Monday, November 30, 2009

Black eyed softie.

Last night while sorting through the piles of stuff on the kitchen table, looking for the swimming notice, I came across the softie known as Blueberry Buttons.

Great I thought, I'll post her off in the morning, until I saw her face.

It appears she's either been in a fight and has the bruises to prove it or is baring the marks of a texta left with its lid off.

I had a quick try at cleaning her up with some warm soapy water but it seemed to make it worse.

With only days until the Softies for Mirabel deadline I have two choices;
  1. Get her gear off and try my luck with a pot of dark coloured dye.
  2. Start another softie.
Last night I made this Kokeshi doll but I am not thrilled with her. Perhaps if she had several different coloured friends in a pouch someone might love her.

I'm not sure what to do and I'm running out of time.

What do you think? Any advice is welcome.

Today is the last day for my giveaway. I was hoping to pick two winners and make the announcement today, but Miss Jazzy is so desperate to be the barrel girl that I'll have to wait until after swimming lessons to draw them, and make the announcment tomorrow morning.

If you would like a chance to have two of these Christmassy pot holders come to your house there's still time to enter.

Have a fabulous Monday and I'll see you back here tomorrow with the names of the winners.


  1. Ohhhh...Nooooooo!!! Ok out comes "grandmas A- Z of stain removers".....answer....Nail polish remover! Gee I hope it helps!!! Good luck...and as for the little one.....I love it...its just perfect!!

  2. My vote would have to go for the dye pot, what can you lose? If it doesn't work, you're still in a pickle, if it does - solved! I make it sound easy don't I ;0) ?
    Hope it works out.

  3. Oh woops.. thats a pain... poor miss blueberry. I'd give her a swim in some dye. And maybe stitch a little smile on her face...then she could tell you what happened
    Love your pot holders, especially the red flower.
    Manda x

  4. Oh dear, I know nothing about dying but I would give that a go Kate - not enough time to make another.
    Of go for a few more Kokeshi - she's sweet - my girls love to have a little 'family' to play with.

  5. You must be at wits end. I hate deadlines but have no advice. Sorry!

  6. My Grandmother always said that slight imperfections add more character: and I tend to agree. I think the dark blue just makes her look more interesting and hippy.

    But if your a perfectionist then I’d give her a little dye bath... no real harm can come from trying that.

    As for the Kokeshi doll, she’s adorable: but would look super adorable with some coloured friends, just to add contrast :-)

  7. I'm going with Becky, just make out it's intentional, and hippy ish. It does add character, although she has alot of that already. Someone will love her and blue is a lovely colour after all. Maybe your little doll could be the baby and she could be the mum? (That is so something Rosie would say.) Not sure if that's a tricky one! xo

  8. Oh no! I can only imagine how frustrated you must be... I agree with Becky and Beck though - it does add character. As my husbad has said about my sewing many (many) times before. There is nothing wrong with a bit of wonkiness, or in this case blue :)

  9. The Kokeshi doll would be gorgeous with some multi coloured friends but I'm not sure if you have that kind of time.
    Leonie's stain removal idea might have merit. If it doesn't work, you can always resort back to the dye pot.
    Andi :-)

  10. Oh no, what a thing to happen. Doesn't it always when you have NO time! The little dolly is super cute and perfect for little hands. A little pouch to pop her in (Japanese fabric?) would be fab, a friend or two, super. Just be realistic and do what you can.

  11. The kokeshi doll is extra cute. You could always dye the dolly a dark color and add some light colored buttons for eyes instead and a smile. I think she looks cute as she is though. I am sure someone else will love her too.

  12. I think she looks really fun as is... I would definitely leave her imperfections and all.

  13. I think that your doll has lots of personality and looks perfect the way she is. I really love the idea that the Kokeshi doll could be her baby!:)

  14. I agree with Beck, just make it like it's intentinal, like some sort of ageing. I think she is so beautiful and adorable with so much character and that some child would love her to bits.
    I love you little kokeshi doll too.

  15. I think if you add some little crochet flowers to the geshia girls hair it would be good. Or even two little buns on each side with ribbons? Just a thorght. Love the rose pot holder.

  16. How about giving her a felt face? A whole circular/oval face onto the crochet ...KWIM?

  17. I am so very impressed that you didn't have a complete meltdown! I certainly would have! Your last minute alternative looks adorable though - what little girl wouldn't love four little dolls in a pouch? Fantastic work under pressure, I think!


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