Friday, November 13, 2009

Book launched.

Last night's launch of my Mum's book Alzheimer's a love story was a huge success.

My Mum looked amazing, there was a huge crowd, the speeches were great, Readings sold out of the book and people had to run across the road to another bookshop to get more copies. The cookies were gobbled and my girls were really well behaved cuddling my grandfather when he got emotional.

It was really wonderful watching my Mum, who has devoted so much of her life to cheering her family on, in the spotlight.

I got to hang out with two of my three sisters, we missed you heaps Abby.

And afterwards we celebrated at a dinner where my Dad said beautiful things about my Mum.

It's been a mad 24 hours and I have yet to finish softie's head or crochet more than a few rows of her dress.

But we did manage to squeeze in a birthday party for one of Pepper's friends.

And get served cups of tea from a tray that had a milk jug cover on it. Love it, must make one soon.

I'm off now to write some lists and get baking for Indi's ninth birthday slumber party tomorrow night.

I hope you have a great one.

Oops, I almost forgot to show you the ace display Miss Doily has made for the Foxs Lane area at Dear Prudence in Ballarat.


  1. Is your sister Emily?
    She's known my husband's family for a long time, I think she went to school with his cousin.
    What a small world.
    Hope you're having a lovely week & not getting too bothered by this heat.

  2. Your mum did look great...and 'happy'...what an wonderful for her to have so many daughters there with her to acknowledge and celebrate the event...congrats to you and her:)

  3. I'm glad your mum's launch was a success!

  4. looks like a great night, congrats to you all. your mum looks so happy, you all look like such a close and very loving family.
    what a great way to celebrate her achievement. beautiful ♥

  5. I came over all teary at how proud you are of your mum and your dad saying nice things. So lovely. GO MUM!!! what a beautiful family you have. ( but I already knew that)

  6. Oh......Wow......I love this post!!! Love it!!! Hows meg's hair?? I love it suits her!!! Congratulations to your mum.....I bet she deserves all the applause in the world!!

  7. So glad the launch went well.
    I actually finished reading the book last night. Timing!!

  8. I'm so glad the launch was a great success, and you all had a lovely time together as a family. Thanks for sharing this! Love the display of your stuff too - groovy little cupboard! Have a great weekend. Nic xx

  9. What an exciting night! Your mum looks amazing, I'm so happy it went well, good on her. I loved all the photos, the one of you and your sisters, and the other one of Pepper & her friend. So cute, that little sticking out tutu! Say a big happy birthday to your biggest girl & I hope her party is extra special xo

  10. So much lovely stuff in this post Kate.
    Looks like the launch went really well - boy you girls and your mum all look alike! (one day people might say that to you and I!!).
    The softie is looking great, can't believe you've been posting nudie pics on the web of her.
    Love Pepper's dress - very sweet.
    And the display looks great - what a creative way to set it all up.

  11. Congrats to your mum on being a sellout! Out of you and your sisters I think you look the most like your mum too. You seem to be very busy lately Kate, hope you get some more time to relax a bit. The store display looks great too. Those 2 little girls look so cute!

  12. congratulations to you all... especially to your mama!! what a wonderful supportive environment you all have.

  13. congratulations to you all too. It looks as though it was a great night. What a great family!

  14. Congratulations on your mum's book! Very best wishes to you and your family!

  15. Congratulations to your mum on her achievement. Your family looks like a very happy one :)
    Wow, what a busy week you've had!


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