Saturday, January 23, 2010


Its Saturday today, Bren and Indi are at the Slow Food farmers market in Melbourne and I am hanging out with the two little girls.

I am wearing a lovely dress given to me by my wonderful sister Emily.

I am reading this brilliant review of my Mum's book in The Age A2. Yay!!

I couldn't be prouder!

To see what other people are reading this weekend visit the new home of the My Place and Yours meme over at Punky & Me.

I had plans for the girls to wear these wrap-a-round skirts I sewed for them last night but its cold again.

I am eating rocket, fetta, olives and seeds in a salad.

I could eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. I love it.

I plan to go out and buy some haloumi later on for tonight's version.

I am marvelling at how dirty the apron skirt got in one day yesterday.

I am admiring this pile of garage sale treasures.

And I am hoping for a bit of crochet action on the couch this afternoon.

I hope you are wearing, reading, eating, making and admiring some good stuff this weekend. XX


  1. Oooh yeah - Garage sale treasures!

    I've got myself some of that action! I find Garage sales not quite as fun or satisfying as opping, usually, too much hassle to get to & too many people, but I got a pretty good haul today!

    I bet that review in the paper is going straight to the pool room - awesome!

    Can't wait to see your bunny with ears, he is a cute little weirdo right now... ;)

  2. Congratulations to your Mum. I'll bet you're proud.
    What a great way to use an old doily. Clever idea. It'd probably do well at the neck of a dress too.

  3. That dress of yours looks tres nice. a beaut fabric!

  4. How proud you must be of your Mum! Love your skirts, and Garage Sale finds!

  5. Oh Yes how proud you must be ;) That's wonderful news, bet the clipping's framed by now ;) LOVE what you've been reading and doing, see you next week. xo

  6. Hello! I was just about to send you an email to tell you how excited I was to read about your Mum in A2 - a lovely photo of her. Glad you're having a great Saturday! Me too! Nic

  7. what a glorious saturday! I have been garage sale-ing sans children and finding lots of treasures :)

  8. Love those little apron skirts, too cute! Congrats to your mum on getting great reviews on her book. I am sure she is just as proud of you too. Your bunny is looking great so far.

  9. I'm loving al of your sewing Kate! The skirts are cute, I wish it were just a little cooler here cold would be awesome right now! The apron skirt is beautiful.

  10. Oh garage sale treasures! How fabulous. I'm so excited my place and yours has started again. Loving all your bits. Pop over and put your link in tomorrow for my flea market finds meme if you like, loving your sweet tea pot!
    Sophie x

  11. ooo, I'll have to have a read later. Cute skirts. Nice treasures. Looks like my kind of Saturday.

  12. Beautiful dress and skirts!
    Congrats to your mum, haven't got to the paper yet, must have a look...
    Garage sale treasures are always good :)

  13. yummmm salad...all of my favourites... and i just saw your mums book review in the paper :-) exciting :-)
    lazy, vegie-lasagne-making saturday at our place..
    manda x

  14. ooh haloumi again i am jealous. I bought you the most gorgeous purple floral sheet today at the oppy. Its going to make a gorgeous girls dress or something. xx

  15. Congratulations on your mother's article & new book. I might have to grab a copy, tad too relevant to my current life.
    Looks like you had a lovely day in your neck of the world, love Posie

  16. What a great Saturday, so many wonderful things happening. Bring on the sun for those sweet skirts - more washing for you to do though!Must buy that book for my Mum - her mum had alzheimers. Yummy salad and great finds too. Could your day be any better?

  17. oh the new little skirts are sooo sweet. and that salad is to die for very simialr to what I have most days, I actually crave it, yours looks yummo

  18. I love your dress!! Such gorgeous fabric!

    And your lunch looks, yum, yum yum!! My lunch consisted of smoked tomatoes, avocado, rocket and fetta and a slice of sourdough, made courtesy of the local cafe ofcourse :)

    And a big congratulations to your Mum, I bought The Age today so I will sit down tonight and have a read.

    Thank you for sharing your day!

  19. Well that's definitely the best sort of read Kate. How wonderful for your mum.
    That apron skirt is fab! :)

  20. Lot's going on!!! Love the dress and those skirts are darling!!!

    Yumm that salad looks sooo good...

    And what an awesome thing for your mom Congrats to her!!!!

  21. I love your little girl's skirts, I quite fancy making one in my size!

    My neighbours have some origional 70s sheets blowing on their line ...

  22. Sounds like a beautiful Saturday Kate...

  23. Those skirts are adorable! Nice one! Sounds like a great weekend.

  24. What a lovely time you are having! SO MUCH GOODSTUFF!

    The Slow Food farmers market sounds lovely. And the fabric on you dress is gorgeous! And I absolutely adore those little wrap skirts…and your food!

    I should stop here before I sound like a stalker or something liking everything about you :-)

  25. i'm playing catch up ~ but I saw that review in The Age and wondered if it was your family! great review - how wonderful!

  26. How wonderful does it feel to be proud of a parent. Hope your Saturday turned out as perfect as you planned it Kate.


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