Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This morning we've been in Ballarat visiting the gorgeous Dear Prudence shop.

The visit was both for business and pleasure. The business was dropping off some stock to fill up the Foxs Lane area. I took a heap of screen printed tops as well as lots of skirts, dresses, shorts and pants.

Having my own area to fill excites me beyond belief. I love the idea that I can make a couple of something rather than one in every size. I guess this means I can still be creative.

The pleasure part was meeting and catching up with Miss Dear Prudence herself Kelly, Mr Thaw Ro and the lovely Steph who served us.

The pleasure part was also finally finding the case I've been searching for. I figure that a handbag with structure is better for me now I always have a yarny project to drag around with me. My theory is that it is less likely to unravel or get tangled because things have their place rather than rattling around in the bottom of a bag. We'll see.

I also bought a Holly Hobbie thermos for cool drinks on the go and a little bug for Miss Pepper who was mostly very patient with me.

In the middle of the night last night I woke up with a fright when it occurred to me that whilst crocheting my softie I have been doing the wrong dc's. That is the problem with the different countries using the different meanings for the same terms. I have been wondering why it isn't as tight as I thought it should be and when I checked the instructions at the start of the book I realised that is what I have done wrong.

I am not going to pull it apart as I thought I would in the night but I might have to make it again at a later date properly.

A quick stop to the irrigation supplier where I embarrassed myself by asking for something with a vlva. In his text Bren had misspelt valve, but I went on to ask if it sounded like a part of the female anatomy. Oops, red faced irrigation suppliers.

When I finally got to the mail box I was completely overwhelmed to find this birthday present from the oh so amazing and talented Melanie M*. I think I squealed out loud. On the left is a fantastic pot holder to add to my collection and on the right is the wrapping paper which is a photo of one of Melanie's gorgeous jug covers. Thanks you, thank you, thank you Melanie, I LOVE the whole package, it is definitely going on the pot holder wall!!

I hope you are having a lovely day too.


  1. Wow, what a great day!! I can't find the Dear Prudence shop, what number is it? You got a lot done on a hot day Kate, I'm impressed. I have been wilting and not achieving much. I bet the fella's in the irrigation shop will be talking about your visit for quite some time! xo ps sweet pot holders

  2. what a lovely day out!! I LOVE your sweet little case I have a yellow one just like it I keep all my pens and pencils in. Yes I bet you made their day in the irrigation shop!!! Isn't Melanie a sweetie. I am sooo envious of you talented peeps who can crochet

  3. Ha ha !!!! Rolling on the office floor at the moment!
    Seriously I cannot for the live of me wipe the smile of my face.

    On another note I think you win the 'Fastest Blog post in history'

    What did you up load this post on the drive back to the farm?

    PS. Love the red bag. It matches the red flames coming from the engine bay of your old kombi

  4. what a fabulous day!
    absolutely love the red case, I also found a cream one a while back at the oppie, I was sooo excited, i know how you feel.
    hmmm, I think I may have done that a few times with not remembering what to ask for..but maybe not part of the female anatomy :)
    What a lovely M*, she really is very sweet and a gorgeous gift.

    i love that you are having great days lovely Kate and hopefully no more of the really bad ones.
    hugssss ♥

  5. You cracked me up with vulva. Oh to be a fly on the wall at the plumbing supplies shop!

  6. Is your pot holder wall a bit like 'the pool room'?

  7. I was laughing too at the little story of the vulva, those guys must have been very embarrassed indeed! Love your new potholder too, how lovely. The little red suitcase is oh so cute, just perfect for all your crochet projects.

  8. Love your new handbag/crochet case, its awesome. I had a holly hobbie flask like that, I saw one not long ago on ebay, they are so gorgeous. I love the idea of the shop, you can make what you feel like and add it in, wish we had something like that around these here parts!!

  9. I am very glad I met you and the adorable Pepper, resplendent with strawberry hair bobbles, and of course the gorgeous 1st Steph! I am 3/4 thru the chalkboard painted area(ran out of paint!) but 2nd Steph (the Pommy one) will be in tomorrow afternoon to complete the setup. She has great ideas for the next window display, the words Kombi, beach and terry toweling spring to mind..... I'm about to pop some pics on the blog now xxx

  10. Love the bag Kate, just gorgeous!!!
    That vintage crochet pattern book is the sweetest thing, what a wonderful surprise for you this morning when you got the mail..

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  11. Have to love a postie bringing pressies like that and of course (even better, obviously, lovely friends for sending them)- how good is the paper, as well as the pot holder. Great red bag- was that the colour of your face in the plumers??!!

  12. Gorgeous case, what a great day! Very funny about the vulva!! hehe. I wouldn't worry too much about the wrong dcs, because at least in will be consistant, if you know what I mean? I do wonder why we have to have 2 different crochet languages!


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