awesome.

  9. I LOVE your tea cosy!!! It's stunning Kate, and love those colours!! Wow it sounds really hard, it did my head in just reading it, but you know what I think you'll do it better next time. I found that with the super fluffy wool, the first time, I couldn't have any noise around me, but the second time, I could do it more easily. xo

  10. I really like that tea cosy and what a beaut idea for odd buttons.

  11. I really like the tea cozy! I have plans to make one or two this year so my mother-in-law has something to use when she comes to visit. That pattern sounds kind of fun and slightly intellectually challenging! Perfect!!

  12. Look, I found you jug covers! Very nice with the random buttons and I love the little helping hand! I have a thought about a teapot cosy weekend ... over on my blog. Just a thought and I have received word from Bowel Cancer Australia that they would support it .. I just have to move to Gunning (January)then put it into action ...


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