Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Indigo!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful nine year old!

What a wonderful few days we've had.

You had six of your best friends over to celebrate with you. You played games and you designed your own pizzas for dinner.

You played conversations and pass the parcel (with questions not music).

You watched a Hannah Montana: the movie and made me cry when you all sang along to 'Butterfly'. You ran and played and ate and looked after each other when you were hurt. You cuddled your teddies to go to sleep and slept in a tight little huddle from 11pm to 8am.

You danced and sang and laughed and ate pancakes for breakfast.

You painted wooden symbols and calico bags and jumped and trapezed and flipped.

You lit your own candles and blew them out many, many times.

And when your girlies left you spent the day entertaining a constant stream of family and friends until you crashed into bed exhausted to listen to your new ipod.

At nine you seem so grown up but still so young. Nine seems like an age of contradictions; you know so much and are so aware but are still so naive with the world to experience.

I'm so proud of who you are Indi and wish for you all the happiness in the world and a little bit more.


  1. happy birthday to Indi!
    what a sweet lovely post to her.
    such a great narrative of the day she will treasure for many yeears to come.
    you are the bestest party throughing mummy ever!! ♥

  2. Beautiful ... thankyou for sharing. You are a lovely mum!

  3. gee whizz MRS...I think you have the best parties in the whole WORLD!!!

  4. Looks like it was a truly wonderful party for Indi, one she will always remember.

  5. It certainly looks like everyone had a lot of fun, even you (I know how stressfull it can get!)
    I am so glad for the comment you made on my blog, life is all about stages and change, scary as it is. My oldest is 17 and I am looking towards the day he leaves home, this will be a big change and I can tell you I'm terrified. Let's be brave together. x

  6. That is really gorgeous ! My little girl turned 12!!! on Friday , Happy Birthday to two very special girls .

  7. What a wonderful birthday! Full of everything you would want. I have a nine year old and it is a lovely age. x

  8. Looks like a great time was had by all... Happy Birthday Indi!
    (& congratulations to a terrific mother!)

  9. Fabulous party.
    9 looks like fun.

  10. WOW !! i wish i was nine and had such an awesome birthday cake !!

  11. Ahhh to be 9! happy Birthday Indigo!

  12. Go Go Indigo, may there be many nines in your life, filled with family, friends and great parties......

  13. Wonderful. Enjoy 9 Indi!!

  14. What a lovely post to read first up in the morning. It sounds like Indi had an amazing day. Happy Birthday Indi. Enjoy being 9!

  15. A really lovely post Kate, so thoughtful and loving. You are such a great mum to your girls. Glad Indi had such a happy day, just the kind of birthday a girl should have when she is nine. I think nine is one of the nicest ages to be actually xo

  16. Kate, You really do have to stop bringing a tear to my eye, it's making my makeup run!
    Such a gorg girl you made, well done kate and Bren!
    I can't stop thinking about that thingmy you should me. Please post it!

  17. How wonderful a birthday post for Indi! I have to agree with you in the way that girls act when they are that age as Isabelle seems so grown up at times too! It sounds as though the party was a great success. Dont you love how little girls act when they have sleep overs too, all nice and loving towards each other. It builds great friendships doesnt it. Love that cake too!

  18. lovely post. she seems like a sweet girl. so nice to be so connected to her and so proud of her

  19. Oh what a treasure that girl of yours is! Happy happy birthday! Despite what you think, I think you are such a great mum to your goils. I love them all, and you so much. xx


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