Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My place and yours - wherever I lay my hat, that's my home.

I must admit, Tania's My place and yours theme this week, has not been a straight forward decision for me.

Earlier this year Bren rang me when I was picking up the girls from school, to tell me that there was a raging bushfire heading right for our place and what did I want him to take from our house.

The photo albums were already at his parents' house in Melbourne, as were the computer back ups, he had already thought of the girls' treasure boxes but what else? Crazy things ran through my head like my Camper boots and the girl's artwork but not much more.

I had my girls in the car with me and a promise from Bren that he would set our place up, drive up and down our street helping anyone who needed it, and then he would meet me in town.

I kept on running through my house contents in my head, trying to work out what I really needed until I realised that I had my home with me.

We were extremely lucky that the wind changed and drove the fire into the bush just before it reached our place. It would have been devastating to lose our house, but I had my family with me and that's really what home is about.

This is our kitchen table. When my Mum and Dad built their Tassy house a few years ago it didn't fit into their new kitchen so we were lucky enough to inherit it.

Our kitchen table is where so much of the good stuff happens here. We eat, discuss, play, cook, craft, computer, entertain, plan...I could go on and on.

Although we would never be able to evacuate with it in an emergency, our kitchen table is the center of our home.

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  1. Oh Kate you have totally brought 'home' into focus. How scary that must of been for you and the girls and Bren. It's amazing isn't it how much "stuff" we accumulate and yet when it really comes to the crunch it is just that : stuff!

    Having said that my dream is to one day have a table like that. A big old (so that we don't have to be too precious) table that will serve a multitude of uses ;)

  2. What a scary time that must have been for you and your family Kate... Thank goodness that wind changed direction and you guys are all o.k...
    Love the table, it's huge!!!

    Jodie xx

  3. I got a bit teary with this one. Dave is a fire fighter and every year we prepare and get organized...some times it is just a little to close for comfort..The bit where you said to brendon..."I catch up with you in town"...got me the most...because that the bit that I fear the most that I and left standing and dave doesn't come back up the dam road.....grabs me every time xx

  4. What a wonderful table! So much good stuff and great conversation happens as a family at the table, special stuff really :)

  5. I liked reading your post, & I really want your table!!! Love it!

  6. I didn't join in with My Place & Yours this week because I couldn't think of one single object that I treasure above all else to make my home, home.

    I realised too that it is family for me that makes home home - I thought about all the times we've moved in the last few years, the boy & I & then our wee little family, I remembered each new night in a new house, sometimes sitting in the dark, always sitting on the floor, amongst boxes or just our luggage from the plane, enjoying a take away dinner from our new neighbourhood & getting over the day - and it was always us, being together, that made the new place home.

    As much as I love stuff (and my how I love stuff), it cannot be relied upon to bring happyness, warmth or joy.

    Lovely post... You put it all much better than I ever could!

  7. Couldn't agree more about things not making the home - I didn't play this week either because I didn't have a "thing". And what a table! A table on steroids! A veritable mammoth of a table. Awesome!

  8. Oh Kate, that would have been scary. I haven't been able to think of something for this weeks theme- except a kettle, and that is probably more to do with cuppas shared and chats had. I love you table, it's nice to have a good solid centre piece for a lot of that home action. Lovely post!

  9. Oh WOW what a time ... a scarey story with all the elements, thankfully a happy ending. So pleased for you that everything worked out OK ... you're gorgeous, stay safe. xo

  10. what a sobering post, Kate..must have been horrific for you..thanks for sharing! btw way your kitchen table is amazing :))

  11. See, I was all ready with my comment to type, but there simply isn't any point. What Mel said? Well, exactly like her. Including the bit about the dream table and you having a BEAUTY (and knowing how to use it!).

  12. oh Kate! just reading that gave me a shiver, just thinking that Bren was not with you..ohhh.
    I didn't play this week either as I just could not think of a singular thing that could make me feel home other than my precious family.
    and in times like the bushfires that's all that I would ever need.
    glad it turned out happily for you & your precious family. ♥

  13. Really puts things into perspective - great post Kate

  14. wow i cant even begin to imagine what it must be like to have your house threatened by fire. What incredible perspective on the treasures of your heart.
    so glad you never lost your home and that your beautiful table is still with you. xxx

  15. Lovely post, so glad to hear your house was ok. My nephews lost everything in the fires & they were extremely lucky to escape. It certainly makes you realise how insignificant everything else is - family is everything...fabulous dining table, by the way!

  16. Thank goodness for the wind change and that you were all together too at the time. It must be scary going through that, I feel scared enough when the bushfires are close but not even in our suburb! Love the kitchen table, it is huge but I am sure it is a memory maker.

  17. I also got a bit teary reading this wonderful and moving post.thank you for sharing such an terrifying and personal thing. And what a great centre of your home your table is.
    PS.I've given you an award on my blog, but you don't have to play along if you don't want to.

  18. Thats the table where I got my arse kicked by a tiny little, sneaky, clever UNO genius. I still get nightmares.

  19. I have nominated your blog....... really dont know what the idea is but I love your space and thought I would pass it on to you. By the way, how do I post a link to someones blog...... mine always shows the whole address.....!

  20. I loved reading this post Kate.

  21. You said it so beautifully! Our family IS home!


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