Friday, January 22, 2010

A pocket, an apron & a bunny.

Before I sewed a pocket onto the dress in progress, I decided to have a trial run on a smaller skirt made from a sheet. I used this wonderful tutorial from Made By Rae to make a proper pleated pocket. Thanks again Vic for sending me the link.

I have made pockets before but they were always the 'cut out a semi circle and overlock around the edges and stitch it to the garment' type pockets. This pocket is all fancy and pleated and lined. I loved making it and think all the clothing I make in the next little while will be pocketed.

I even got to use my joining the dots technique for the pleat.

Next up was a commission from Jazzy who asked for a skirt with an apron on it, because she is going to be a cooker when she grows up.

I don't know what came over me, but I actually cut into my favourite tea towel and then I sewed a lovely old doily into the waist band.

She's happy, I'm happy and I'm invited to her tea party. Yay!

And finally, here is the progress on the bunny; a head, a body and two arms. Hopefully I'll get a bit of crochet time on the weekend and be able to start the auction for the Haiti relief effort early next week.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend. XX


  1. how cute! love Jazzy's one especially, the teatowel must have been so cute.
    goodluck with bunny

  2. Eeek!!!


    I luffs the pocket!

    I luffs the apron skirt! (...and the 'cooker' comment...!)

    I luffs the beginings of the bunny...!

    Looking good at Foxs lane. ;)

  3. Very cute pocket, and I want to be a cooker when I grow up too!!

  4. Oh I love the little skirt with the apron! I want one for myself. Too cute!
    Sophie x

  5. Your little apron and kangaroo pocket skirts are so cute!!

  6. Lovely skirt with apron attached, the 'cooker' to be must be very pleased...........

  7. I love both of the skirts, the pleated pocket it so pretty and looks great and the apron with that gorgeous tea towel look wonderful.:)

  8. Great job on the pocket! I adore the apron skirt - I'd wear that! You have a lovely weekend too...

  9. New progress. I mean the bunny..^-^
    Love the skirts, it's so lovely.

  10. Oh I love the teatowel skirt with the little apron, how beautiful. It must be nice to have tea parties with your girls, my little girl doesnt do them anymore. Your bunny is looking extra cute too.

  11. ha! I used that exact same tutorial to put a pocket onm a skirt I sold on madeit - its a winner!!I did feel very fancy too...

  12. Awww they're both so sweet! I so wish that I had a little niece so I could make adorable things like that.

  13. Hey Kate, thanks for popping over to visit:) I love your blog,nice, fun and delightful read. Love this upcycled skirt - the bright, fun colours and your stories:)Keep up the great *work*

  14. Great work. If you ever get sick of pleats, you can always use elastic for a very similar effect with the added bonus of it stretching when they want to put rabbits in their apron pockets!! Love Posie

  15. Greetings from Sydney! Having a ball, loving every minute with Chaz Dogga, hugs xo

  16. Thanks for your lovely comment at my blog! Love your skirts and the pockets are very flash too. I have a daughter that wants to be a cooker as well. Well a chef actually, but she'll love to hear what your daughter said. so cute.

  17. LOVE what you've done with the doily. What a fantastic idea!!

  18. What lovely skirts- they both resonate with me actually. Jemima has a skirt with a cute hankie as an apron that a friend made her, and I also love that pocket tute and used it recently. Love your fabrics etc.

    (ANd little bunny is coming along nicely!)

  19. very sweet skirts!
    you can never can have enough pockets in my opinion - so I will have to have a look at that tute too, thankyou.
    and as for the cook's skirt, well that is special. a lovely sweet combo of pretty.

  20. Oh I love the skirts! I especially adore the apron one! It's so very inspiring!

    And your bunny is looking gorgeous. I love the different coloured arm. can't wait to see it finished

  21. Oh Kate, I just LOVE the apron skirt, it's absolutely gorgeous! Everything about it, the choice of fabrics etc. I want one!!hehe the other pocket skirt is gorgeous too, and the bunny is going to be cute I can tell.xo

  22. If Jazzy ever changes her mind about being a 'cooker', she'd make a great fashion designer! I love that skirt!!

  23. That teatowel skirt with the apron is DA BOMB, I want if for myself! (Unbelieveably gorgeous tea towel there...)
    Very cute pocket action, too.

  24. beautiful aprons. Aurora also wants to a "cooker" which she also calls a "Feeder" :)

  25. LOVE IT! What an adorable little pocket (thanks for sharing, btw), and I am getting so so jealous of all your lovely fabrics!

  26. These skirts are beautiful - I think it was worth donating your favourite tea-towel to make such a pretty skirt.

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