Sunday, November 1, 2009

A month of pot holders.

I think I have the pot holder to thank for making Blogtoberfest so enjoyable and doable.

These quick, little crochet projects made sure I always had something new to show and talk about. A few birthdays thrown into the mix helped too.

Now Blogtober is officially over I thought I might wrap up the whole pot holder project. I still have a few commissions to make and a swap or two but other than that all there is left is to hang them on the wall and to move on.

Introducing the Pretty Petals Potholder in blue.

According to Wikipedia: A pot-holder is a piece of textile used to hold hot kitchen equipment, like pots and pans. Made mostly of polyester and/or cotton.

My pot holders are more about form than function. I made each of them with a display in mind and still use tea towels to get things out of the oven and raffia mats to rest hot dishes on.

Introducing The Purple Rose Pot Holder. This one is meant to be made in multiples and then sewn together to make a rug but when I came across the pattern I liked it so much and had to make one.

I use cotton or cotton blends to make my pot holders.

The Poinsettia Pot Holder.

I love how each of these pot holders has taught me a new lesson in crochet.

Patty's Flower Pot Holder.

This is one of the two pot holders that I crocheted a back for and I love its weight and authenticity.

The Packer Pot Holders.

The Purple Poppy Pot Holder.

I adapted a lot of the patterns but this is one of two that I made up.

The Apple Pot Holder.

When I first finished this one I intended to pull it apart because the red seemed too big but after reading all your generous and kind comments there was no way I could do that. I've even grown quite fond of the old apple lately.

The Ruffled Pot Holder.

And the one that started it all, The Vintage Rose Pot Holder.

I have loved Blogtoberfest. I loved blogging everyday, I loved discovering and reading new blogs and learning more about those I read already. Thanks heaps Tinniegirl and Curlypops for the wonderful adventure.

I have no idea what will happen from now on with my blogging frequency but I was very interested and amused this morning when the tea pot above practically dived into my arms at the Daylesford Sunday Market. It looks a bit cold don't you think?


  1. Yep. I can see November being tea-cosy month. But maybe you deserve a rest from daily blog posts, Kate. xxx

  2. I predict some lovely crocheted tea pots cosies in your future....

  3. lovely pot holders Kate and great getting to know you a little better throughout the month.
    I love teapot finds aswell, just wished I was talented enough to dress them up. have fun ♥
    happy november!

  4. Thanks for sharing your potholder project. They look so cheery together. Yes, that teapot definitely needs warming up. I'm sure you will find a lovely pattern for a cosy in your collection.

  5. I love all of your beautiful crochet. It looks like you are going to have to do tea cosies now! Cherrie

  6. When I read the tea leaves they definately saw a cheery crochet cosy in the not too distant future! Nothing like a new obsession! the potholders are HOT!

  7. They look really great all together, I am glad Ms. Apple did not get unpulled out of existence!

  8. I think you need matching tea cozzies hehe... They are some awesome pot holders though well done!!

    xo Steph

  9. You must make a tea cosy for something so plain, but beautiful full lines - a Xmas one, everyday one, Mothers Day one etc, etc, etc

  10. Kate seeing these all together is fabulous. I can imagine them looking so great hanging up on a wall. And yes, the apple is MY favourite too, well equal with the poinsettia I think. Gorgeous. I salute you!

  11. You did a great job on these...I will have to get into this bit once we move..You must take a picture once they all find their place on your wall!!!

  12. I've been loving all of your pot holders of late Kate especially the new blue one, just gorgeous!!! They sure will make one hell of an arrangement on the wall in your kitchen, something well worth looking at as art rather than using in this instance....

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  13. WOw what and amazing work !! i'm a very beginner in crochet and i'd love to make all those pot holders to hang on my kitchen wall ! my favorite is the Poinsettia Pot Holder :)

  14. They are so beautiful!!! You've inspired me to give them a go too.

    Merry Christmas!


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