Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Flowers finished!

The last few flower brooches have been crocheted and gifted.

I didn't wrap the flowers but let each recipient choose their own.

I've been enjoying watching them pop up on t'shirts around town over the past few days.

Now that I've finished the prezzies, let's hope the girls' new obsession with origami holds their interest long enough for me to have a bit of a go at some of the projects I've been putting off.

I've got a lot of crochet to play with.

And some screen printing.

And some playing with the contents of this wonderful giveaway I won over at Bec's lovely blog. Piles of knitting and crochet needles, some vintage patterns and some of Bec's wonderful handmade soap.

I hope things are happy with you and yours. XX


  1. Your flowers are truly a lovely gifty.

  2. OMG, Those are the most beautiful flowers I seen.
    It's must be hard to make them, ^-^
    Merry Christmas to you and your family..

  3. Those flowers look great, such lovely colors too.

  4. Your flowers are beautiful. It must be fun to see them walking about all over town.

  5. yay! and very cute indeed.

  6. Beautiful flowers!
    Sounds like a busy time ahead - hope you also get some time-out over the next couple of weeks :-)

  7. Awesome job with the flowers and what a great way to gift them too...Looks like you have lots of fun stuff to keep you busy..:)

  8. Such lovely brooches.
    So glad I own one!!!

  9. Gorgeous flowers Kate...
    It must feel great seeing them floating around town on peoples tops...

    Jodie :)

  10. Your flowers are gorgeous but it was the silk screen that made my heart skip a beat....please please share your secrets.....where did you get that made?
    hey , shall we have an all-in craft group picnic with kiddies etc during the hols???

  11. love the flowers! - did you make up the pattern yourself? could you be persuaded to share it??!!
    merry christmas
    gill x

  12. Your flowers look great... Merry Christmas & enjoy the holidays!

  13. I wish I could come to the crafty picnic Jodi is suggesting!!!
    have a great day tommorrow- it has been an absolute pleasure to *meet* you this year.
    Big hugs
    Cath xxx


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