Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And the winners are.....

Last night when we got home from swimming, we wrote down the names of everyone who commented or emailed about my nest post, everyone who commented on my giveaway post and all those who added that they followed this blog. We put all the names in a bowl.

And thennnnnnnnnn...

With eye tightly closed, Jazzy pulled out Willy Wagtail and Pepper chose Gina.

Email me your postal details girls and I'll get them in the mail asap. In case you have a preference as to which two I send you, the first of you to comment with which ones you prefer will get them.

The two Holiday Pot Holders patterns above came from here.

The inspiration for the Christmas Pot Holder came from here.

The Rose Petal Pot Holder pattern came from here.

Last week I was leaving a comment on a blog post somewhere out there is blogland and was horrified to see that my word verification was GASTRO!! I hoped that it was not an omen of things to come, but unfortunately it appears it may have been.

Sooooo, for anyone checking their mailbox for a swap, sale, or giveaway prize package from me, I will hopefully have them in the post by the end of the week.


  1. ohhh lovely, hope you are better soon!
    congrats to the lucky girls.

  2. Congratulations to both the winners, what lucky ladies they are. Oh I better be careful what word verification I get from now on too, lol! We had the gastro bug 2 weeks ago now with both kids having it a day apart and spending most of the time in the bathroom, poor things. I have been feeling a bit yuck today and yesterday but took some gastro stop so hopefully it wont get any worse. Just a bit of feeling like I need to fall over which isnt great but it could be worse. Hope you feel much better tomorrow Kate!!

  3. HOORAY!!!! I'm not going to hide my excitement, I LOVE your potholders and given that I can't crochet to save myself, am thrilled witless to be receiving two of them!
    I love them all... but if I get to dibs, then I must confess I'm OBSESSED with the hexagonal one, and the concentric circles is next on my hit list. (Though I won't fight Cherie for them, so really I'd be so happy to house any of them!)

    Kate, you're tops!
    xx Gina

  4. They are so stunning Kate. Congrats to the two lucky winners. I'm sorry to hear you've got the bug.

  5. Gorgeous pot holders, Kate! Let's catch up for play dates soon :)

    Lou xo

  6. EWWWW...spews and poo's....best to get it over before christmas!! Good luck to you all xx

  7. Lovely gifts for some lucky people!
    Hope you get over the 'gastro-thing' soon!
    Annamaria :)


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