Monday, January 11, 2010

Our new baby!

When I first met Bren, one of the things that attracted me to him straight away was that he could quote extensively from the 80's movie The Sure Thing, which was a favourite in my house too.

There is one scene where the two main characters are discussing the name of their fictitious baby. She wants to call him Elliot, 'but Elliot is a fat kid who eats paste', he wants to call him Nick. 'Nick's your buddy. Nick's your mate!'

I guess we always had understanding that if Bren and I ever had a boy, we would call him Nick.

A boy baby was never to be, but we have named the newest member of the family (see above), Nick.

Funny how Nick is making me look at the world in a new way. Freshly picked rocket delivered in the only container Bren had in his car.

A new pot holder.

A pot holder that isn't turning out quite right and is about to be pulled apart.

Some just washed paint brushes.

And piles of treasures like rubber collections, tooth fairy poems, teddies and diaries to be put near the front door in a box in case of fire.

I've taken hundreds of photos already in about two days, thanks goodness for digital. There are more over here.

I hope your Monday is a funday.


  1. Congratulations! They are so much fun i use my "unsigned hubbys" one and snap away like mad.
    i also love how the rocket was delivered! very sweet : )

  2. OH you'll love that Nikon. My husband bought me the DS70 when business was taking off on the website & we needed ace photos.
    I have to say, not that many (not enough) people know abuot The Sure Thing. I was a little sister who watched it with older siblings, over & over. My love for John Cusack & everything he did after (i think Grosse Pointe Blank) was possibly the closest to him in the same character to The Sure Thing. Of course, Nicolette Sheridan puts that body to good use in Desperate Housewives, well before she died, again. Anyway, when i met my husband, he knew the movie too, so it was perfect!!
    So after 3 girls you're not trying for a Nick, the non camera type?? When i was pregnant after 3 girls, i got the "so you're trying for a boy" constantly, alas, i would rely "no, just a 4th". He's nearly 6 now & so glad i had him, he's a little piece of my husband.
    Enjoying your blog, love Posie

  3. I have a nikon and its the BEST camera. You will love it!!! I cannot wait to see what you do with it. x

  4. yay! happy snapping! {although I'm a canon girl at heart but new cameras are always fun!}

  5. May need to talk details with you.
    I think my household requires a Nick in the family too.
    I especially love that last shot.
    Andi x

  6. Great pictures! My dad just bought one very similar & it's been like having the paparazzi follow us around snip snapping...

  7. I did notice your fancy paparazzi camera yesterday, very swish. I am a Canon girl too, but new gadgetry is a great getting to know you process.

    We had some of your eggs, and also rocket for dinner last night, yummo!

    Thinking of you in the heat, hope you don't have to race out of the house with all of those treasures - STAY COOL PEEPS!

  8. I am saving all my chunkychooky money at the moment and saving up for a new camera- I will be intersted to hear your review over time...

  9. Love the new camera, that last pic is pretty amazing! Loving the pot holder wall of glory too. looking good Kate.

  10. Yay for a new camera Kate! One day I would like to buy a new one too but for now my little digital will have to suffice. Your photos look so good and the last one is great! Hope the weather isnt too hot today for you, maybe playing under the sprinkler would be fun (alas water restrictions here)! I am staying inside and attempting not much at all apart from new sock knitting!

  11. oh yeah baby! a swanky digital is a dangerous thing for your computer's hard drive space...but soooo much FUN! Keep cool in the heat today.

  12. OMG - The Sure Thing is one of Mr Yardage's fav movies (must be a Brendan thing)!! Love the new camera - lucky duck!

  13. I have a Nikon D40x and I love it too, I bought it just over 2 years ago and it has been a constant companion :) Love the photo of the paint brushes and the water. Also love your rocket carrier :)

    Happy Snapping!

  14. You lucky girl... Nick looks just gorgoeus, you must be so proud... LOL!!

    Jodie :)

  15. Oh how much I'd love to have a Nick in my life...

  16. Oh man that's next on my list..."currently have the D40x" but I reallyreally want that one and I am sooo close to letting Scott talk me into getting it haha...

    Welcome to the family Nick :)

  17. fantastic!! I think I have its much fun. enjoy!!

  18. yay for Nick, I'm sure he already feels righ at home - love that water shot kate...

  19. Congratulations on your new Nick! :-) How fun that you have named it.
    I can't imagine living with the constant worry of fire. But after the tragedy of last year I'm glad you have a box of things ready at the door. Keeping all of you Victorians in my thoughts during this hot dry spell.

  20. Me again. To answer your question, I think pretty things should be used, so I brew tea in my teapots and drink from my teacups all the time. :-) I don't want my life to be lived in a "museum".

  21. OMG, just read your Nest post, beautiful!! So rarely do people think this is discussed but i can assure you - i seem to find MANY people asking me this - when do you decide enough babies are enough??
    Well very happy with 4, 'twas always my dream to have 4. We appreciate how lucky we are, 4 happy, healthy, bright, loving children in our lives. I breast the 3 girls to 18 months as like many, it was baby, breastfeed, stop for a minute, pregnancy, baby . . . but number 4 got 2 years of breastfeeding, he's a boob man.
    I think you might find yourself at the school gate when your last one starts feeling very satisfied that you did the best job ever, loved her to pieces & you couldn't possibly imagine sharing her last little years at home with any younger siblings. Last year there were about 10 of us mummies who had their last baby starting & we all felt so self assured that we had had the right number of babies. Sure there might be a surprise for one of them, but we're mostly Army wives & Army men seem pretty OK with vasectemies.
    Pat yourself on the back, you have 3 amazing chidlren in a beautiful life. Love Posie

  22. yay for your new little man!!
    I could tell there was something about your pics on the daylesford blog that showed a different kind of angle.
    I was always a NIKON gal when film was about but changed to Canon with digital so I have no idea what magic nick can do.
    I'll look forward to your pics & remember nick will love your other friend...the reflector ;)

    hugs to you lovely girl ♥

  23. How brilliant!! I'm completely jealous. Love the photos so far and looking forward to many more.

  24. Congrats Kate, I've had a D90 for about 15 months and I absolutely adore it! Still got heaps to learn about her (mine's a girl, but so far un-named!) but she takes awesome photos whatever your skill level. You're off to a great start. Enjoy. xxx

  25. Hi Kate
    Hope you are keeping cool in this heat and keeping your plants happy... my garden is not liking the i love your new baby Nick.. we are hoping one arrives at our place soon too. how much fun for you.
    would love to see you again one day soon.
    manda :-)

  26. oh I love the last pic! Its been so hot here I really connected iwth it =- and the fire box/. We had to leave yesterday as the conditions were catastophic and it was also completely foul so the pool was really the only option. Still rain and cool now - crazy world. enjoy nick -= you are making me feel clucky@!

  27. Love the little story behind Nick.
    And I love your new square potholder. I feel like I'm a bit repetive here, a total Kate potholder groupie, but I do love them so.
    I was thinking about you and the other Daylesford peeps yesterday hoping you were safe etc, I'm a bit of a worrier.

  28. one of your pics and another lovely post inspired me to start a meme - can you have a look and tell me what you think?

  29. Your pics are always lovely, they will be spectacular now. That last one is a beauty.

  30. I know the feeling of having a new camera. My husband bought me a canon 450D and I love her to bits. Taking photos is such a joy for me.

  31. Oh yes, the love of a Nikon, I can so relate. Enjoy your view from behind the lens.
    PS. your pot holders are amazing!

  32. congrats on getting Nick, I have a Nickie that's three years old and I love, love, love it. Take it everywhere with me, I'm known as the 'family snapper', with great affection I hope?? Enjoy.


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