Monday, December 28, 2009

Kitchen table creations.

Its all happening at the kitchen table this morning.

I know I said I would sew fabric bunting to decorate the farm shed shop, but I really wanted to see what crocheted flags would look like.

I know, I know, I have a crochet addiction and will make up any excuse to get hooking. But seriously, with three kidlets desperate for my attention, having my back to the world on the sewing machine is out of the question at the moment. So I figure I'll make up a set of these and when the girls go back to school and I have more time, I'll sew up some fabric ones.

Bren just came in and said he's not mad on these ones anyway.

I also crocheted the last buttons on and sewed in the ends of this jug cover this morning.

Indi is weaving a pot holder.

She told me that one day soon when all mine go up on the wall, hers will too.

Indi is interspersing her weaving effort with a bit of coiling.

Jazzy is cutting hearts.

And Pepper is cutting shapes out of play dough.

She's also wearing undies for the first time this morning which has been the cause for much celebration.

I hope your Monday is a funday!


  1. The bunting looks wonderful already Kate, I can't wait to see what it looks like all hung up. Go with the crochet, I am totally addicted too, I mean I don't think you'll ever be truly satisfied with the fabric one, because you want to do the crochet ones. If that makes sense.
    Love LOVE your jug cover!!

  2. Well done big grown up girl indi and her first undies!!! Woot woot!!!
    I am thinkign of making some outside bunting for the yet to be even started cubby house for Busy. But I want fabric that won't fde ... maybe some upholstery fabric that is suitabke for outdoors a friends of mine suggested.

  3. What a great way to start the new year , yay undies ! I remember how exciting it was around here !

  4. Oh I adore your bunting!! I NEED to learn how to crochet...! I do!

  5. i think you definitely need "crochet anonymous" you are hooked!
    yay for Pep!!! fabulous when they start doing that. I was going to do a post about Aidan as I am sooo proud of his efforts. yay for them both.
    hugs to you ♥

  6. Hoorah for undies and that very clever crocheted bunting. It looks fabulous!

  7. Lots of good stuff at your place. Yay for undies - what a milestone!! P.S. The bunting is cool!

  8. Kate ~ I love that crochet bunting it is fantastic. I also meant to say the other day that I loved the crochet egg cozies too :O)

  9. beautiful photos of kids craftin' it up in the holidays. These photos remid me of the times my mum would do crafty things with me, once she helped me make a life size ballerina for my ballet teacher hehe. Your children will surely remember these special crafting moments in year to come.

  10. Great points.
    Thanks for sharing that information.
    Natalia Chik

  11. Wow, there has been a lot of crochet happening at your house! You must be quick with that hook!

    Love the jug cover and the bunting - but I can see why it is not a man thing, my hubby wouldn't love it either!

  12. Well done to Pepper! BRAVO!!!!!!

    ...another one of those bizzare milestones - bizzare in that as a parent (for me anyhow) the event fills you with elation because your just so darn proud of your dear offspring and sadness that there is more evidence that time is marching on.

    I am in awe of how quick you are with that crochet hook of yours... what's your secret?

    As usual I'm loving the crochet - but think the triangles should be a bit bigger for a more pop-out bunting effect.


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