Monday, November 16, 2009


Today my house is a tip.

Today there is slumber party residue every place I look.

Today my friend's Dad is so sick in hospital and I need to make her and her family a lasagna.

Today I really have to work on my softie. I'm not good at these long projects, I'd be a terrible quilter.

Today I need to do the week's lunch box baking.

Today there is constant chainsaw noise as the trees too close to the house are being cut down.

Today I have not yet seen Bren who woke up and went to work before I opened my eyes.

Today I need to wash the school uniforms as I never got to them on the weekend.

Today I had a lovey coffee with my Mum and Dad and Bren's Mum before they all headed back home to Melbourne.

Today I need to heat set and label more clothes to go to Dear Prudence.

Today I need to food shop for the week and to shop to set up Bren's parents' house across the road which will be our bush fire refuge.

Today I have to pick up the big girls at 3.20 so realistically a lot of this list will be seen again on tomorrow's list. Isn't it funny how some days you feel overwhelmed, where on other days the same list feels ok? Luckily I am having an all is ok week.

The top two washers are the ones I sent to my swap partner in Jodie's wash cloth swap. They are; It's a spring thing and Garden swan.

I made the Little garden girl for our house.

And the Knitted baby feet cloth I made for a beautiful friend who is making Indi's best friend a sister.


  1. are a very, very busy girl!
    goodluck with it all, hope you got most things done & hope you have a fabulous week ♥

  2. Do you wanna come on holidays with me? I could squeeze you into my suit one needs to know!!! ooxx

  3. Wow - that is one hell of a list. I was so relieved to read that you're okay with some of that stuff spilling over to tomorrow. I once received the sage advice that one should never put more than four things on any list. Better to tick everything off and then start a new list of four.
    Hope you're friend's father recovers... wonderful that you're there to help her out.

    As usual I'm loving the crochet - the last one with the baby foot prints is my favourite - SO SWEET!

  4. what a list!! One thing at a time eh! the washcloths are fab

  5. I love, love, love the feet! I find that you'll have a list but most things can wait until tomorrow.

    Make the lasagne for your friend (and enough for yourself too), and the rest can wait!!

    Good luck!

  6. Oh gosh, I'm ready for bed just reading your list!!
    And those washcloths are just divine... love the last one in particular... yummy little bubby feet :-)

  7. It's a long list but at least you've had the guts to write your list.
    I'm too scared to write mine. It will be WAY too long and depressing.
    That last pink washer with the little feet is absolutely gorgeous.
    ANdi :-)

  8. How many things did you cross off the list? Hope it was lots. I heard recently about Indi's friends mum, I was so excited!!! I saw her walking today and I was sure I saw a tummy. This is such beautiful news, lovely, happy joyous news xo

  9. I really love the washer of the baby feet, what a sweet idea. Hope the list gets shorter.:)

  10. Kate, your energy is abounding (and astounding!) Dear Prudence can wait, don't worry about that! And as for lists, I lost mine yesterday, wrote a fresh one, found the old one, and noticed that NOTHING was the same on the two!I will start another when I hop into bed, then see what tomorrow brings.....

  11. Loved the birthday cake and that is definitely a list!!
    Loved the baby feet lol...soooo cute

  12. Busy busy Kate! It is probably a good busy though and we all need days like that so we appreciate the other kind of busyness! I love all those washcloths, especially the baby ones with the little toes. I have knit the flower one before and Kristen designs such beautiful ones. I am thinking of knitting up some xmas ones from her designs too.

  13. deep breath...take one thing at a time !
    and I love the washcloths ,when I saw the last one though ,I got a bit clucky ! Adorable!

  14. beautiful face cloths! I think you would be a great quilter, just put all the cloths together. I know how you feel about lists and not seeing hubbies! Glad to see you are managing it all!
    Good luck for today!

  15. Kate, that cardi fits my little 4 year old boy, it would fit a 2 year old I'd say! And that was the L but using a small hook and acrylic yarn. I don't normally crochet so tight, it just did it itself!! I thought my bobbles were not even bobbley, they just looked like 3 DC's like a granny. Who knows!! This one I am doing now, is the L again but with 8 ply cotton and a bigger hook and is way bigger and looser. I tried increasing the pattern to cast on 113 chain but it was going to be too big. Let me know how yours turns out. p.s. your lists are right up there with mine! but I didn't do the lunch box baking this week and so far both mornings I have been mad at myself cause there is nothing to put in the box! lucky there was a few mini muffins in the freezer I found!

  16. Dont you wish you had a few more hands! I love love love the baby feet washer. What a great gift idea.

  17. What lovely wash cloths. You are so clever! (That is a serious to do list too)


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